Pothole Reporting in the Twin Cities Metro Area and on MN Highways

Potholes are a nuisance in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Potholes are everywhere in Minnesota where there is an asphalt surface.  They can form at any time of the year, but usually after Winter in the Springtime when a general thaw is in process.

We citizens complain about them, but if you don’t notify the proper city, county or state officials about a pothole you’re just as much the problem as the pothole is.  Just as in Ray’s Challenge our post about a St Paul citizen willing to return stray shopping carts back to the cart corral to proactively help other people, you need to think about other drivers who might be driving along and not see the pothole in time; they might get into an accident because of it. We admit from the numerous potholes out there the Public Works crews in St Paul and other parts of the state can’t know where all the potholes are at all times.  That is why your help is so vitally needed.

While we would love concrete roadways on priority streets everywhere in the State of Minnesota, concrete roads have issues too, just not always in the area of a pothole. They have cases where a slab of concrete will buckle upwards and ruin someone’s day.  That’s an article for another day.  For now Report those potholes and other road problems.

Here are some resources below to do that in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and along MN State Highways and Interstate freeways.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Potholes Reporting

  • MNDOT (Minnesota Department Of Transportation)


  • St Paul Public Works

Phone:  651-266-9700

Email:  Potholes@ci.stpaul.mn.us

The next link is very interesting as you can see others who have “voted” for a particular pothole.  It shows how many people have reported the same pothole to be fixed.  It has fixes for graffiti and also for excessive garbage to be picked up.

See Click Fix – Saint Paul (listed on the Pothole Reporting site as, “Report the Pothole Online using Saint Paul Connect.”)

  • Ramsey County


  • Minneapolis


  • Hennepin County


How Does a Pothole Form?

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SD 64 & SD 65 Republican Conventions on March 24, 2018

Local Party Units (BPOUs) have been having their conventions across the state of Minnesota in all parties during the month of March.  At these conventions they elect State and sometimes Congressional District Delegates and Alternates, pass platform resolutions, local party constitutional amendments, and they can endorse candidates for office in their district.

Another aspect of the Local Party Unit’s Convention is Statewide Candidates for Constitutional Offices, candidates for Congressional District offices, or candidates for County Commissioner Districts, or elected legislators, may speak at these conventions.

We went to the websites of the Local Party Units of SD 64 & SD 65 Republicans some weeks ago looking for information about their conventions to post an article of where and when all of the St Paul Republican Local Party Units were having theirs.  Political websites as they are rarely updated told us there wasn’t any information except at mnhd66brepublicans.org, a site we helped set up.  SD 67 Republicans’ website is hard to find and SD 64 GOP & SD 65 didn’t have any information available until recently.  SD 65 Republicans’ site run by the radio talk show host Mitch Berg hasn’t had an update since March 1, 2016.  So we contacted the former candidate for HD 65B Republicans Margaret Stokely, she said where the convention will take place–it’s at where she lives.  Perhaps Margaret should be running that Local Party Unit instead.

On the SD 64 Republicans site, which is copied and pasted below, what disturbed us is the requirement that people pay a FEE of $15 to attend.  Shouldn’t it be a free-will donation?  Oh that’s right to have a nice location for a convention some local party units will actually spend money to rent out a place, when there are a number of libraries in St Paul that one can reserve a room for FREE.  Conventions shouldn’t be a combined fundraiser and popularity contest for delegates & alternates.  It turns off people who can barely keep ahead of their bills.  This is a tactic by the well-connected and wealthy elements of all parties to keep “certain people” out of leadership positions and it really needs to end.  Perhaps the chair of SD 64 Republicans Ted Nelson should rethink this idea of a mandatory “Fee.” Isn’t it a “Convention tax,” instead?  The MNGOP State Party Constitution prohibits charging dues but then says one needs to pay for conventions and such.  It’s odd that the party that complains about taxes being too high have hidden hurdles inside their own apparatus to raise the bar of participation to allow only the people who can afford “fees,” at every rising level of the party leadership structure.

Here are the locations and times of SD 64 & SD 65 Republican Convention.  House District 66A Republicans Convention will be on April 7, 2018 at the Fairview Community Center in Roseville MN, we will post more information next week.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Senate District 64 Republican Convention

When:   Saturday, March 24, 2018  Registration opens 9:00 AM.  Convention Begins 9:30 AM

Where:  Charles Schultz Ice Arena – 800 Snelling Ave S  –  St Paul, MN  55116   (Corner of Snelling Ave and Ford Parkway) SD 64 Republican Convention Map

Cost: There is a $15.00 (Cash or Check – NO CREDIT CARD) convention fee for each attendee – payable at registration to Senate District 64 Republican Committee

Show a State ID or current utility bill to confirm residency

[This last bit about a State ID is unnecessary in our opinion. It’s as if they don’t know who showed up at their own precinct caucuses].

Senate District 65 Republican Convention

When:   Saturday, March 24, 2018  9:00 to 11:00 am

Where:  Shaller Sholom Campus, Weinberg apt community room

SD 65 Republican Convention Map

Cost: ? It might be an at-will donation.  (The website doesn’t say anything).  Though from their 2016 Convention Call they list $20 as being the cost.

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Ben Shapiro at the U of MN-St Paul Campus

Ben Shapiro was invited to the University of Minnesota by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF).  On February 26, 2018 he spoke on the St Paul Campus.  Ben Shapiro is conservative.  Click YAF’s Biography of Mr Shapiro.

There was a bit of a controversy of WHERE Ben Shapiro was to speak.  In the age of live streaming of events, it really isn’t an issue.  As an alumnus of the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology I, Publius Jr, believe there are better parking opportunities on the St Paul Campus and less smog there than the main campus in Minneapolis.

First thought upon listening to Mr Shapiro’s speech we have to say it sounds as if the speed is set to quick, but perhaps that’s how he really does speak.  We’ll let you formulate your own opinion of Ben Shapiro and not tell you how to believe.  This video was copied from the Alpha News MN website.  It runs about 1 hour and 13 minutes.

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Vendor Registration Begins for 38th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration J4 on March 23, 2018

J4 as it is known to Hmong as a time to celebrate freedom with family, food, and sports.  J4 will be on June 30th & July 1, 2018 this year.


One of the most popular posts we have each year is the information about the Hmong Freedom Celebration J4 that is on the weekend nearest to July 4th. This year that will be on June 30th and July 1st.  If you like good food, Hmong culture, shopping opportunities, and great sporting events like Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Hmong specific sports, you’ll want to attend this year.

Hosted by United Hmong Family Inc the planning for this annual event is already in the works the first major calendar date is when Vendors can first start registering for their booths on March 23, 2018.  Then the second date is when team registration ends which is on June 15, 2018.

VENDOR REGISTRATION (food, merchandise, informational):
*Please note, Vendor Registration will not begin until March 23, 2018!*
Kishack Vang
Cell: 651-341-6782
UHF Office: 651-447-2074

*Please note, deadline to register your team is June 15, 2018!*
Chris Yang

Corporate Sponsor(s)/Advertisers:
Richard Som


For More information:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call 651-447-2074 or Facebook message us!

The above information was copied and pasted from the Hmong Festivals Facebook Page.  We are posting this as a courtesy to our readers, and to those interested in attending the Hmong Freedom Celebration aka J4.  We are not associated with United Hmong Family Inc, nor Hmong Festivals, nor do we receive any sort of compensation from them. 

We will post the actual notice of the event when we know more about the 38th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration.  This year it will be on June 30th and July 1st, 2018 which are a Saturday and Sunday.


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HD 66B Republicans Convention March 10, 2018 2-5pm at Rice Library

The beginning of MNGOP BPOU Conventions start in St Paul on this weekend at Rice Street Library for the House District 66B Republicans.  It is sort of unusual that they are not having it in the morning as almost every other MNGOP bpou is having it in this state. Though as one campaign staffer said to us, it is highly likely that a statewide candidate will attend an afternoon convention in St Paul unless they are in Greater Minnesota.

We are posting this information as a courtesy to the House District 66B Republicans, one of the few remaining House District Republican units in St Paul, though in our opinion they all should be House District units as more people can participate instead of a small cabal of political hobbyists running the show.

We were given permission to post their actual article about the convention.  We have trimmed it a bit here is the Original Article. ~~ Publius Jr.

Attention Delegates, Alternates and Republican Residents of Minnesota House District 66B:

The HD 66B Republicans Convention will be on Saturday March 10th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the Rice Street Library. The MN House District 66B Convention shall be composed of the delegates and alternates elected at the February 6th, 2018 HD66B Caucus.

  • Location: Rice Street Library
  • Address: 1011 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117 HD 66B GOP Convention Map
  • Registration: 2:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Convention Starts: 2:30pm to 5:00pm
We are asking for an at-will donation of $5 to cover convention supply expenses (e.g paper/printing costs of agenda, constitution, etc.). Cash, Check, Credit/Debit cards excepted. If you would like to make a PCR Donation, we’ll have forms available.

We are also requesting attendees bring an item to donate to 2nd Harvest Heartland.  Please go to this link for suggested items to donate.


Food Collection Bin for Second Harvest

Our convention agenda may consist of:
  • 2018 State and Local Candidate Speeches
  • Nominating and voting on CD4 Convention delegates (CD4 Convention Date: April 21, 2018 at 8:00 pm)
  • Nominating and voting on MNGOP State Convention delegates (MNGOP State Convention Date: June 1st and 2nd, 2018)
  • Discussion and vote of any platform resolution(s) brought forward from February 6th Caucus
  • Discussion and vote of a HD66B Constitutional Amendments
  • Other business/motions/ announcements delegates would like brought forward

Go to the link below for the current MNGOP Party Platform

2016 Standing Minnesota Republican Party Platform

Map of  MN House District 66B 

(on the map of HD 66B the number of W6P3 was changed to W6P7)

66B Map

Precincts of House District 66B (Ward Precinct)

W1P16     W4P12     W4P13     W5P2     W5P3     W5P4     W5P5

W5P8      W5P9     W6P1     W6P7

Stay Informed – Links to Other Republican Websites

MN Congressional District 4 Republicans

Stay Informed – Meet the Current Republican Candidates Running for State or Federal Office

Governor (Candidates are listed in alphabetical order)

Attorney General

State Auditor

Senate – Class 1 (running against incumbent Amy Klobuchar)

Senate – Class 2 (filling Al Franken’s seat)


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John Gilmore: The Case Against Tim Pawlenty as a Governor Candidate

Pawlenty doesn’t appreciate how much politics have changed, which is why he mistakenly thinks he appeals to Minnesota voters

By John Gilmore – February 5, 2018

Bad news was delivered last week by MPR when it reported that failed former Governor Tim Pawlenty would meet with donors and “supporters” to reassess running for governor. Pawlenty previously had played an unconvincing coy game, saying he was politically “retired” and not interested in running this cycle. Not even the dumbest Republicans in the nation believed him.

This bit of terminally depressing news was delivered on the same day the fundraising numbers for current Republican gubernatorial candidates were released. “Underwhelming” is my Goldilocks term for them: not too harsh, not too inaccurate. It has to be admitted, though, that the longer one studied those numbers, especially in comparison to the fundraising numbers on the DFL side of the aisle, the more troubled one became.

There are a number of reasons for these numbers but for now let’s just say that the big donors in Minnesota Republican politics are controlled or influenced by far too few people. Some say big donors don’t want to commit to a particular candidate before the endorsement but that’s demonstrably not the case with Democrats. Why the difference?

I cringed at those passing themselves off as politically sophisticated who noted that the low fundraising numbers afforded Pawlenty an opportunity to get into the race, as if that somehow wasn’t self evident. To be fair, it’s the sort of banality that gets you booked on “Almanac” or “At Issue.”

* * * *

Star Tribune amanuensis Patrick Coolican obediently delivered the spin from the local swamp creatures who see financial and political benefit from Pawlenty running:

“Pawlenty is still the last Republican to win a statewide race in Minnesota — in 2006 — and no one questions his ability to raise money after two terms as governor, a presidential run and years as a Wall Street lobbyist.

A GOP source said the plan is to gauge support and secure commitments from these donors to raise money quickly. Something on the order of $1 million would certainly convey seriousness. Doing so would make it very clear to the other Republican candidates what they’re up against and maybe persuade them to get out of the race.

Further pressure could be applied by the other candidates’ donors, who would make clear the spigot is being turned off, so candidates should consider bowing out.

All of this would leave a clear shot for Pawlenty.”

A clear shot at losing. Great.

Pawlenty is explicitly running as the Jeb! candidate: stale, yesterday’s man of no genuine accomplishment (Jeb had an admirable record, by contrast, when he was Florida’s governor) and intent on leveraging his money connections to win the race whether others drop out or not. Jeb! said he was willing to “lose the primary to win the general.” So it is with Wall Street Tim, as one labor activist on Twitter already dubbed him. It’s not alliterative but there’s time. “Plutocrat Pawlenty” is my quick attempt at it.

* * * *

Alliterative or not, Pawlenty embodies the worst of the political swamp: failed governor, failed presidential candidate, successful grifter at the trough of big banks and big business. Out of office, he immediately left for Manhattan to become president of the Financial Services Roundtable, which exists to make the forgotten men and women of America even more forgotten. It’s a Faustian, soul selling deal but someone with minimal talent and no soul has to make it.

I’ve previously written that should Pawlenty become governor again, he’d come with a pre-installed swamp. The locus of that swamp is MZA + Co: McClung, Zellers, Anderson, a local lobbying firm, because at bottom politics is only a gateway to good money. I’m hardly naive though: lobbying will always exist and should. Transparency is the key. I’ve said I’d like to work with Common Cause Minnesota to reform our lobbying laws, among the weakest in the nation. But I can only do so much, and frankly, there are still many places around the world where I want to smoke cigarettes & enjoy strong coffee. Life is short and death is real: requiescat in pace Sarah Janecek.

MZA is an equal opportunity, Uniparty if you will, shop. McClung frequently appears on the unwatchable “At Issue” with Sarah Walker or Katie Tinucci. Viewers aren’t told they’re all from the same influence peddling shop but from “opposite” parties. Media’s dishonesty here is matched by our politics.

* * * *

Speaker Golnik and the usual suspects in the House mafia are likely to get behind Pawlenty because they know their own. Count the out of touch, open borders Chamber of Commerce as a likely supporter, as well as the grossly overpaid ($700K) Charlie Weaver of the Minnesota Business Partnership. In a word, everyone with a vested interest in politics who can pay for it, except the average Minnesota voter whose real interests they increasingly don’t even pretend to represent. Add in Norm Coleman, Vin Weber and Jack & Annette Meeks and you have the Minnesota swamp equivalent of the Bohemian Grove.

* * * *

The path to the general election ballot, it seems to me, is far harder than the Pawlenty team thinks. His absence hasn’t made any hearts grow fonder, except for the grifters who have been grifting locally instead of in Manhattan.

He won last time with only 46% of the vote, hardly an indication of a gift for the common touch among Minnesotans. His policies have left Minnesota with the highest electricity rates in the upper Midwest. His presidential race put his lack of talent and substance on full display. His post governor years reveal his true nature and priorities: cashing out. Money making at the expense of all else is fine, mind you, until it is opportunistically downplayed in favor of the sheer artificiality that is Tim Pawlenty, professional candidate.

Michael Barone recently wrote “What I think we’re seeing is a reshaping of the character of the two parties, the emergence of Trump-Republican and anti-Trump-Democratic parties from the dried husks of the parties of former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.”

Minnesota Republicans understand this if only imperfectly but they are starting. By contrast, so dated is Pawlenty that he could well run billboards with his picture on them asking “Miss me yet?” and think it a good idea because a consultant told him so.

His looming return–unmissed, unwanted and unloved–is a cheesy movie: The Swamp Strikes Back. Having gotten Trump and the political zeitgeist radically wrong, it’s no wonder that he misreads Minnesota Republicans. He seems unaware that the baggage he has accumulated in and out of office not only will prevent him from winning in November, it will prevent him being on the ballot altogether.

* * * *

In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at MinnesotaConservatives.org and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy. He can be reached at John@alphanewsmn.com.

Photo credit: Saint Thomas University

Nowhere Man: The Case Against Tim Pawlenty

This article was originally published on February 5, 2018 by Alphanews MN it was written by the local St Paul, MN Conservative John Gilmore. We received permission from him to repost it. We didn’t alter the content of the article, but we turned off the social media links.

It’s tough to be a Saint Paul Republican as we get involved in campaigns that are beyond our city limits. We don’t get the support we should by the state party nor from CD4 Republicans for municipal campaigns or legislative campaigns, and we are believed to be the local representative of the national, state or affluent suburban Republican Party, and thus a scapegoat for local DFLers when their vapid failed policies fall apart.  We aren’t the stereotype and we don’t have a seat at any of the tables of government in this most “livable” city.  Most of us are not rich, as what little of our income is spent on keeping our families above water and paying off the obscene taxes for more government intrusion and legal plundering of our financial resources. This article hit the nail on the head. John Gilmore is a gifted writer and he articulated what we poor grassroots Republicans have been struggling against before we meet the DFL team: the politically connected acting on special interests BEFORE listening to our concerns. Thank you John.

~~Publius Jr.

PS from now on the lobbyist and former Governor will now be known by us as Tim P’lenty.

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2018 Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP) Governor Candidate Caucus Letters

As a Courtesy to Republican Caucus Attendees around this great state of Minnesota, we are posting the Caucus Letters of the Governor Candidates of the Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP).  There will be a write in blank for candidates not listed on the official Gubernatorial Straw Poll ballot.  If you feel so inclined to vote for one of them, it is your choice of your own free will.  We will post the letters, a downloadable pdf, and connections to the candidates’ information pages.  We are doing this so if you are undecided as to who you want to vote for in the Straw Poll these letters will help better inform you.  The order is in no certain order, we want to let you know there are 2 Johnsons on the Straw Poll Ballot, Commissioner Jeff Johnson, and Lance Johnson.  This is a courtesy of Saintpaulrepublicans.us.  This is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

~~  Publius Jr

Mary Giuliani Stephens

Mary Giuliani Stephens Caucus letter PDF



Phillip C. Parrish

Phillip C Parrish Caucus Letter PDF


Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson Caucus Letter PDF




Keith Downey

Keith Downey Caucus Letter PDF


These are some candidates the News Media does not cover much if at all, but they are listed as Republicans.  If you would like to write their names in on your Straw Poll Ballot you can.

Lance Johnson


Jeffrey Ryan Wharton


Often times at Precinct Caucuses people forget about the Platform Resolutions or they don’t have enough Resolution forms.  So we are providing a PDF for the Platform Resolutions, and also a pdf of the 2016 Republican Party of Minnesota Standing Platform.

2016 MNGOP Standing Platform

2018 MNGOP Platform Resolutions Form PDF

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2018 Black American History and Heritage Month

This month We will post a number of stories about the contributions of Black Americans who have contributed to achievements to better our nation and our culture.

Many of them you probably have never learned about in school. Which is not surprising what with the eroding nature of our Public School System. In St Paul Public Schools nearly 3/4 of the students are not Caucasian and they seem to be neglected by the DFL who like to pose with them for photo ops during their campaigns for School Board.

We are glad to produce articles about Black Americans. They have contributed the most and have sacrificed the most for their freedom and a shot at the American Dream. The stated goal of the 1854 Republican Party was to free the slaves and ensure their civil & voting rights. During the Civil War we secured their freedom and during the Reconstruction Period from 1865-1875 we Republicans enacted the 14th & 15th Amendments that gave Citizenship, Civil Rights, and Voting Rights to former slaves. Most people don’t know that the Slaves almost were given their freedom at the start of our country but that motion failed in the Constitutional Convention. This is where the worst compromise was put into place the 3/5 clause that would award southern states with Representation for the number of slaves they had.

The best thing Black Americans can do is learn about what rights they have and to stand up for their beliefs by going out to vote their conscience this can begin on February 6, 2018 at your precinct caucus. To find a caucus near you in Minnesota go to the Secretary of State’s website and click on caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us.

Get involved and be as Maj Toure says, “be a solutionary in your neighborhood.”

There is more History to be found this month, and we are glad to present it to you.

~~ Publius Jr.

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Ray’s Challenge

Shopping can be a pain especially when you don’t like to shop in the first place. Going to this shopping center, or that mall to buy a gift, for groceries, or to shop for something you need can be a real hassle. Parking is no fun in sub-freezing temperatures, the snow pack, the frozen slush can make hunting for that ultimate parking spot in the several acre parking lot a real deterrent. Ah, then you spot it two spots away from the handicapped parking spot you get a little closer and you wonder how it is possible no one has taken this providential parking spot. Then you find out why.

There’s a shopping cart in the spot. Argh!

The dreaded shopping carts hidden in a parking spot.

I, Publius Jr, have a friend from Wordsmiths Toastmasters Club of which I’ve belonged to since April 2, 2007. My friend’s name is Ray Wallin.  Ray is a painting contractor at A & W Painting and he has a hobby of photography, he likes to camp out in subzero weather, and he is a single father of two boys.  He is an active volunteer at Rondo Library. He has been named as “The Bard“–a title given to the audience favorite at the Annual Wordsmiths Toastmasters Poetry Contest I’ve organized since 2009, held on the 3rd Monday of April.

Ray has some unique observations. During Wordsmiths Toastmasters there is a portion of the meeting in which we practice impromptu speaking called Table Topics. The Table Topics leader will ask an unknown question to a person who doesn’t have a speaking role for the evening to answer and to explain your answer from 1-2 minutes. During a meeting a question was directed to Ray.

His reply was a challenge to those who were listening at the meeting. It went something like this:

“One of things I hate about shopping is when you go to park and you see a spot really close to the entrance of the store and you think you’re really lucky to spot it. When you get ready to turn into it you notice a shopping cart in it.  Argh!

So, what I’ve been doing is when I’m returning to my car, or as I’m walking into the store, or mall, I return those stray carts back to the cart corral or all the way back to the front of the store before I continue on my way.  It isn’t much more than a few minutes out of my day, but I have the feeling I’ve made someone’s day or helped someone without ever meeting that person.

So I challenge you to do the same.” — Ray Wallin’s Table Topics response.

We pick up Ray’s Challenge and pass it along to you to do. It’s not a karma thing, which we don’t believe in. It doesn’t even have to be about wrangling a shopping cart to a proper place, it can be just about anything that helps someone else out without being asked to do it.

If you’re on Twitter please post your completed task by saying what it is and the hashtag #RaysChallenge

It’s all about being a good neighbor and a good citizen.

Please fill this cart corral up and keep those stray carts from ruining other people’s day

We are posting this as a courtesy.  Ray is not affiliated with Saintpaulrepublicans.us, nor is his Painting Company.  This is one of those #BrightIdeas everyone can do no matter their political stripe.  We did get permission to use Ray’s full name and mention his Business.  Wordsmiths Toastmasters is always looking for new members so we added its link as well.

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Super Bowl LII Visitors: A Metro Transit Guide to the Twin Cities

An apt Winter scene many Super Bowl LII fans may experience on Feb 4, 2018

There will be thousands of NFL football fans descending upon the Twin Cities for the big game Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018.  As a courtesy to those visitors to Minnesota’s Twin Cities we are posting the PDF link and website to Metro Transit’s website.

While the Super Bowl LII is here there is also a big celebration of Winter happening over in St Paul.  So no doubt there won’t be a hotel room, nor Airbnb room available during the few days prior to the big game or after.  So having a way to travel to the Super Bowl LII by warm mass transit will be a priority.  This is why we are providing the links to Metro Transit, and also to the St Paul Winter Carnival in case the game is over by halftime you can take in an outdoor activity in St Paul.

Metro Transit’s Minneapolis Visitors Guide Map

Metro Transit’s St Paul Visitors Guide Map

St Paul Winter Carnival January 25 thru February 10, 2018

Metro Transit App/ Super Bowl LII Transportation Options

One note on the guides, the cost of a regular fare is $2.00 for non-rush hour times, it is listed with the old fares.

Here is the new information from the Metro Transit website.

Metro Transit provides easy access and cheap fares make the public transportation system within the Twin Cities one of the nation’s finest. Whether it is to your hotel, downtown, the airport, Mall of America or other entertainment or shopping destination, allow Metro Transit to take you around the town and show you what the Twin Cities has to offer.

Metro Transit operates one of the largest public transportation systems in the country. Riding public transportation is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around.  An all-day unlimited ride pass costs only $6.50 and works for both bus and light rail trips and is available at light rail ticket machines.  Regular fares range from $2 to $3.25, depending on time of day.  If you’re already downtown and need to hop a ride a few blocks, the fare is $0.50 in the Downtown Zone. Look for buses marked “Free Ride” and pay no fare when boarding along Nicollet Mall or the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Popular Destinations in the Twin Cities Metro

Metro Transit offers fast, frequent service to the best of the Twin Cities, including these popular destinations:

> MSP International Airport

> University of Minnesota

> Mall of America

> Minneapolis Convention Center – Nicollet Mall

> TCF Bank Stadium (U of M Gopher football)

> Midtown Global Market

> Uptown Minneapolis

> Lowertown Saint Paul

> Minneapolis Institute of Arts

> Walker Art Center

> Guthrie Theater

> Minnesota Children’s Museum

> Science Museum of Minnesota

Other Resources for Visitors

A note on Light Rail Transit on February 4, 2018

Due to security around the stadium on game day and the proximity of the stadium to the light-rail line, regular light-rail service WILL NOT operate on gameday; only those holding an official Super Bowl LII ticket, along with a Gameday Fan Express Pass will go through security checkpoints and board light-rail at either Mall of America (Blue Line) or Stadium Village (Green Line) stations on February 4, 2018. Green Line service will operate normally between Stadium Village and Union Depot stations on gameday.

For non-game-ticket holders, buses will replace light-rail trains on the entirety of the Blue Line throughout the day on February 4, 2018. Free replacement buses will operate between Target Field Station and Stadium Village Station on the Green Line. Buses run on similar schedules to trains but can take longer; please plan accordingly.

How Do You Use Metro Transit?

Metro Transit provides buses, light-rail and Northstar commuter train services within the greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Visitors may not be aware of what Metro Transit has to offer. Below are some links that may help answer any questions.

How to Ride the Bus

>  How to Ride Light-Rail

Whether you’re looking to save money while visiting the Twin Cities or don’t want to deal with traffic and parking, Metro Transit is here to help and provide resources to help you.

If You Have More Questions

For route and schedule information, use Metro Transit’s online Trip Planner or call a transit information agent at 612-373-3333.

The post above was copied and pasted here.  There was some edits on destinations around the Twin Cities Metro and redundant information.

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