CRW October 24th Meeting Hosts Islamic Law Expert Jeffrey Baumann

We are posting this as a courtesy to the Capitol Republican Women organization.  Even though it says “women,” men are encouraged to join the organization.  We are not affiliated with this group.  ~~ Publius Jr.

SAVE THE DATE – October 24th, 2016!!!

The Capitol Republican Women

We will have Mr. Jeffrey Baumann as our guest speaker!

Mr. Baumann grew up in Saudi Arabia and is an expert on Islamic Law. CRW President Janan Sharpe says, “I, myself, have heard him speak on the threat of Sharia Law.  You will not be disappointed!

Where:  7th St Social, 2176 7th St W, St Paul MN 55116 7th St Social Map

When:  October 24th, 6:30 pm

Cost:  only $5 for the program event / ORDER OFF THE MENU (preview the 7th St Social Menu) GREAT FOOD & BAR for ADULT BEVERAGES!

RSVP to Janan Sharpe (

Event Inquiries:

Content Inquiries:

CRW Hosts Islamic Law Expert Jeffrey Bauman, October 24th 6:30pm at Seventh Street Social

CRW Hosts Islamic Law Expert Jeffrey Baumann, October 24th 6:30pm at Seventh Street Social

Shariah 101 (pdf)


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Debates: Presidential, Vice Presidential, CD4 and local St Paul Candidates

At the end of the Third Presidential Debate on October 19, 2016, we announced on Twitter that we would post an article that would have all the Debates in one article so voters wouldn’t have to play hopscotch all over the website.

So we have provided links to all the debates of this campaign season.  Let our links whisk you to the debate you want to watch whenever you want to.  We relied upon C-SPAN for the national debates, and the local SPNN YouTube channels to post the debates.  Eventually all of them will be here, currently we are waiting upon the MN District 66 Forum to be posted and the MN District 67 Forum to be posted.  When they are posted we will bring them here to this central article.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Presidential Debates

1st Presidential Debate: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

2nd Presidential Debate (October 9th): Clinton vs Trump

3rd Presidential Debate (October 19): Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Vice Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate: Gov Mike Pence-R vs Sen Tim Kaine-D

MN Congressional District 4

MN CD4 Debate Betty McCollum vs Greg Ryan, October 3, 2016

St Paul’s Legislative Districts are 64, 65, 66, and 67.  The League of Women Voters in St Paul put together Forums that invited the Senate District and the House Districts A & B sides.  So we will label them as such: MN Legislative District #.

MN Legislative District 64

SPNN Debate: Minnesota Legislative District 64

MN Legislative District 65

SPNN Debate: Minnesota Legislative District 65


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Decision Magazine: Voting with a Christian Conscience

We are posting this Decision Magazine article, published on October 4, 2016 in the October Issue.  This is a conversation between the Decision Magazine managing editor Jerry Pierce and John Stonestreet the president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and the co-host of Breakpoint (a daily commentary on faith and culture).  I, Publius Jr, am a subscriber to Decision Magazine and I’d like to share one of the articles from the magazine.

As you know this is a pivotal year for Christians and Religious Freedom in America.  The next President, the US Congress, the US Supreme Court and state legislators will determine if Christianity can operate with or without government intervention.

Some are questioning whether they should vote for the lesser of two evils–two hated candidates that make us wonder how we should vote.  Ted Cruz told us to Vote our Conscience and one might wonder how that might play out.  Neither candidate mentioned the importance of faith in their daily decisions.

We hope the following article can help you clear up which way you vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or some of the unknown and unloved candidates the media never covers like Evan McMullin.

As always the content of this article has not been altered.  We have deleted the article social media links, and have left in the subscribe link to the magazine. We have change font style and color for emphasis of a point. ~~ Publius Jr.

Voting with a Christian Conscience: A Conversation with Colson Center’s John Stonestreet

By Decision Magazine   •   October 4, 2016

A young man votes in the presidential election in Arlington, Va.
A young man votes in the presidential election in Arlington, Va.

*Interviewed by Decision managing editor Jerry Pierce

Q. How do we prioritize the various issues through the lens of Scripture and a Christian worldview? Do some issues supersede others in order of importance?

A. As Christians, our primary allegiances are to the priorities clarified in the Biblical narrative, which may or may not be the issues and concerns that are the noisiest in our cultural moment. I remember talking to Chuck Colson about this a few times before he died. He was deeply convinced of a hierarchy of importance among the various issues we face, and the most important is the sacredness of human life. Where candidates, political parties, laws and government policies stand on human life—from conception through natural death—will inevitably shape their approach to all other issues.

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And there are other issues that reflect what we believe to be true about human identity, dignity and value. For example, religious freedom is essential because it is based on the idea that as humans, we answer to God before we answer to the state. Also, marriage is an essential issue for at least two reasons. First, when we deny the historic understanding of marriage, we deny fundamental aspects of reality—that marriage is a created, not invented, institution, and that male and female are biological realities, not social constructs.

So life, marriage and religious freedom are fundamental issues. Other issues that are hotly debated—like jobs, gun control, terrorism, health care—are prudential issues. For example, all candidates want to create jobs, but they differ on how to do that. All candidates are for public safety, but they differ on which approach works best. These issues matter greatly, and often they are shaped by how we understand the proper role of the state in relation to other institutions of society.

But life, marriage and religious freedom are essential. No one can coherently argue that abortion promotes the dignity of human life, or that forcing bakers to cater same-sex “weddings” promotes religious freedom.

Q. We are citizens of Heaven. Why be caught up with the concerns of temporal government when we have Gospel work to do?

A. What is Gospel work? “The two greatest commandments are these,” Jesus said, “to love God with all your heart, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” When Paul was in Athens (see Acts 17), he was grieved to see people worshiping false gods. Government is part of culture, and it should grieve us to see God not honored anywhere.

And what is love of neighbor? We cannot truly love our neighbor without sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, or feeding the hungry and visiting the prisoner. Neither can we truly love our neighbor if we are indifferent to good governance. Government, after all, was established by God to foster the sort of flourishing He wanted in His creation and among His image bearers. Of course, after the Fall, it took on the additional task of restraining evil. The way government is working these days, it’s easy to see in government sure signs of the Fall.

In his speech in Athens, Paul states that God determines both when and where we each live. It is no accident that we are Americans. I have to be concerned about the rights and liberties of my fellow citizens. After all, of all people, Christians have the theological grounding for what the Declaration of Independence proclaims: that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Q. What are some vital concerns believers must consider before going to the polls in the 2016 presidential election?

A. First, that our deepest problems are not political, and so no politician or election is the solution for our deepest problems. Every four years in the American election cycle, we are tempted by what French theologian Jacques Ellul called “the political illusion.”

Second, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn prophetically clarified in his brilliant Harvard commencement speech of 1978, one sign of a decaying culture is the lack of great statesmen. Political calculations are often pragmatic by necessity, but Christians are called to read the times. We ought to ask God for mercy, and lead the way in repenting of our national sins: our perpetual chasing of immediate gratification, the trivialization of human life on the altar of sexual autonomy, our comfort and ease in the midst of grave evils, and our unwillingness to stand for truth out of fear and compromise.

Third, that the most important election decisions we make are not the ones that often get the most attention. News media always focus on the presidential race, but local elections matter, too. For example, the weakening of authority at the state and community levels has created more opportunity for an ever-encroaching federal government.

Q. How should voters proceed in an election season in which neither major party presidential candidate would be considered a moral example?

A. One of my colleagues often says that the five scariest words in the Bible are, “And God gave them over …” God sometimes lets a people reap the consequences of their choices. In our country, we often get the candidates we deserve. It may very well be that these presidential candidates are God’s judgment on our country.

Now, I’m not as concerned about their lack of Christian testimony. Martin Luther was reputed to have said that he’d rather be governed by a competent Turk than an incompetent Christian. I struggle to vote for anyone who finds it nearly impossible to tell the truth—a grave moral flaw that afflicts the major candidates.

That said, I respect those Christians who have settled on their vote out of a practical calculation for the good of the country. And I respect those who are unsettled about supporting the lesser of evils. All I can say is pray and vote your Christian conscience. To be clear, Christians should vote. It’s an opportunity to participate and, as Scripture says, when we can do good, we should.

Q. How do Christians gain (or regain) the ability to think critically and Biblically about the important issues of the day?

A. First, we must be clear on our Christian convictions. The legal status of something does not alter its moral status, nor does it change our responsibility to the truth. Churches must disciple believers in the public application of Christian truth.

Second, I highly recommend that we spend time in 1 Peter. This epistle is so relevant to our moment. In it, Peter called a church dispersed by growing cultural pressures, including persecution—which was only about to get worse for them—to stand firmly on the hope of the resurrection. That hope was not optional, Peter said, but rather was to define them.

As Richard John Neuhaus once wrote, Christians “have not the right to despair, for despair is a sin. And … we have not reason to despair, quite simply because Christ has risen.” ©2016 BGEA

John Stonestreet is president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and co-host of BreakPoint, a daily commentary on faith and culture. Find more of his work at

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Third Presidential Debate (October 19): Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

We believe informed voters are better to cast their vote in a responsible manner.  Therefore we are posting the 3rd and final Presidential Debate of October 19, 2016 from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.  This is not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, nor the inept executive leadership of the CD4 Republicans.

We are using the C-SPAN YouTube video of the debate because it is devoid of the talking heads employed by their respective media outlet that think you aren’t capable of making an informed opinion.

Chris Wallace was the best moderator of the 3 Presidential and the Vice Presidential Debates.  He didn’t show his bias like all the other ones, and he was able to handle the two bickering candidates.  He didn’t debate or argue with either of the candidates.  Chris Wallace should be the new gold standard for Presidential Debate Moderators.

Please vote only once on November 8th, or use your absentee ballot properly.

~~ Publius Jr.

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CD4 Debate McCollum vs Greg Ryan, October 3, 2016

The following Debate was sponsored by the Stillwater Gazette on October 3, 2016 at Stillwater Junior High School. The moderator is Marguerite Rheinberger. You might want to adjust your volume on the video because it might be too loud.

We think it is in poor judgment that the Legalize Marijuana Now Candidate Susan Pendergast Sindt was allowed to be at this forum. It takes away the amount of time from the two legitimate candidate. The person who invited this micro-party candidate to show up must be smoking whatever Pendergast Sindt wants legalized.

What’s odd about this forum and other forums in the area is that none of the ones we’ve posted have closed-captioning.  HD 64B Republican Candidate Emory Dively pointed this out.  It is a huge oversight by the people who have put these forums together and the cable access organizations.  There are a number of people who can’t hear or those that wish to read what the candidates are saying.

We are posting this video because many people in St Paul do not have cable to access the program which will be aired several times prior to the general election. Too bad the local public tv station TPT doesn’t air this program. The forum runs about 1 hour and 4 minutes. This is not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota nor the CD4 Republican Executive Leadership…in fact you won’t see it on any Republican website other than here. ~~ Publius Jr.






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SPNN Debate: Legislative District 65

Here is the Debate put on by the League of Women Voters of St Paul MN.  It is at the Hallie Q Brown Community Center, on October 4, 2016.  This video is from the SPNN YouTube account  Jean Fideler of LWV is the moderator.

This debate/forum is for Senate District 65, House District 65A, and House District 65B.

Oddly Candidates are seated in alphabetical order and not by legislative district.  All candidates were contacted to attend and the only one that decided not to show up was the paper candidate Jason Delmont a Republican who is running for the Senate District 65 (we’ve tried to contact him for his campaign contact info and he has declined to answer).

Here are the Candidates:

Senate District 65:  Sandy Pappas (8 term Senate 3 term House (32 total years) incumbent, DFL)

House District 65A:  Monique Giordana (R), Rena Moran (3 term incumbent DFL)

House District 65B:  Margaret Mary Stokely (R), Carlos Mariani (13 term (26 total years) incumbent DFL)

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SPNN Debate: Minnesota Legislative District 64

The following video is from October 5, 2016 a candidate forum for House Districts 64A, 64B, and Senate District 64.  The forum was moderated by the League of Women Voters of St Paul MN.  It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, and it is at the Highland Park Community Center in St Paul MN.  Oddly enough they are listed in alphabetical order instead of per legislative district.

The Candidates Present were:

House District 64A :  Riley Horan (R), Erin Murphy (5 term (10 years) incumbent DFL)

House District 64B:  Emory Dively (R), Dave Pinto (1 term (2 years) incumbent DFL)

Senate District 64:  Ian Baird (R), Dick Cohen (3 term House, 9 term Senate (36 years) incumbent DFL)

Here is the video, you can watch it at any time, or you can go to the website to see when they are re-airing the debate.  If you do not have cable tv, you can watch it here.  Emory Dively is speaking in sign language and he has an interpreter speaking for him.

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Betty “NARAL” McCollum Claims to be a Catholic but Omits God in the Pledge

We’ve seen people exercise their right to free speech at football games, at town hall meetings, public forums, outside of the governor’s mansion, and even on Interstate 94 while blocking traffic (it is illegal to block traffic on a federal highway, unless in times of an accident or emergency).  Sometimes people say things without thinking about what they are going to say when they say it.  Sometimes people bring up those, “lack of judgment,” moments during a Political debate 11 years after they happened.  You never know when someone is listening these days.

Sometimes it is on the public record as the following video was taken by C-SPAN a number of years ago.

The problem here if you read the comments below the video on YouTube is that people say that if she is an atheist it would be okay for Betty McCollum to do as she did.  She claims to be a Roman Catholic.  Though she has expunged from her biography on her Congressional website any mention of her faith.  Because it was a campaign year in 2010 when this video came out she quickly posted a response.

This year is a pivotal year for Religious Liberty.  Business people who exercise their 1st amendment right to religious expression and to practice their faith without government intrusion are seeing their businesses destroyed and their reputations tarnished because of Government programs like Obamacare forcing faith institutions to pay for abortions.  If one believes that same-sex marriage is wrong according to ones’ faith (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism the major faiths all believe LGBTQF is wrong and not encouraged) the government is poised with their special interest groups to destroy you and your livelihood.

Betty McCollum is not a Christian and this video is proves it.  Another chunk of proof is Betty McCollum’s belief in “death on demand” also known as abortion on demand.  McCollum is a NARAL representative in Congress.  She has voted perfectly for NARAL bills.  NARAL has endorsed Keith Ellison (CD5), Tim Walz (CD1), Rick Nolan (CD8) and Betty McCollum (CD4), and Angie Craig (CD2) according to the NARAL July 2016 endorsement.

One might say that she is exercising her right to not talk about her faith in public. Yet if you read the Bible it says one needs to share their faith in God with others as Matthew 10: 32-33 says.

Whoever, then, acknowledges me before people, I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever denies me before people, I will deny him also before my Father in heaven.“~~Matthew 10: 32-33 (New English Translation)

So she has a public office which allows for speeches about just about anything and she chooses NARAL over God.  Her Christian Coat has been on the coat rack for too long.

It is always telling the response is on a video by reading the comments below it.  On the YouTube video above, some of the comments mention the separation of church and state.  No where in our Organic documents is this term or its legalese equivalent does it mention a separation of church and state.

It’s odd that NARAL is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization but they always get away with siding with the politically left in this country.  They never seem to get scrutiny under the Johnson Amendment that gags non-profits from speaking their politics.  Perhaps they should.

Remember Betty McCollum represents NARAL every chance she gets and disrespects Catholics and other Christians everywhere, every chance she gets.



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Second Presidential Debate (October 9th): Hillary vs Trump

We believe informed voters are better to cast their vote in a responsible manner.  Therefore we are posting the 2nd Presidential Debate of October 9, 2016 from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.  This is not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, nor the inept leadership of the CD4 Republicans.

We are using the C-SPAN YouTube video of the debate because it is devoid of the talking heads employed by their respective media outlet that think you aren’t capable of making an informed opinion.

It was nice to see that Donald Trump referenced the 3 AM ad that Hillary had and then asked about the Benghazi failure that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens.  It is as if Donald Trump is reading our post, “Remember them at 3 AM on September 11th.”

We hope that the next debate the moderator will stop arguing with Trump and siding with Hillary Clinton.  ~~ Publius Jr.

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Vice Presidential Debate Gov Mike Pence-R vs Sen Tim Kaine-D

There are a few things that this presidential campaign season has lacked is a general respect for the other candidates, fair play in the press, and having candidates that have a clear distinction of the other campaign. So far it feels and looks like a campaign between Coca Cola and Pepsi (odd that the supposed Blue Party candidate was wearing a Red tie and the Red Party Candidate was wearing blue (as it was before the swircheroo in 2006))

On Tuesday October 4th it seemed to us that Governor Mike Pence was the more qualified candidate in areas of public demeanor, intelligence, fair play and a grasp of the issues. Many people watching this debate must of been wondering Why Gov Pence wasn’t on the top of the ticket. We also felt pity that Gov Pence had to defend the track record and gaffes of Donald Trump.

Tim Kaine’s most annoying quality is not having the respect enough to shut up during Pence’s response to questions and rebuttals. Sen Kaine kept interupting so often that the moderator was beside herself in how to deal with this. The moderator usually went after Pence who would defend himself much like a NFL referee penalizing the last person doing the shoving during an on the field fight.

The press must really disrespect us by putting weak or totally left wing personalities in as moderators. When will we get Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity moderating a presidential debate? Never.

Another disturbing detail of this debate was the graphic that Tim Kaine was born right here in St Paul MN, then raised in Kansas City. Even democrats then had to escape the city.

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