Vote Trump to Repeal the Johnson Amendment

In the Fall of 2007 the American Heritage Series by Wallbuilders with David Barton on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) the Johnson Amendment was presented.  David Barton said that in 1954 when the US Supreme Court opened its doors for the first time in their own building; when the Congress passed a law that inserted “Under God,” into the Pledge of Allegiance to show the Soviets we weren’t a Godless country like them; Johnson’s Amendment was put into law as a rider on an appropriations bill.

This law has put a gag on ALL non-profit groups like the original TEA Party and churches and it puts the power to determine if they have violated the law in the hands of the IRS.  The First Amendment is clear that the rights of the people shall not be infringed by Congress (where laws originate, not the Supreme Court nor the White House).  A taxing agency should not be the “Thought Police,” nor should they be the “Health Insurance Police,” fining you if you don’t buy health insurance (but that’s an article for another day).

We’re surprised that previous Republican Administrations (Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, nor G. W. Bush) didn’t vow to repeal this clear cut violation of the 1st amendment’s Religious Freedom.  Perhaps they didn’t know the depths of depravity that the Government would get to where one couldn’t practice their faith free of government intrusion, specifically Christianity, or they didn’t know the law existed.  There was no Congressional record of the debate on the law, because there was no debate on it.

We originally wanted someone like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson to run, but who can keep up with a guy who has personal wealth more than all other candidates combined like Trump?

So we advise people who are #NeverTrump voters to consider this one issue that will turn this country around with a stroke of a pen.

Register to Vote click here.

Here is Donald Trump at the Voter Values Summit in Washington DC.  He vows to repeal the Amendment that US Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson added to an appropriations bill in 1954.


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1st Presidential Debate: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton

Here is the 1st Presidential Debate between Republican Nominee Donald J Trump and Democrat Nominee Hillary R Clinton.  We are posting this as a courtesy to voters.  This is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the MNGOP, nor the leadership of MN’s CD4 Republicans.  It is approximately 1 hour 36 minutes long and it is the C-SPAN broadcast. ~~ Publius Jr.

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Eve’s Angels: Helping Women Exit the Sex Industry

This is from  The following is their top post this week.  Christicans encourages Christians to vote, documents Faith in Action, and filters out today’s issues through the Bible.  Their political views are not necessarily this site’s views.  We are posting this to spread the word about Eve’s Angels. ~~ Publius Jr.

Posted on

If you go to the Eve’s Angels website you’ll be met with their fundraiser to raise money to buy a property by October 2nd.  We Christicans do not get any of the money that is raised, but we are posting it as a courtesy and to inform Christians about an action they can do to show that Faith in Action is what Jesus wants us to do as James 2: 14-17 says.

Watch the video.  Feel free to give to their fundraiser.


Eve’s Angels are working to secure a Safe House by October 2, 2016.  The Safe House is for sex-trafficked victims and women exiting the sex industry.  The owner of the property took it off the market so Eve’s Angels has time to fundraise to pay the owner in full.

(click on the link below, then there will be another link to click on marked “Donate to help Secure the Safe House” and it will go to a paypal site.  It is up to your free will if you want to help.  Otherwise help spread the word to others who can contribute).

Eve’s Angels Donation Link

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Why Aren’t the Candidates talking about Ending Obamacare?

We are wondering when the top candidates will start talking about the issues instead of tossing out insults.  If we want to see this sort of action we can watch WWE where the participants will actually pretend to use folded chairs to bash each other over the head.  We saw this article in the Black Community News letter.  So we are posting it.  We didn’t alter the content, but we deleted some links and added color and changed font styles for emphasis.   It was originally written by Carl Jackson on September 19, 2016.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Why Aren’t the Presidential Candidates Talking About Obamacare?

obamacare_3The problem with supporting Obamacare is that you have to believe politicians care more about your health than your doctor does. It isn’t logical. Medical treatment and compensation for that treatment should be left up to the doctors and patients. Any regulation needed should derive from state legislatures.

We have fewer than 60 days to go before the presidential election, and I’ve hardly heard peep about Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, from either of the major-party candidates. Why do you suppose that is? We know that Hillary supports it. In fact, she’d prefer a single-payer system like our British allies. But what about Donald Trump? What must he think of Obamacare? Despite all of his bravado and hard-punching rhetoric, the Republican nominee really seems to have a soft spot for the “less fortunate,” and he isn’t above expanding federally funded entitlement programs. Recall, during the primary debates Mr. Trump was clear that he believed everyone should have access to health care even if it meant the federal government had to pay for it. Additionally, just this week he and his eldest daughter, Ivanka, laid out their plans to expand child-care benefits on our dime if he’s elected president.

Therefore, we have two presidential candidates who believe that Uncle Sam makes a better doctor, mom or nanny than you or I. Despite the overspending in Washington that gave rise to the tea party and caused records of numbers of conservatives to come out and vote during the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections to change course, voters for both candidates have acquiesced to big-government intrusion in our lives as long as their guy wins.

Voters on both sides of the aisle are rightfully concerned about the Supreme Court. Conservatives like myself would love to see another originalist in the vein of an Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas nominated to the highest court in the land. Here’s the problem: If Republicans win the White House but fail to roll back every bit of Obamacare, improving balance on the Supreme Court will be worthless. A government that has a say over your health care has a say over every aspect of your life – including what you should eat and drink, how you should drive, what you should drive (if you believe “man-made” global warming is destroying the ecosystem), how many children you should have, whether or not religious organizations or religious run hospitals can decline to perform abortions, what you might say that causes mental anguish to others, etc. You get the point.

Last week one of my older brothers, who’s a diabetic, was hospitalized after his blood-sugar level measured over 600! When I took him to a local ER, the doctors were astonished he was even walking. They thought he should’ve been in a coma. How did his numbers get so bad? He’s homeless, at least at times, mostly by choice and bad decisions. He lives in and out of hotels, and when he doesn’t make enough money with day labor, the curb is his pillow. He wasn’t eating right and refused to take his meds. Time and again my wife and I have offered to help him stay off the streets permanently. We’ve opened our home and wallets whenever needed. Unfortunately, he’s not at a point where he’s had enough yet. Carl, what does this have to do with Obamacare?! I’m so glad you asked.

My brother isn’t insured, and he refuses to take welfare. He was hospitalized for a week! The doctors never asked if he could pay the bill. In fact, they were excited he had no insurance because they could do whatever needed to restore his health – and they did! They spared no expense!

When he was admitted into the hospital we were upfront about his finances. The hospital assured us they’d work with him, but we had no idea he was in such bad shape. He was peeing blood, his stomach lining was messed up, his acid reflux was so bad he could barely eat or drink for three days. My brother is a fun-loving guy, but mentally he isn’t all there. You wouldn’t know that even in several conversations with him. The doctors and nurses knew. After IVs, insulin shots, blood-sugar meds, medication for the acid reflux, blood tests for AIDs and hepatitis, a camera run through his stomach and more, he was finally released after seven days. Oh, did I mention they wrote the entire bill off? Unbelievable!

These people are the cream of the crop! How dare we have the audacity to believe President Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any other politician cares more about our health care than the very people that provide it. It isn’t wrong to be passionate about winning the Supreme Court, but conservatives must be equally passionate about preserving the best health-care system the world has ever known.

Originally published at

CarlJacksonCarl Jackson is a radio talk show host – his web site is Media wishing to interview Carl Jackson, please contact

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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Payne-Arcade Harvest Fest Parade, September 17th Constitution Day

The last parade of the campaign season in St Paul is the Payne Avenue Parade, aka the Harvest Fest Parade by old-timers.

It also happens to be US Constitution Day on September 17th.  It is the 229th Anniversary of the US Constitution.

Greg “The Plumber” Ryan will be marching in that parade.  Show that you support the US Constitution as it was written and its amendments by coming out to march with Greg and other like-minded Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and others who want to #VoteBettyOut.

Here are the details about the Parade from Mary Amlaw the Campaign Manager for Greg Ryan:

Greg "The Plumber" Ryan will be Marching in the Payne Avenue Parade Sept 17, US Constitution Day

Greg “The Plumber” Ryan will be Marching in the Payne Avenue Parade Sept 17, US Constitution Day

THIS SATURDAY! SEPTEMBER 17th …JOIN GREG RYAN for U.S. CONGRESS  and other CD4 candidates and volunteers in the Payne/Arcade Harvest Fest Parade

We are Number R-14 in the line-up!  Map

Payne Ave & Rose Ave E, St Paul, MN 55130 across the way from the Arlington Hills Community Center at Maryland Avenue and Payne.

Lineup starts at 11:00 am and the parade moves at Noon!

We need people to carry our banner and signs! T-shirts and stickers for all! You can also wear red! Bring a flag, bring your family and pets. (We are the Unit that always has several animals in our parades and can include Sam’s dog Oscar, Janan’s dog Coot, and Marj’s Taylor the Pig!))

See you there!

This posting was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, nor the leadership of CD4 Republicans.  We are posting it as a courtesy to voters who are Republican, Conservative, Independent, or like-minded people who want to #VoteBettyOut.

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#ProLifeSunday Happy Grandparents Day! Sept 11th

The first Sunday after Labor Day is National Grandparents Day.  Since 1978 when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it to be celebrated, this day has not had the recognition that it should have.

It was started by Marian McQuade, a housewife in Fayette County of West Virgina, who wanted to champion the cause of the lonely elderly in nursing homes.

I, Publius Jr, have an elderly mother.  She has 5 granddaughters and 2 grandsons.  My father passed away 13 years ago.  I talked about him in our article #ProLifeSunday It Takes a Man to be a Dad.  His grandfather died at 93 in the 1930’s. Great-Grandpa Max did some remarkable things in his lifetime.  Max came to this country in the 1850’s and had two sets of families.  His first wife died and in his old age he had another family of which I come from.  My last grandparent died in 1985.  My Dad’s father died at the age of 84 months before his 85th birthday.  The only grandma I knew died the year before–Beatrice.  My mom’s mama died in the late 1940’s at the age of 67.  So I had only my dad’s parents and my mom’s father to draw wisdom and be spoiled by.

My mom’s father Charles had been born in about 1883 came to this country when he was 12 from Sweden.  He had been born Carl Johnson.  When he arrived here he wanted to be like the Americans so he changed his name to Charles and kept his father’s last name.  Charles tried to enlist during the Spanish American War but he was too young.  Then he went on to become a cowboy out west.  He was married had a son, Ralph. Then his wife Mae died of Tuberculosis, then he married my Grandma Teresia who had two daughters my mom, and my Aunt Irma.  Charles had a variety of jobs over the years as a horse trader, he was an Ice & Coal man, a charter member of the Teamsters Union in Chicago when they still used horses.  He was elected as Constable in Cook County Illinois as a Republican.  Cook County is a Democrat Stronghold. He was re-elected twice.  Then after Teresia died he moved to be near my mom in Winona, Minnesota.  He liked to spoil us kids.  He usually had cherry drops when he visited.  He lived to a ripe old age of 97 but died before his 98th birthday.  He lived a full life.  I used to visit him with my mom at his apartment.  He was a kind old man with lots of stories told in his Swedish accent.  His was the first funeral I went to, five years later all my grandparents were gone.

I miss my grandparents, they helped me to realized that my parents went through the same things I’m faced with each day.

Grandparents are that life link to the past, that should never be forgotten.  This year on September 11th, when you are honoring those lost in 2001 at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and some field in Pennsylvania, try to remember that life link to the past, your Grandparents.  If they are still alive, call them up, they’ll be glad to hear from you.

See Our Family of other #ProLifeSunday Articles:

#ProLifeSunday Let’s Celebrate Mothers   

#ProLifeSunday It Takes a Man to be a Dad

#ProLifeSunday Happy Aunts & Uncles Day

#ProLifeSunday Happy Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins Day

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Remember Them at 3 AM on September 11th

It was almost prophetic when we first saw it, the 3 AM ad of Hillary Clinton’s in 2008.  Little did we know that on September 11, 2012, almost 4 years later, that Hillary would be sleeping on the job as Secretary of State at 3 AM.


Who do you want to get that call at 3 AM?

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Decision Magazine: Two Visions Two Americas

It is hard as a writer to produce an article that so many other outlets can do with staffs easily.  Someone asked why we post other articles on some subjects but not national subjects.  We are St Paul Republicans and articles that cover the Republican Nominee for President, Donald Trump is national news.  Even though Donald Trump did not win the Straw Poll in St Paul, we have to support him because he won the endorsement.  Yet it is far easier to cover local Republicans than the national.  That’s why our articles are locally centered.  Decision Magazine did not authorize this posting, though we are subscribers to the Magazine and we saw clear-cut differences to the platform that Donald Trump stands behind.  For the preservation of the 1st Amendment’s Religious Freedom as the Founding Fathers (all Christian Conservatives) intended is on the line.  In Hillary’s America she will decide when and how you can pray or worship the Holy Trinity of Christianity.  Normally we will turn off the links, but we like the Decision Magazine and we think you might like to subscribe too (it’s your decision to subscribe we won’t mandate it). We haven’t altered the article, but have changed some font styles and color for emphasis.~~ Publius Jr.

Two Visions, Two Americas

By   •   September 1, 2016


This Nov. 8, American voters will decide what is arguably the most consequential presidential election in decades. Maybe ever. Two major party candidates are being offered to voters. Two distinct visions are being cast.

One vision includes a nation where free speech and religious liberty are constitutionally protected, bedrock principles. The other continues along a path where such principles are quickly jettisoned with the latest turn of the sexual revolution.

One vision aspires, as a first priority, to use our nation’s military as a fighting force to keep America and the world safe from bad actors. The other would continue using the armed forces as a social experimentation lab, where the LGBT agenda takes precedence over troop readiness and morale, and where placing women in ground combat roles supersedes obvious gender differences.

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One vision would seek to build a federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, that interprets the Constitution as an enduring document for the nation, with timeless guiding principles for civil government. The other would appoint liberal-progressive judges to federal courts who believe the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” that bends with the times and with evolving moral standards.

With an aging Supreme Court—already absent one justice after the unexpected death last year of conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia—perhaps four new Supreme Court justices will be appointed.

The next president will be either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump, and he or she will nominate those vital Supreme Court justices. Those judges will serve decades and make their judicial decisions felt for generations. In an age in which the Supreme Court and the federal bench have trended toward an activist, lawmaking role instead of their intended task—to act as umpires of the Constitution—the stakes for religious freedom and limited government are monumental.

In fact, says Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council, the very survival of our democratic republic may hinge on the fundamental beliefs of the next chief executive.

Perkins told Decision: “America is not going to cease to exist as the land mass that it is. What is at stake is the republic as we know it, freedoms that we have enjoyed.”

Christians in the Cross Hairs

Chief among those freedoms is religious liberty, Perkins says, and it has taken direct hits in the last eight years.

“It’s been open. It’s been frontal. It’s been unrelenting. … The weight of the government is being used to quarantine faith within the four walls of the church, and that is not religious freedom,” Perkins said.

The ongoing sexual revolution, which has accelerated at mind-numbing speed, has placed more pressure on those with a Biblical worldview.

Same-sex marriage is legal nationwide via the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision in June 2015, creating a collision of religious freedom with the law’s conception of sexual freedom. Last spring, the federal government directed public schools to allow transgender use of gender-specific restrooms and locker rooms, a direct affront to North Carolina, which had passed a bathroom protection law that still stands.

Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton Bus Tour Stops in Pittsburgh

Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Pennsylvania following the Democratic convention.

Despite some gains in the percentage of people who believe abortion is immoral, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision making abortion legal nationally remains, with the country approaching 60 million aborted babies. The nation hasn’t merely been “slouching toward Gomorrah,” as the late judge Robert Bork wrote, it has nearly slid past it.

James Dobson, the best-selling author and psychologist who has championed the traditional family and Christian values for more than four decades, told Decision: “The sexual revolution weakened the exclusivity and commitment required for lifelong marriage. Spiritual apathy and apostasy have also been major contributors. America no longer lives by an eternal moral code given to us by the Word of God.”

“Also,” Dobson added, “the radical feminist movement, based on hostility toward men, weakened the marital bond. Related to it was, and is, the legalization of abortion through nine months of pregnancy. Raising children is what this ancient institution is all about. And, finally, the judiciary has created politically correct interpretations of the law that are destroying the traditional family unit. Uppermost among them is same-sex ‘marriage’—imposed by five members of the Supreme Court on 50 million people who voted against it.”

As Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, puts it, “We live in a time when we have gone from living in a post-Christian nation to living in an anti-Christian nation. That is completely contrary to the founding principles of our country.”

The cultural slide has meant that more people are sharply opposed to the Biblical worldview than in decades past. English common law, which helped inform American law, was rooted in Judeo-Christian understandings of right and wrong. Those sturdy tethers have unraveled quickly.

Instead, left-wing activists, smelling blood in the water, are seeking to take as much ground on the moral and legal front as forcefully and as quickly as possible.

National Convention - Day Four - Cleveland

Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination for president during the party’s convention.

That pressure is evident when states such as Washington and Oregon punish bakers and pharmacists when their Christian beliefs collide with the secular-progressive worldview.

Veteran conservative columnist Cal Thomas, not one to put significant hope in political efforts to right the culture, says the next election will set the tone for the Supreme Court “for 30 or 40 years” and could lead to “the possible disintegration of this country.”

He says the culprit is a generation that has forgotten God, and it is reflected in our government.

“We are sacrificing our children, nearly 60 million now, on the modern-day equivalent of the altar of Molech, which God called detestable on more than one occasion,” Thomas said. “We are mainstreaming same-sex marriage, transgender toilets. It just seems that the sewer cover has been removed and everything is now up in the streets.”

David Jeremiah, pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church near San Diego, Calif., sees a crucial election that may determine whether or not Christians can exercise their faith freely—at church and outside the church—or under an oppressive government.

Jeremiah admits that neither major party candidate is an exemplar for evangelical Christians. But he says the specter of the next president appointing a new slate of Supreme Court nominees should motivate believers to cast an informed vote.

“The next president will select between two and four justices who will reign over the cultural issues of our nation for the next 30 years. The average Supreme Court judge serves 26 years. In the next 30 years, what happens in this election is going to have an incredible impact on my children and grandchildren. And the impact will be most likely felt more because of what happens in the Supreme Court than anything else that happens in the government.”

Beyond the issues of religious liberty and morality, the spread of radical Islamic jihad globally and at home has set the world on edge. Every week seems to bring a mass slaughter, such as those in Bangladesh or France, San Bernardino or Orlando.

In the last eight years, America has sent conflicting signals about its commitment to seriously confront radical Islam. Unwillingness by federal officials to call the scourge what it is—jihad carried out in the name of Allah by Muslim fundamentalists—and a lack of clear commitment to eradicate it has diminished America’s role as a world leader. ISIS has not only burst on the scene but has become a global menace.

Former U.S. senator Jim DeMint, president of the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, says to successfully wage war on radical Islamic terrorism and counter other evil regimes around the globe, defense spending must be non-negotiable, and defense policy must center on military readiness, not pushing the latest social trends.

“There’s a lot of turmoil and instability in the world,” DeMint said, “and the way the current administration has dealt with Islamic terrorism by trying to ignore it and treat it as if it’s something that it’s not, has opened us up and threatened our security as a country.”

Voters must decide: Which candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, will strengthen national security and fight tenaciously against radical Islamic terrorism?

Jeremiah and Perkins agree that whomever voters choose, they must demand that the “first freedom”—religious liberty—from which all other freedoms flow, is left intact.

Perkins said that as the moral fabric of the culture unravels, “the leaders we elect can either accelerate that deterioration or they can stay it by giving the church the space it needs to do the fundamental work that only the church can do.

“It is the church— armed with the Gospel—that can fix hearts. It is the Gospel that transforms lives. It is the church through the witness of the Holy Spirit that can preserve a culture. But without the space to do that openly in public, it’s difficult. And elections in our country determine that.” ©2016 BGEA

George W. Bush Presidential Library

An exact replica of the oval office is featured at the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas.
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Decision America 2016 Presidential Election Guide

All of our staff members are a part of the MN Decision Prayer Group on Facebook.  It was their decision to join.  So we are posting this for those Conservative Christian Voters out there that want to make an informed decision when they vote.  Franklin Graham does plainly speak that he is disappointed with the Democrat Party and also the Republican Party for putting us in the position we face today.  He says that his father Billy Graham studies who the candidates are, their positions on issues, then votes.  Christians should not be sitting in the pews this election.  They should get out and Vote their Conscience.

We’ve not altered the content.  This is not authorized by the Decision America Tour, Franklin Graham, nor the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, nor any candidate or candidate’s committee. We hope candidates do look at the guide and realize what is at stake here, not just financial freedom, but Religious Freedom. ~~ Publius Jr.

Decision America Tour
Dear Friend,

Last week we prayed with thousands of Christians at the capitols in Maine, Vermont, and New York, and I’m preparing for three more Decision America Tour prayer rallies this week in New England (see locations below). If you live in the area, I hope you will bring your friends, family, and church groups to stand with us in prayer.

We hear from people attending who tell us what an enormous encouragement it is for them to see so many other Christians turn out to pray. One man in Vermont told us he didn’t know there were that many Christians in the entire state! All ages come—families with young children, youth groups, college students—and this week I had the privilege of meeting a 104-year-old woman whose family brought her to pray with us. As we continue through the Northeast with the Decision America Tour, will you also pray for hearts that are now cold to be awakened to the things of God?

Election Day will be here before you know it. Do you feel equipped to vote?

Decision MagazineI’d like to send you a free copy of our special September issue of Decision magazine—while supplies last—which examines the presidential candidates’ stances on the Supreme Court, religious liberty, and abortion, plus the Democratic and Republican platforms on marriage, national defense, terrorism, poverty, Israel, and more. You can request yours here.

Thank you for standing with me and thousands of other Christians across America in prayer. May God bless you!


Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham

P.S. I hope you will share these remaining prayer rallies with your friends and loved ones:

#39, August 30–Boston, Massachusetts
#40, August 31–Providence, Rhode Island
#41, September 1–Hartford, Connecticut
#42, September 13–Dover, Delaware
#43, September 14–Trenton, New Jersey
#44, September 15–Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
#45, October 4–Lansing, Michigan
#46, October 5–Indianapolis, Indiana
#47, October 6–Columbus, Ohio
#48, October 11–Annapolis, Maryland
#49, October 12–Richmond, Virginia
#50, October 13–Raleigh, North Carolina

“I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” —1 Timothy 2:1-2, NKJV

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Prayer for Teddy Bridgewater’s Full Recovery #PrayerWorks

We pray for your Miraculous Recovery ala Reggie White's recovery in 1995.

We pray for your Miraculous Recovery ala Reggie White’s recovery in 1995.

Within the hour that we heard the Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with what it appears to be a season ending knee injury, we posted a PrayerWorks prayer.  We will share it with you below. PrayerWorks is a prayer chain application.  One can post a prayer anonymously and be sent a text, an email notification, or leave phone number or contact info for someone to contact you with.

98.5 KTIS

Thank you so much for posting your prayer request at

Prayer for a Total Recovery for Teddy Bridgewater,

August 30, 2016

Today MN Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater was injured in practice. It sounds like an awful injury. We believe Jesus healed him at the Cross and by His stripes Teddy will make a full recovery. Teddy will be strong enough to play again. We ask in Jesus Name.

Some people know me, Publius Jr, as a Packers Shareholder.  I’ve never lived in Wisconsin, but grew up on Packers Football in the 197o’s in Southeast Minnesota which took a lot of fortitude to stomach through a decade of losing seasons.  When I got a chance to own a piece of my favorite team I plunked down $210 for a share.  Ironically this changed my whole perspective on sports.  If my team doesn’t win it is not the end of the world, I pray for the players to do their best and to not get seriously injured.  I also see talent on the other side of the ball that is to be respected and looked upon with appreciation.  Teddy Bridgewater is that sort of player to appreciate and marvel at his on-the-field leadership.  I think if he stays healthy he can be a Pro Football Hall of Famer…just I hope he doesn’t beat my Packers in a head to head game.  A win against a quality team is a greater win than a win against a low quality team in the Superbowl.  I look forward to the NFC North games especially the Chicago Bear v Packer games.

Once again we always go to God when outcomes are out of our hands.  We at St Paul Republicans pray for a miraculous recovery for Teddy much like the one Reggie “The Minister of Defense” White had one time.  Former Packers Defensive Lineman Reggie White had suffered a torn hamstring around Christmas 1995 which should have ended his season as Jim Denney describes in his blog God & Soul, “Remembering the Minister of Defense” .

"The Minister of Defense" Reggie White was an ordained Minister who had a miraculous recovery in December 1995.

“The Minister of Defense” Reggie White was an ordained Minister who had a miraculous recovery from a torn hamstring in December 1995.

“The Packers team physician, Dr. McKenzie, had scheduled Reggie for surgery to reattach the torn hamstring. But shortly before Christmas 1995, Reggie was playing with his kids in the living room by the Christmas tree when he suddenly felt the strength come back to his leg. He flexed the leg, walked on it, then ran on it. The more he exercised it, the better it felt. Then he went to Coach Mike Holmgren’s house and told him he was ready to play. And he was.

Dr. McKenzie couldn’t explain it, nor could Coach Holmgren. According to the MRI of his leg, Reggie shouldn’t have been able to walk, much less play football. But on the football field, he was as powerful as ever.

The following season, Reggie and the Packers went all the way to Super Bowl XXXI (January 26, 1997). Reggie set a Super Bowl record of three sacks in a single game, and won a championship ring. And he never had the operation to reattach the hamstring.” — From Jim Denny’s God and Soul Blog “Remembering the Minister of Defense,” posted October 9, 2012

Here is the link to the prayerworks Prayer for Teddy Bridgewater.

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