St Paul City GOP Candidates Page

We just put together a St Paul City GOP Candidates Page.  On it there are all the House and Senate District Candidates for the Minnesota State Legislature.  We thought that the public should know who is running for the State Legislature and who the Endorsed 4th Congressional District Republican Candidate is.

Here is a copy of the page that is listed on our Menu.  ~~ Publius Jr.


Saint Paul Republicans lists the Congressional District 4, House and Senate District Republican Candidates as a courtesy to the Republican, Independent, and curious voters in St Paul.  We will list them here, but the maps section has the House and Senate Districts Map pdfs.  ~~ Publius Jr.


Greg “The Plumber” Ryan



Twitter:  @GregTRyan4US

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-410-6220

Campaign Address:  Greg Ryan for Congress, PO Box 130501, Roseville, MN 55113


Riley Horan



Twitter:  @rileyjhoran


Campaign Email:

Campaign Address:  2034 Portland Ave, St Paul, MN 55104 


Emory K Dively


Twitter:  @ekdively

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  612-424-4197

Campaign Text:  651-307-3357

Campaign Address:  The Friends of Emory Dively, 532 Snelling Ave S, St Paul MN 55116


Ian Baird



Ian Baird’s Blog:

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  612-272-5313


Monique Giordana



Campaign Phone:  651-324-9534

Campaign Address:  Giordana Volunteer Committee, 689 Laurel Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104


Margaret Mary Stokely


Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-222-3080


Jason Delmont

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-225-8103

Campaign Address:  683 Ohio St, St Paul MN 55107


Jon Heyer



Twitter:  @heyer4house

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-646-6539

Campaign Address:  Heyer for Minnesota House, 1769 Lexington Ave N #170, Roseville, MN 55113-6522


William Brownell

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-398-5570

Campaign Address:  1307 Dale St N, St Paul, MN 55117


Carolyn Jass



Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-344-6226

Campaign Address:  Carolyn Jass for Senate, 1016 Burke Ave W, Roseville, MN 55113


Andrew Livingston


Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-500-9026

Campaign Address:  Livingston For MN House, PO Box 600732, St Paul, MN 55106


Lisa Thompson



Campaign Email:

Campaign Address: Lisa Thompson for MN House, P.O. Box 25721, Woodbury, MN 55125


Krysia Weidell

Campaign Email:

Campaign Phone:  651-795-1595

Campaign Address:  PO Box 4809, St Paul, MN 55101

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Rondo Days July 16th March with Greg “The Plumber” Ryan

We are posting the following as a courtesy to Republicans, Independents, and like-minded voters who are tired of the status quo nature of Betty “Do Nothing” McCollum.  This is not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee, MNGOP, nor the leadership of CD4 Republicans.  We do ask you to keep it a peaceful parade.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Greg "The Plumber" Ryan will be Marching in the Rondo Days Parade July 16th

Greg “The Plumber” Ryan will be Marching in the Rondo Days Parade July 16th

9:00 am lineup

10:00 am start from St Peter Claver Church.

We are Unit #63.

We need people to carry our banner and signs! T-shirts and stickers for all! (You can also wear red! Bring a flag, bring your family and pets. We are the Unit that always has several animals in our parades and can include Sam’s dog Oscar, Janan’s two dogs and Marj’s Taylor the Pig!))

Rondo Festival starts right after parade and goes to 6:00 pm.

It is part of the 33rd Annual Rondo Days Celebration (July 12-16) returning to the Rondo Education Center, 560 Concordia Ave, St Paul, MN 55103 Map

(From its website: “Recognizing the Past – Honoring the Present – Soaring into the Future! Enjoy fun activities, food, the Frank Adams 5K Walk/Run, and the annual Grand Day Parade at the Rondo Days Celebration Saturday, July 16.”)

For more information about Rondo Days please visit

Rondo Days Parade 2016 Route

Rondo Days Parade 2016 Route

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Star Parker: There is No Longer a Sense that We have Law Rooted in Truth

We’ve been careful this week as to how to respond to this last week’s rioting and unlawful disruption of a Federal Highway, the shooting in Falcon Heights, the Dallas Sniper, and other violence and insanity.  We don’t want to be sucked into a tit for tat discussion.  There are so many things to fix in the cities of St Paul and Minneapolis that have nothing to do with the Republican beliefs, but the lack of being able to share them and have them considered in the political processes of both cities is needed.  We’ve called upon God to guide us in our response.

The following article is from Star Parker, who at one time had been on welfare in Los Angeles.  She turned around her life and we think her articles are right on the money, and she is doing the work to change the status quo by finding Black Conservative Pastors to address people in their congregations and outside the walls of their meeting places.  As always we have not altered the content of the follow article, except for font types and sizes, font colors, added a definition of “Capriciously” in a link, and we set a quote off for emphasis.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Black Lives Matter and Lawlessness

When we don’t take law seriously at the highest levels of power in the nation, the message reverberates throughout the land.

By Star Parker | Syndicated nationally by Creators

Let’s try and connect some dots.

Last week, FBI Director Jim Comey expressed his view that, after investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of State Department official business, including classified material, on her personal email server, he would not recommend criminal charges against her.

This despite describing the behavior of the former secretary of state as “extremely negligent.”

Former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani said, according to Clinton’s behavior as described by Comey, she was clearly in violation of the law. By choosing to recommend that she not be indicted, Giuliani said that Comey decided to put her “above the law.”

The way it was described by The Wall Street Journal, Comey’s “political actions spared Clinton and protected his own job.”

Now lets turn our attention to Dallas, where a gunman opened fire and five police officers were killed at a Black Lives Matter rally.

The question every decent American is asking is: How do we stop this horror?

How do we stop the seemingly endless and growing circle of violence in our cities?

There are plenty who think they know the answer.

For some, they see the problem as indiscriminate and violent treatment of blacks, particularly young black men, by police, driven by racism.

For others, it’s the opposite. It’s the refusal to come to terms with what they see as the deep social pathologies in black urban areas and the hampering of police to do their job effectively.

As always in situations like this, both things are going on. But do I think either is the primary and sole reason driving the violence? No.

What we are witnessing is the chaotic result of a society that is becoming each day more lawless.

The basis of a civilized, decent and just society is law. But law, if it is going to be respected, must be rooted in core values and eternal truths. In the words of our second president, John Adams, we need “a government of laws, not of men.”

In our zeal to purge our nation of Judeo-Christian values, driven by the false notion that religion hampers rather than enhances our freedom, we bear the consequences of this effort. We wind up with a government of men, not laws.

In our zeal to purge our nation of Judeo-Christian values, driven by the false notion that religion hampers rather than enhances our freedom…

Capriciously applied law has always been a disturbance for blacks. The civil rights movement was supposed to be about the country recognizing and remedying that, in a nation under God, there were citizens not receiving equal treatment under the law.

Unfortunately, the civil rights movement came in the midst of the liberal wave of the 1960s. So instead of focusing on equal application of existing laws of tradition, we turned law over to men to make up new rules that were supposedly going to fix everything.

But man-made law produces what we have just seen in a politically motivated FBI director rationalizing that a secretary of state, confirmed by the United State Senate, somehow couldn’t figure out that she was breaking the law and compromising our national security.

When we don’t take law seriously at the highest levels of power in the nation, the message reverberates throughout the land. Those struggling in life conclude hopelessly that the country is not fair — that the law is created and applied with political motivations.

No amount of force, or gun control legislation, is going to fix a society where there is no longer a sense that we have law rooted in truth, which every citizen, in every station of life, respects and takes seriously.

In a nation where people with power are let off the hook, where we let politicians and judges define what marriage is and when life itself begins, we empower groups like Black Lives Matter to incite and inspire violence as the answer to injustice.

Star Parker

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Congressional Black Caucus Corruption

The following was copied and pasted from the Black Community News.  Michelle Malkin posted this on July 13, 2016.  We have not changed the content, but we have turned off some of the links, dropped some of the original comments, added color and changed the font size for emphasis, and turned off some of the ads.  Perhaps Michelle will include Keith Ellison in her next post about the Congressional Black Caucus.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Congressional Black Corruption

CorrineBrownIf Black Lives Matter, then why have entrenched members of the Congressional Black Caucus spent more time enriching themselves than taking care of their neglected constituents?

Too many social justice protesters are busy throwing shade, rocks, bottles, concrete blocks and vicious death threats at police officers of all colors trying to keep the peace.

Instead of moaning about “#WhitePrivilege,” I invite radical racial identity warriors to join me in taking on the black political elites selling out their people. Help expose the most crooked members of the caucus of Congressional Black Corruption:

Corrine Brown: This 12-term Democrat from Florida received a 24-count federal indictment last week while her Congressional Black Caucus colleagues tried to drown out the news with diversionary gun-control theatrics. Brown and her chief of staff are charged with creating a fraudulent education charity to collect over $800,000 in donations from major corporations and philanthropies for their own private slush fund between 2012 and early 2016.

The director of the hoax group, dubbed One Door for Education, Inc., pleaded guilty last year to fraud and conspiracy. Prosecutors say two relatives of Brown and her chief of staff steered tens of thousands of dollars in cash deposits to their accounts. The charitable contributions paid for lavish galas, NFL tickets, concert luxury box seats, golf tournaments and apparently Brown’s tax bills.

Despite raising nearly a million bucks, Brown’s “charity” only issued two measly educational scholarships for minority students. So while shamelessly claiming this week to be a martyr akin to the murdered Dallas police officers and victims of the Orlando jihad, Brown is embroiled in a sordid scandal that exploited black children’s lives to line her own pockets.

You can’t blame righty or whitey this time, Crooked Corrine.

Chaka Fattah: This 11-term Pennsylvania Democrat was convicted in late June on 23 charges of racketeering, money laundering and fraud, along with four other co-defendants. His son was sentenced earlier this year to a five-year prison term after being found guilty of 22 counts of separate federal bank and tax fraud charges related to his misuse of business loans and federal education contracts to pay for designer clothes, massive bar tabs and luxury cars.

Fattah the Elder’s crimes are tied to schemes to repay an illegal $1 million campaign loan. Like his rotten apple of a son, Fattah siphoned off federal grant money and nonprofit funds (including donations to his educational foundation — sound familiar?) to pay off political consultants.

The con artists inside your own communities are your own worst enemies.

Eddie Bernice Johnson: 12-term Democrat from Dallas, similarly helped steer thousands of dollars in Congressional Black Caucus Foundation college scholarships for four family members and two of her top aide’s children in violation of the nonprofit’s rules.

Maxine Waters: This 13-term Beltway swamp queen from California and past chair of the Congressional Black Caucus walked away with a slap on the wrist from the toothless House Ethics Committee in 2012 after being charged with multiple ethics violations related to her meddling in minority-owned OneUnited Bank.

The banks’ executives donated $12,500 to Mad Maxine’s congressional campaigns. Her husband, Sidney Williams, was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited. As stockholders, they profited handsomely from their relationship with the bank.

And vice versa. After Waters’ office personally intervened and lobbied the Treasury Department in 2008, the financial institution received $12 million in federal TARP bailout money — despite another government agency concluding that the bank operated “without effective underwriting standards” and engaged “in speculative investment practices.” Top bank executive Kevin Cohee squandered money on a company-financed Porsche and a Santa Monica, California, beachfront mansion. After the federal bailout of Fannie/Freddie, OneUnited’s stock in the government-sponsored enterprises plunged to a value estimated at less than $5 million. Only through Waters’ intervention was OneUnited able to secure an emergency meeting with the Treasury and its then-Secretary Henry Paulson.

Waters’ government cronyism earned her a “Most Corrupt member of Congress” designation from the left-wing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Then there’s Alcee Hastings, the 12-term Florida corruptocrat impeached while a federal judge in 1989 for making false statements and producing false documents in a 1983 criminal trial accusing him of seeking a $150,000 bribe. He went on to win a seat in Congress in 1992 and used his position to enrich his various lady friends, including paying one girlfriend-turned-congressional deputy district director more than half a million dollars in salary and another he calls a “staff assistant” to accompany on his endless junkets abroad.

Those three are just the start. There’s Texas’ Sheila Jackson Lee and the Medicare fraud racket involving a local hospital in her district; Greg Meeks and his $400,000 earmark for a fake health clinic in New York City and Caribbean resort jaunts underwritten by convicted financier Allen Stanford; and Wisconsin’s Gwen Moore and her lucrative friends and family. And, of course, the ethics violations, shady business deals and tax troubles from New York’s Charlie Rangel deserve their own encyclopedia.

My message for BLM? Put down your black power fists and weapons. Give the “#BlueLivesMurder” and “Fry ’em up like bacon” chants a rest. Aim your outrage at self-serving black leaders and their abject failure to improve black people’s lives.


Photo credit: JAXPORT (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

michelle-malkinMichelle Malkin is author of the new book “Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs.” Her e-mail address is

The views expressed in opinion articles are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Black Community News.

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Coffey Anderson Instructs on What to do at a Traffic Stop

We are posting the following video as a good note to motorists.  We’ve read comments on Coffey Anderson’s Facebook page that are not worth repeating, so we won’t.  This is informative and helpful to all that watch it.  We don’t know if the local Police agree with the video in terms of their trained procedure, but we think it is informative.

Here is the original link from Coffey Anderson’s Facebook Page.



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March with Greg “The Plumber” Ryan in the White Bear Ave Parade July 13th (6 pm lineup)

The following was copied from the Greg Ryan for Congress events reminder.  We are posting it as a courtesy.  It isn’t authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, nor the leadership of CD4 Republicans.  ~~ Publius Jr.

JOIN Greg and other CD4 candidates at the White Bear Avenue Parade this Wednesday evening (July 13th)…We want our great volunteers to carry our banner and signs! T-shirts and stickers for all. (You can also wear red! Bring a flag, bring your family and pets. We are the Unit that always has several animals with us and they can include Janan’s dogs and Marj’s Taylor the Pig!)

Line up is at 6:00 pm east of White Bear Avenue on Hawthorne.

We are Unit #75...Parade start is 7:00 pm

The parade proceeds north from Ivy Street approximately 1 mile to Aldrich Arena.

Park where you are able to along side streets.

From the Parade website: “The White Bear Avenue Parade is the last, traditional, community parade on the Eastside of St. Paul. With over 100 units and more than 12,000 in the audience this is the place to go on a warm summer evening in July! The parade is the official kickoff to the Annual Ramsey County Fair. The parade lines up to the east of the avenue and proceeds north from Ivy Street approximately 1 mile to Aldrich Arena in Maplewood. The parade is a wonderful opportunity for you to show support for our community and highlight the many businesses, non profits, faith-based communities and groups that are active in our neighborhood.”

Mary L. Amlaw
Campaign Manager
Greg Ryan for Minnesota CD 4

Don’t Forget Your Anti-Betty Plunger!



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#ProLifeSunday Happy Aunts & Uncles Day July 10th

Since 2004, I, Publius Jr, have celebrated Aunts & Uncles Day.  I first put it on the 2nd Sunday in July in 2005.  My late-dad passed away in July of 2003.  My aunts and uncles were so supportive of me and my family that they helped me through the bereavement process.  I wanted to thank them in a big way so I started up Aunts & Uncles Day.

Okay, I’m an uncle to 5 lovely nieces, and 2 handsome nephews, and I wanted a day to get some swag too.  You see some men and women like me are not yet parents, but being an aunt or uncle is important to ones family structure.  As an uncle I’ve taught things to my nieces and nephews that their parents forgot…like how to eat cold cereal.  One of them ate the dry cereal first then drank from a glass of milk.  I showed them that you pour milk into cereal then drink the left over milk up.

It is important to show your nephews and nieces that their parents were once in their shoes.  It’s a loving bridge between generations.

I also noticed that we only celebrate Moms, Dads, and Grandparents but not anyone else in the Family.  So we added Brothers, Sisters & Cousins day in August 2005, and recently we added Friends & Colleagues Day in October.

If we Americans want to have a rich fulfilling life we need to reclaim the extended family.  I admire immigrants who honor the extended family and 1st or 2nd generation families that still give homage and respect to their elders.

So go call your Aunts & Uncles up today and let them know how much they mean to you.

Happy Aunts & Uncles Day!

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36th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration and Sports Tournament July 2-3, 2016

The 36th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration aka J4 is here.

The 36th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration aka J4 is here.

It’s that time of year again when the Hmong people celebrate freedom at McMurray Fields of St Paul, MN.  Hmong Freedom Celebration Map

The Hmong People who have settled here in the St Paul MN area really know what Freedom feels like.  General Vang Pao brought the Hmong people here from the refugee camps in Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam War.

There are many things to do, see, buy, and taste at the celebration.

COST: $5.00

Here is a quote from the Hmong FC website:

“It is with great anticipation that this year’s 36th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration Sport Tournament will be hosted by the Hmong Family Foundation (HFF) on Saturday, July 2nd and Sunday, July 3rd, 2016 at the Como Park’s McMurray Field. The event will provide ample spaces for various vendors that are not just local community members, but all over the world. Booths will be set up for food, traditional and culture items, educational and informational and other general merchandises. Most of the festival goers are relatives and friends who travel a short distance of a couple of miles to across the ocean from former homeland in Asia. Others are spectators who come to cheer on one another as well as taking part in one of the competitive sporting venues in flag football (both men and women’s), Sepak Takraw (kato), Soccer (men/women’s), tuj lub (top spinning), volleyball (men/women’s) and other fun and games for all ages, gender and physical ability. We have a lot to accomplish within the short amount of time. With number as high as thirty thousand (30,000) people coming to the event each day we will need all of the supports we can.”

The Hmong Freedom Celebration will attract many people to attend.  The Lao Family Community want to let you know that there will be parking at the MN State Fairgrounds.  Here is the parking link to find out more information.

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March with Greg “The Plumber” Ryan in the Rosefest Parade June 27th

This is copied and posted from the Greg Ryan events email.  This is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, nor the CD4 Republican leadership.  We are posting this as a courtesy to Republican, Conservative, Independent, or like-minded voters who want to VOTE BETTY OUT.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Monday, June 27
5:00 – 6:00 pm line-up
6:15 pm parade start
Come show your support!
Wear red for Greg [Red, White, and Blue is okay too] and bring a flag, if you like, we will have signs
Feel Free to bring a plunger to symbolize how Greg will unclog the freedom pipes in Congress.

Parade Line Up Details

Here is the Roseville Parade Line up:
#39-A  CD4 Float with Greg Ryan walking
#39-B  State House Candidates  42B Tracy Nelson & 66A Jon Heyer walking
#39-C  State Senate Candidate SD66 Carolyn Jass walking
#39-D  State Senate Candidate SD42 Candy Sina with vehicle but walking.
The float will be in the Roseville High School parking lot for staging.  Volunteers are encouraged to car pool as parking is limited and be on time. Your volunteers should wear their shirts or you should have extras to hand out to extra volunteers who will walk for you.  We generally take group photos at this time as well.
After the parade, everyone is welcome to stop over at Greg Reid’s home at 2438 Lexington (right on parade route) to watch the remaining parade, relax and converse about the parade.  Feel free to drop off signage to his place in advance, we usually put up signs in his yard.

¤  Limited shuttle service is available for those with special needs, from the end of the parade route back to the start area at County Road B-2 and Hamline.

Mary L. Amlaw
Campaign Manager
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March with Greg “The Plumber” at the Oakdale Summerfest Parade June 23rd 5pm

This post is a courtesy to Republicans, Independents and like-minded people who want to Vote Betty Out.  This post is not authorized by any candidate, or candidate’s committee, nor the CD4 Republican Leadership.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Greg "The Plumber" Ryan will be Marching in the Oakdale Summerfest Celebration Parade June 23rd, line up at 5:00 pm

Greg “The Plumber” Ryan will be Marching in the Oakdale Summerfest Celebration Parade June 23rd, line up at 5:00 pm

Greg “The Plumber” Ryan will be marching in the Ted Bearth Grande Parade on Thursday June 23, 2016.  The Ted Bearth Grande Parade is still the highlight of the Oakdale Summerfest Celebration.


Thursday, June 23rd
5:00 pm line-up
6:00 pm parade start


#44 in the line-up
at Transfiguration Church, 6133-15th St. N., Oakdale, Greg Line-up Map

Parade Route:

Parade route runs from Geneva (Century 120) and 15th East to 15th and Hadley.
Weather will be perfect. Come show your support
Wear red and bring a US flag, we will have signs.
From the Oakdale website: “Oakdale Summerfest Celebration is held each June at Walton Park, 15th Street and Hadley Avenue.  There’s an amazing parade on Thursday night, musical performances at the bandshell all three nights, fireworks on Saturday night, plus fun food, carnival rides, bingo, tournaments, medallion hunt, royalty, kids events, and much, much more!”
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