Choose Ambassador John Bolton for Secretary of State

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is our pick to be the next US Secretary of State

    Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is our pick to be the next US Secretary of State

Trump is looking for a credible no nonsense person for the Secretary of State, but he is looking through the crazy store for him or her.

We think the person needs previous experience with dealing with rogue nations that support terrorism, socialism, cronyism capitalism, and those allies that protect Christian Values & lives. That person is none other than former UN Ambassador John Bolton. “Cap’n Crunch” as we like to call him.

Cap'n Crunch. A slight similarity in looks, John Bolton would crunch foreign governments if they didn't act responsible on the world stage.

Cap’n Crunch. A slight similarity in looks, John Bolton would “crunch” foreign governments if they didn’t act responsible on the world stage.

During the George W Bush administration he was tapped to be the UN Ambassador. He had to do deal the mess that was promoted by the foreign policy disaster that Bill Clinton left behind. Clinton looked the other way on getting Osama Bin Laden because Bill was more interested with what historical legacy he was to leave.

Bill Clinton was okay with a no-fly zone over Iraq, with Saddam Hussein denying human rights to his citizens and playing games with the UN atomic energy & weapons inspectors. He wanted to prosecute through the court system terrorists that had tried to destroy a USS Cole in Yemen and after Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center in 1993. When terrorists executed attacks against American embassies and our interests they were met with silence & weakness from the White House & the Secretary of State. The Clintons encouraged attacks by not retaliating against the Islamic terrorists.

Ambassador John Bolton had to generate allies and promote policies that would end the perceived US weakness in foreign policy. After 9/11 John Bolton had to carry the Bush Doctrine–state sponsors of terrorism will be targeted if they continue to support terrorism.

Moammar Khadafy the dictator of Libya ended his support of terrorism. Countries fell in line to support the Bush Doctrine. The Libyan dictator was not the nicest person to his own people yet he dropped any support of terrorists training in the Libyan desert.

The other candidates for the job of Secretary of State have a certain, “Yuck Factor.”  These would include Rudolph Giuliani, a pro-choice Republican who frankly would do a better job as Attorney General.  Another is Newt Gingrich, who soiled his reputation by working as a consultant for Freddie Mac and being a suck up to Trump…we need someone with a backbone.  Then there is General David Petraeus who made sure the “Surge” worked in Iraq.  However Petraeus had a scandal that frankly detracts from an otherwise brilliant military career.

Mitt Romney has so many drawbacks.  He isn’t a Christian (Mormons aren’t Christians) and while many would say, “So what?” We’ve just had 8 years of a the “so what” factor with Obama.  The madrasa trained pro-Iran President–his real allegiance is to himself, rather than being someone who is humble before God.  Mitt is also the grandfather to Obamacare, with RomneyCare.  The plus side for Romney is that he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics from disaster.  Is that his only foreign policy experience?

We don’t need someone with problems at home, or thinks abortion is okay, or will sell their soul for more money.  We need a Christian like John Bolton (a Lutheran).

We like John Bolton because he has had career experience that is needed at the Department of State. Just to name a few:

  • Assistant secretary for International Organization Affairs at the Department of State (1989–1993), where he led in the successful effort to rescind the United Nations resolution from the 1970s that had equated Zionism with racism, and also played a major role in obtaining UN resolutions endorsing the use of force to fight Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait;
  • Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice (1985–1989);
  • Assistant administrator for program and policy coordination, USAID (1982–1983); and
  • General counsel, USAID (1981–1982).
  • Between 1999 and 2001, he served on the board of the Committee for International Religious Freedom.
  • During the George W. Bush administration, Bolton served as the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (2001–05) and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (2005–06).

How many more Christians have to die to the Evil State of Murderers & Thugs (ESMT, aka ISIS)?  We need someone who isn’t cozy with the Palestinian Terrorists like Mrs Clinton was to Mr & Mrs Yasar Arafat.  We need someone who believes America to be a friend to Israel, the only Democratic Republic in the Middle East.

We don’t need someone to train into the job, let’s launch the Trump Foreign Policy with someone with experience like Ambassador John Bolton.

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Minnesota Voters Alliance Special Post-Election Event Dec 6th

Special Post-Election Event

Tuesday, December 6th!!

The Minnesota Voters Alliance is hosting a special event on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at the

Stock and Barrel Gun Club

in Chanhassen, MN beginning at 6 p.m.

Special Guest – Rep Cindy Pugh (R – Chanhassen)

Please JOIN US and enjoy an evening of FUN at the shooting range while socializing with like-minded conservatives!

Place: Stock & Barrel Gun Club

18832 Lake Drive E.,

Chanhassen, MN 55317

Stock and Barrel Gun Club Map

When: Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time: 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m. (check in 6pm)

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the Stock & Barrel Gun Club offers two ranges, a 14 lane live fire range and a state of the art virtual range, and more.

The range is able to accommodate a full complement of firearms including all pistols and rifles up to 50 caliber, ear protection, ammo and more. You can bring your own firearms or rent from a wide selection.

The virtual range offers simulated firing using realistic laser pistols, and also has real-world self defense scenarios in a simulated setting. A FREE RANGE PASS WILL BE PROVIDED TO OUR GUESTS. We ask for a suggested donation of $20 to the MVA, which includes a raffle ticket to our drawing.


Grand Prize: Ruger 10/22 Tiger semi-auto rifle

2nd Prize: Fully automatic firing session with a prohibition era Tommy Gun (safety instructor and all ammo included).

PS: Feel free to invite a guest, we’ll have extra range passes at the MVA table.

We are also having a special offer for those who want to ENROLL IN A FUTURE CONCEALED CARRY class. If they sign up AT OUR EVENT, they can get a 25% discount, and, 1/2 the proceeds will go to support the MVA!.

Minnesota Voters Alliance

This posting is from our inbox.  We are not associated or affiliated with the Minnesota Voters Alliance nor the Stock & Barrel Gun Club.  We are posting the notice as a courtesy to this non-partisan group.

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Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 1789 by President George Washington

This post is from my other website  Those Founding Fathers weren’t Christians were they?  Yes they were.

Be safe if you have to travel, allow enough time to get to your destination.

May God Bless You and your Thanksgiving Day.

~~ Publius Jr.

This post was copied from the website.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Proclamation – Thanksgiving Day – 1789
George Washington – 10/03/1789
By the President of the United States of America. This is the text of George Washington’s October 3, 1789 national Thanksgiving Proclamation; as printed in The Providence Gazette and Country Journal, on October 17, 1789.By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted; for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations, and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally, to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand, at the city of New York, the third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine.

G. Washington.

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MN Conservatives: President Trump & the End of MNGOPe

The following article was republished with the permission of the MN Conservatives, it was published on November 13, 2016 by John Hugh Gilmore.  The post has not been altered in any way.  ~~ Publius Jr.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

President Trump & The End of the MNGOPe

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

–Leonard Cohen 1934-2016

Requiescat In Pace

The day Donald Trump’s rally in the Twin Cities was announced, to be held the Sunday before the election, a variety of people were skeptical and said so. One well known political observer, who knows a fair amount about the Minnesota political process, tweeted that he thought Trump was making a huge mistake, suggesting that the event would take away needed volunteers from other critical republican races in the state. Many others joined in that assessment. I don’t think I’m being unfair to characterize them as not Trump supporters. Still, what would make sense in any other political cycle didn’t end up making sense in this instance, as has been the case for so much of the presidential race of 2016. Then again, I’ve been a much mocked and derided outlier this entire season, until I wasn’t.

I also knew at the time of the announcement that Trump’s internals had him behind by a polling error of 3%. If you never swing, you can’t even miss. Lonny Leitner and Andy Post understood this and made the glorious Trump rally happen. As Coleridge would say, it was one of those “spots of time.”

Approximately 25,000 people turned out for Trump on 24 hours notice. Only 5,000 could fit in the airport hanger with me. Even Trump, when he took the podium, mocked our crowd, saying the rally should have been held outside to accommodate the far greater numbers. “What genius was in charge of this?” he asked. We all laughed, knowing that we were going to win.

The Trump rally was like no political event this state had seen before. Even local media were forced to report it honestly, something of a rarity for them. The crowd was exuberant and legitimately diverse. Race baiting Minnesota democrats would have had a field day checking their identity politics boxes, only, paradoxically, this group had moved far past that failed, poisonous mindset.

Two days later America had to wait until the day after the election to find out how Minnesota voted for president. Kindly name me the last time that happened. Trump lost this bluest of states by a mere 40,000 votes or approximately 1.5%.

Astonishingly Trump won the iconic, Iron Range located, DFL stronghold city of Hibbing, the first time a republican has done so since Herbert Hoover. Yes, it was only by seven votes but ask Rep. Mary Franson the value of a vote. Don’t look for the Minnesota republican establishment to appreciate what that means. I call them the dumbest republicans in the nation for a reason.

* * * *
Trump won the presidency in the greatest electoral upset in American history. My own low point last Tuesday night came outside “Golden Chow Mein”on West Seventh Street in Saint Paul, idling in my car waiting for vegetable fried rice. Florida looked sketchy, even bad. I was fed poisonous information from the RNC that it was lost. Then again, Jeff Larson, (there’s a local angle here to be explored further, lazy media) was hardly supportive of Trump. Like Pat Shortridge, former Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he and his cohorts have been entirely displaced by the Trump phenomenon. Don’t get me started on the odious Rick Wilson, eagerly willing to lose the Supreme Court, and indeed the nation, to line his own pockets. All republican consultants are the same and all deserve to end up on Fifth Avenue, shot. We could retire the national debt by raffling off the pleasure.
* * * *
I went to bed early Wednesday morning at a time I usually awake, which is early. When I awoke to an appalling amount of emails, texts, voice mail messages and DM’s on Twitter, I learned I was some sort of political genius. Please. I’m Irish and we’re congenitally allergic to complements. Here I’d arrived and I was irritated because arriving has never interested me. Especially in Minnesota, the bar is low for discerning the obvious and I was having none of it. I didn’t respond to any of the communications save for one text from a PR professional who asked if I was still alive, to which I responded “silence, cunning and exile.” I stayed off Twitter the entire day, a record for me and a wise move.
* * * *
When I forced myself to pay attention to the high school level of Minnesota politics, I learned republicans expanded their majority in the house, which was expected, and regained the senate by one seat, which most had not expected, much like Trump becoming President elect. Conventional wisdom has a certain symmetry, one supposes.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt, and his consigliere, Ben Golnik, apparently moved up the food chain to be defeated by either Elena Ceaușescu, as I call Lt. Gov. Tina Flint Smith, or DFL Sen. Tom Bakk, for governor in 2018. For Minnesota republicans, it’s never about winning a statewide race so much as who makes money while losing. If you’re looking for a succinct definition of Minnesota republican Never Trump, I’ve just given it to you.

Republicans regaining the state senate was the real story in Minnesota politics. What wasn’t reported were the efforts by Speaker Daudt and Golnik to actively work against Sen. David Hann, the minority leader. Numerous sources regaled me with time and place instances of them lobbying personally against Hann, flatly declaring his race lost weeks before the election and encouraging lobbyists not to donate. Minnesota republicans are so obtuse they are forced to win despite themselves, not because of them.

The senate caucus was encouraged, so to speak, to find a more moderate leader than Hann whether he survived or not. To its credit the caucus responded to this unseemly, gubernatorial race driven pressure, by electing Sen. Paul Gazelka as majority leader. When that news broke I thought “both hands have a middle finger; if you don’t like one, have the other.”

Patrick Cooligan wrote a somewhat perfunctory story (understandable, his party lost) about the senate win. Credit to Hann was given but more of the story was given over to process, because that’s all media, state or national, care about most. It spares them thinking or having to deliver substance.

David Hann alone identified the senate seats that could be flipped and personally recruited high quality candidates who could work hard, who did work hard and who won. No Hann, no senate republican majority. His reward was to be actively done in by his so called colleagues in the other chamber.

Norm Coleman’s group “Minnesota Action Network,” let by a talented woman, was cited by Cooligan as being outsourced by the senate to message in the race and you’d be forgiven for thinking the senate wouldn’t have flipped without it. You’d be wrong, of course.

When Cooligan’s story broke on Twitter the usual suck ups sucked up to her. They’re all variations on Tracy Flick from “Election.” None of them congratulated Hann, the man who made this actually possible, of course. To a person these people are Never Trump, politically clueless but sucking on the right political or lobbyist teet, the one that generates a paycheck.

* * * *

Trump won every county in Minnesota save eight. Because the political machinery in this state on the republican side is in the mediocre hands of the Never Trump people, the significance of this achievement will be downplayed at best and ignored altogether as a matter of habit. Trump scrambled Minnesota politics but we don’t possess a republican party capable or willing to capitalize on it. Believe me.

MinnPost reporters Greta Kaul and Tom Nehil have a fascinating story of how Trump did and where in Minnesota. Iron Range DFL activist Aaron Browne, to my mind the most thoughtful and insightful observer of that part of the state, was quoted as saying “Really as far as the future goes, we need ideas to solve the problem, whether they come from Trump or someone else, or Democrats or Republicans, people want solutions.”

This is true but a clear understanding of what the problems are is essential to fashioning effective solutions. The problems are the result of Democrat policies but I’m uncertain timid Minnesota republicans will act on that fact. It doesn’t have to be this way, that entrenched mindset of weakness should be capable of being changed. As a friend of mine said “you can only eat so much oatmeal.”Kaul & Nehil’s excellent story can be read by clicking here.

* * * *
Jason Lewis won election to Congress in his first attempt from Minnesota’s CD 2. Stewart Mills lost his second attempt to go to Congress from Minnesota’s CD 8. The expectation from MNGOPe was precisely the opposite.
After the Trump landslide, no other win gave me as much pleasure as did Jason’s. His republican detractors were embarrassingly small minded, thinking themselves politically sophisticated by bleating “one word destroys a campaign,” alluding to Lewis’ previous career as a radio talk host. Lewis ran an underfunded but message strong campaign in the age of Trump and won. It’s a lesson his critics aren’t bright enough to learn from.
By contrast, the race was Stewart Mills’ to lose and he alone lost it. There was no excuse for such a narrow loss given Trump’s historically strong showing in his district. He can now grow his hair long again and go back to playing bong cribbage.
* * * *
I watched online the republican panel from last Friday’s TPT’s Almanac. Is there a dumber Minnesota republican than Andy Brehm? The competition is stiff but still. He makes Jeb! look like Trump. His father is wealthy but he’s no Trump offspring: competent, capable, hard working and smart. This man has no idea what just happened in a transformed America.
I positively wanted to lick my computer monitor when Sheri Auclair spoke. With grace but a deadly acidity, she put Brehm in  his place. It’s a new day and he has no place in it. Former state senator Julianne Ortman ran a close second to Auclair, emphasizing the permanent damage electing the corrupt Hillary would have inflicted on this great nation. Slow off the mark but coming rapidly up to speed was Marty Seifert. Kudos to the three of them. Andy is a relic of the status quo decisively rejected by the voters.
Unfortunately the MNGOPe is Andy.
* * * *

Kingdom of Saud lobbyist Norm Coleman, and Putin lobbyist (Gazprom) Vin Weber, essentially control and shape Minnesota republican politics. Trump destroyed their types this cycle, delivering a comprehensive rebuke the likes of which they not only didn’t see coming but never thought possible. Both Coleman & Weber were mindlessly Never Trump and their fetid world of influence and immorality is threatened to the point of extinction by a Trump presidency. They’d have made out like the bandits they are had Lady Macbeth become president. When Trump says he wants to drain the swamp, these are precisely the people he has in mind.

The problem with the MNGOPe is that the loathsome Coleman & Weber lobbyist types, and their state analogs, are the role models for the younger set.

Can we recruit actual talent or are we stuck with the self-selected? Because that’s not working out too well and holds no promise of seizing upon the new, transformed, realigned political realities of a Trump America. Most of the good republican talent under 40 have fled the state to be quickly hired elsewhere where their skills are recognized and rewarded, leaving us with simpletons who obsess on craft beer, burgers and inconsequential issues like Sunday sales or to run for no account city councils.

There’s never been a wave election Minnesota republicans have failed to ride completely. Trump’s election offers a never-to-come again chance of reversing our slide into a cry bully Democrat one party state.

That chance will have to be seized upon by the Trump voters of Minnesota–democrat, republican, independent–who didn’t want our country turned into the Third World or our state to become a cold California.

Like Trump before them, they’ll have to fight both parties in order to succeed.

Photo credit: President elect Donald J. Trump, Facebook

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Liberal Media at a Loss How Could they Be SO Wrong

On the Morning of November 9th, 2016 the Over The Air Broadcast News was gobsmacked at how Donald Trump, the President-Elect was able to pull off a YUGE electoral college victory.

The Rev Franklin Graham Factor

The deciding factor we believe was that Christians who used to sit on the sidelines got up out their pews, prayed, looked at the party platforms and voted what the Holy Spirit suggested to them how to vote.

Thank you Rev Franklin Graham of Decision America Tour 2016, and Ben Carson of My Faith Votes at spurring Christians to take back this country.

We know this to be a fact. It wasn’t your typical political zealot that pushed Trump over the top.

We know this because of a journey we’ve been on since July 2015.

The 1st week of July 2015 the server that our website is on was attacked after we posted an article that said Same-Sex Marriage was Unconstitutional. We based that article on the 1890 Davis v Beason US Supreme Court Opinion that licentious behavior of polygamy was unconstitutional. We lost almost everything on the site.  We didn’t panic because God does things for a reason. That reason was clear that we…I, Publius Jr, needed to set up a Christian website to encourage Christians to Vote, to make people who are already Christians and step up and put their Faith First.

I had been thinking of doing this for a long time, but to make sure it was not just about combining two taboo conversational topics of Religion and Politics I prayed about what else it should do.  I added two other things: Filtering Current Events through the Bible for Solutions, and Documenting Faith in Action (Ministries, and Micro-Ministries).  A month after I started up, our St Paul Republicans site was rebooted.  Fortunately the experience of setting up a was still fresh in my mind that I was able to resurrect the (I wasn’t able to do it without Christ).

The oddest thing is that the Christicans site and it’s Twitter presence (@Christ1cans) saw a number of Anti-Trump people flock to it. The knee-jerk reaction of one is to join them, but when a twitter follower started to lump this Twitter handle in with a lot of other tweets to others, I had to “unfollow” them. @Christ1cans was liked in MT (modified Tweet) in those lumped in tweets. I had to put some distance from them and remember the reason of the site.

Oddly I, Publius Jr, had a number of followers on our dynamic Twitter account @StpCityGOP who were Christians or Christian groups. So we went back to being open about our Christian faith on Twitter, and on Facebook (St Paul Conservatives).  There were more Christians following the Stpcitygop one than the Christicans one. This shows us that Christians didn’t stay home in their prayer closet, instead they went in large numbers to go vote.

Holding Donald to a Higher Standard

As a Christian Conservative Republican I usually stand on principle when no one else will.

We learned early on that Trump is not loyal to a party and is self-centered, he is not a Moral Conservative, and is embarrassingly Biblically illiterate. He won because he is NOT Hillary.  His policies are self-centered and he is very much like Gov Jesse Ventura–thankfully Ventura was a one-term governor. We know this statement isn’t popular but when you stand on principle sometimes you stand alone.

So we will hold President-Elect Donald Trump to a higher standard than others do. Steel sharpens steel so we will be strong expecting Donald to sharpen up.  We expect that he repeals the Johnson Amendment, Fix the VA, end Obamacare with market based solutions, and polishes the dust and decay off of our Great Nation. We were already great not because of economic prowess, nor due to military might.  We are great because our founding principles are based in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (not based in secular humanism).

Invitation to President Trump & Vice President Pence

We invite Donald and Mike to St Paul for the Winter Carnival in 2017, to Flat Earth Brewery, for pizza at Red Savoy’s (7th & Lafayette–closest to NY style pizza), to the St Paul Airport near the downtown, to the scenic spots along the Mississippi River, and to the beautiful parks and lakes of St Paul MN. We hope he can help us defeat the Institutional Party (DFL) of St Paul, and lift the City Council ban on Trump.

…and we will invite him to a Bible Study at Faith Baptist Church on the East Side of St Paul.

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Monique Giordana MN 65A: A Prescription for Change

Monique Giordana, Pharmacist specializing in Hematology/ Oncology. Works at Regions Hospital

Monique Giordana, Pharmacist specializing in Hematology/ Oncology. Works at Regions Hospital


There is a Cancerous Tumor growing in our state and national Governments. This Tumor feeds on the status quo, political apathy and negligence, and on one party rule.  This Tumor is also called by several names DFL, Socialism, Progressivism, or Big Government.

Fortunately for House District 65A we have a cure: Monique Giordana. She is a pharmacist at Regions Hospital cancer center clinical pharmacist (hematology and oncology).

Hematology is the study of blood diseases and Oncology is the study of cancerous tumors.

If anyone has an informed opinion on the Devastating effects of the Affordable Care Act or MNSure (YahSure as we call it) it would be someone who works in medicine like Monique Giordana.  She talked about it at the MN Legislative District 65 Debate

Civil Discourse needs to be Civil and Lawful

This last summer Philando Castile was shot during a traffic stop, when he went for something unseen by the police officers in Falcon Heights a suburb of St Paul MN. The local “chapter” of Black Lives Matter rushed to judgment and proceeded to have a protest outside of the Governor’s mansion which is their right to do as long as they apply for a permit to do so. Permits let the local police know where potential unrest and destructive mischief might take place.

The lack of knowledge about what is legal and illegal for demonstrations that are protected by the 1st amendment is severely lacking by Black Lives Matter–a George Soros funded group.

When BLM moved their demonstration away from the Governor’s Mansion the protestors should have been arrested. Instead with Governor Dayton’s placation of their previous protests on the interstate in Minneapolis it was an encouragement of a wrongful protest. It wasn’t a big leap that the ensuing blockage of I-94 for several hours near the Concordia College exit was also allowed by our Governor.

The blockage of an Interstate Highway is a federal offense. Governor Dayton insured that BLM and their local leader Rashad Turner would go unpunished. The Governor should be punished for encouraging civil unrest and destruction of private and public property, and injuries to our law enforcement.

Mr Turner at the time was running for the DFL primary in 65A. So this is a DFL Tactic to circumvent the due process of law in the case of the shooting of a suspect by police in a traffic stop. The DFL should be held liable.

Forced Unionization/ Union Dues Funding Rena Moran

During the Debate starting at (52:47 minutes), Monique mentioned that she was forced to be in a union that is funding her opponent’s campaign [Rena Moran].  It is quite unfair of unions to use member’s dues without consent of the member.

St Paul Republicans believe this should be addressed in a Right to Associate at Work Law or Amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution.  The US Constitution’s 1st Amendment has a right to associate and closed shop union environment violates this right to associate. Using the ruling of Citizens United saying that campaign money is a form of free speech then Monique’s free speech is being violated and her right to associate at work is being violated as well.  One could also use the 13th amendment of involuntary servitude, being that Monique doesn’t want to be in the union but the union is forcing her to serve them against her will.

Monique Giordana from Rondo Days 2016

Monique Giordana from Rondo Days 2016

Monique’s Issues

I will bring a fresh, new voice to the Capitol, using real common sense to forge positive pathways forward. Gridlock and partisan politics are hurting Saint Paul and all the residents of 65A. The career politicians in Saint Paul need to move their party politics and self-interested agendas aside and listen to the people. We need fresh voices with new ideas that are about solutions and helping the people in our communities.

As a pharmacist, every day I help people from all different backgrounds, regardless of the person’s race, religion, gender or economic background. Every single patient that walks through the door, needs and deserves my best. I focus on identifying the problem and determining the best solution. It’s not about agendas or what I want or what would bring me the most attention. It’s about what is best for my patients. I will bring this same focus and dedication to serving the people from 65A


With many years of experience in healthcare, I have seen first-hand the struggles Minnesotans face today. All Minnesotans should have access to affordable, quality health care. Even after spending $403 million on MNsure, the health insurance exchange continues to hurt families and small businesses. Minnesotans who purchase insurance on the individual market are paying $794 (28 percent) more per year for insurance than they were before MNsure. Additionally, I worry that Minnesotans are not adequately informed upfront when they are buying insurance just how much it will end up costing them and whether they can truly afford what they are buying.  Our current system is unsustainable, with skyrocketing premiums which continue to climb and are anticipated to increase again- by as much as 67% in 2017. Minnesotans will be stuck with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and realize too late they do not have as much coverage as they thought and don’t have access to the healthcare they need.

We need to end big bonuses for executives at MNsure and save individuals and families money on health insurance over the next three years. I will work to help middle-class families and small businesses by pushing reforms that lower their health insurance costs and give them more health care options.


We deserve rigorous public schools that prepare our kids for the future. Minnesota’s education opportunity gap is inexcusable and embarrassing. Nearly 90% of white students graduate from high school, while just 62% of African-American, 66% of Hispanic and 52% of American Indian students realize the same critical goal. Test scores in reading and math reflect the same disturbing trends.

We can and must do better. I will be a strong voice for our schools, fighting for our fair share of education funding and advocating for greater local control of how we spend those dollars. Every local school needs strong leadership and every classroom needs effective, well-trained and engaged teachers helping our students become tomorrow’s leaders. Schools should be able to hire the person most qualified to teach in that classroom. Teachers should be fairly compensated and rewarded based on their effectiveness, not just on years of service.

Quality education starts at home. Every child is smart and every child is ready to learn. We need to build a community that empowers and supports parents and students alike. Early education is the best investment we can make in our future. I will work to help families and early learners who need it most get the assistance they need to jump start their kids’ education.


Since 2004, Minnesota’s median household income has declined by more than $3,000 per household. Under DFL control, taxes have been raised by $2 billion, taking more money away from the hardworking families in our community. I will work hard to reverse this misguided approach by supporting tax relief for middle class families, students, veterans, farmers and job creators. Small businesses are our friends and neighbors and they are the lifeblood of our economy. Minnesota’s unfriendly tax environment and small business friendliness earned it a D-plus grade, ranking 29th out of 35 states in a recent survey.

We need to get rid of unnecessary laws, taxes and regulations that drain the resources businesses use to create the jobs we need.  I support lower taxes and common sense government to help our small businesses and local employers thrive, hire and increase take home pay for workers. In addition, I will work to enhance education and develop our workforce – matching skills to jobs so Minnesotans are prepared for better-paying jobs.

Public Safety

Police Officers risk their lives every single day to protect our communities but the safety of our families and neighborhoods is not just a job for law enforcement. We all have important roles to play to help ensure we can live and work in a safe and healthy environment. We need to build relationships, with law enforcement and with our neighbors. When we have relationships based on trust, communication and understanding, we can work together to make our communities safer.

Early education, strong public schools, engaged and supportive families and neighbors directly impact the health and safety of our communities. I will work to secure the building blocks that empower our families to be successful including access to jobs, options for public education like charter schools, and community education programs. I also will work to ensure local law enforcement has the tools and support they need to do their jobs effectively and safely.

Most important of all, I will help lead the difficult and complicated conversations necessary to bring all of us together to find solutions. It’s not about us versus them. Public safety is about all of us.

Order a Prescription for Change

Vote Monique Giordana

This article was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, the MN Congressional District 4 Republicans, nor the SD 65 Republicans.  Some of the information was taken from the candidate’s website (starting at Monique’s Issues).

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Margaret Mary Stokely MN65B: Faith, Family, and Life Experience

Margaret Mary Stokely, not your typical Conservative Republican Candidate.

Margaret Mary Stokely, not your typical Conservative Republican Candidate.

You can learn a lot from a retiree. Planned goals don’t always go the way in which one envisions them and sometimes goals don’t make it to the finish line. Something more important gets in the way like life, love, family, and the sacrifices for ones’ family.

Margaret Mary Stokely in the MN Legislative District 65 Debate told voters how she isn’t your stereotypical Republican Candidate.

She is a Conservative, and at one point in time that trait transcended parties. At one time Conservatives were welcome in the Democratic Party. Since the early 1970’s abortion “rights” has crowded out pro-life Democrats to the point where they had to jump ship and switch parties. Ronald Reagan brought many of them in.

Margaret mentioned to us that she tried to change the party [the Democrats] from within and when it seemed hopeless she switched.  There’ve been many organizations that have suffered similar fates to include the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and now many Churches.

Not your Typical Republican Candidate

Margaret brings a unique perspective to the Republican Party. She isn’t an ivory tower Republican. She is not financially flush like the top of the ticket–Mr Trump.  She has never had a college degree, nor a particularly high paying job.  She has been on welfare and lived in public housing.  She has lived on, “…the bottom rung of the ladder…” as she puts it.

She has raised 3 children that did go on to college and earn degrees, her oldest son is an Aerospace Engineer, another son lives in West St Paul and has one of her granddaughters, and her daughter designed a curriculum at college and graduated.

Faith Matters

She jokingly says that she doesn’t need a college degree she went to Catholic School.  Margaret takes her Faith very Seriously. She is no stranger to the Bible and she can teach a lesson to someone at a moment’s notice.

Like other St Paul Republican Legislative Candidates she believes in the power and unifying force of the Holy Spirit to fix what is broken in people and not through a government program or through more intrusive government.

Union Dues should not Fund Candidates or Campaigns

During the debate the subject came up about campaign cash coming from PACs.  Margaret said that the largest group that contribute money to candidates comes from Unions.

St Paul Republicans and Margaret believe that many people in unions would like to see this end, specifically people who don’t vote for the candidates that unions endorse.  Written permission should come from a union member if they don’t want their portion of dues be used for candidates or campaigns counter to their beliefs.

Now in the Forum, Rena Moran DFL incumbent had to protect her gravy train of union endorsements and union dues-cash.  She went into a huge diatribe about how wonderful unions are for low income (perhaps she alluded to unsophisticated workers).  Then Moran talked about the Koch brothers contributions.  [We’re pretty sure the Koch brothers don’t know who is running in Legislative District 65].

Margaret’s Message to HD 65B Voters:

On her Campaign Facebook Page she tells potential voters about herself:

“Being a Senior Citizen and having been disabled for the last ten years, I’ve received quite the education on the panoply of services and government rules, regulations, and philosophy of the Care of the Aged and Disabled.

My concerns for the State of Minnesota: Education, Health Care, 2nd Amendment Rights, Right to Life, Fiscal Restraint and Responsibility, Metro Council Oversight and Funding, for starters.

My three children are all grown with families of their own. I am the Grandmother aka ‘Nana’ to Four Grand-Daughters, all under the age of seven.

Having lived in the East Coast, the Midwest and in Canada, I have a wealth of experience in the world of the Common People and have lived among people of all backgrounds, cultures and ideologies.

The Campaign for 65B is a GrassRoots, block-by-block, precinct-by-precinct effort to galvanize the voters and the communities at the same time, to establish consistent connections for the betterment of all.”

Vote for Candidate with the Most Life Experience 

Margaret Mary Stokely has been on the receiving end of a lot government programs for the poor and for health care.  She thinks things will be cheaper if things are made more simple, that means the government needs to let competition and innovation from the public sector.

Carlos Mariani and other DFLers pass programs that they never have to experience, he has never had to live under his own laws like MNSure.

Vote For Margaret Mary Stokely

 This article was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, the CD4 Republicans, nor SD 65 Republicans.


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St Paul Republican Pseudo Sample Ballot

The Republican Party of Minnesota wonders why it doesn’t do as well as it could in St Paul Minnesota.  Osmosis of the message doesn’t work very well.  At one time the state party would send out a sample ballot for the Republican Voter to look at to know exactly who to vote for from a list of candidates in the area.

We are doing something similar here.  We are posting an image of what the ballot will look like prior to voting on Tuesday November 8th. We will suggest who to vote for in those areas, unless there isn’t a Conservative in the St Paul House District.  As for Judges that’s up to you, those are generally non-partisan races and usually there are incumbents running without opposition.

There are a few common candidates we will suggest to vote for at the top of the article.  As for President, we can suggest Donald Trump or Evan McMullin both are Conservative, though the latter is running without any party endorsement, but has developed much of the Republican Party Policy.  Both are worthy candidates.  We admit that there are some who will want to sit out from voting because they don’t like Donald Trump, so we put Evan McMullin’s name here (perhaps we will find out how many #NeverTrump people there actually are, this is also the reason why we left up the McMullin interview). We advise that you don’t sit at home Tuesday and not vote, there are too many good Republican candidates that need your darkened square next to their names.  There are a few Conservation people who were not Republicans but they are not DFL either.

There is a Constitutional Amendment question on the ballot.  We will say now that it is poorly worded and who will decide who will be on the commission that determines Minnesota State Legislator pay is unclear…it might be the actual Legislature that determines that.

Our Suggestions:

MN Supreme Court Justice:  Michelle MacDonald

St Paul Public School Board Special Election:  Greg Copeland

State Constitutional Amendment Question:  Vote No

4th Congressional District Representative:  Greg Ryan

President of the United States:  Donald Trump or Evan McMullin

Legislative District 64

Our Suggestion for SD 64: Ian Baird

House District 64A:

House District 64A Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 64A: Riley Horan

House District 64B:

House District 64B Ballot 

Our Suggestion for HD 64B: Emory Dively

Legislative District 65

Our Suggestion for SD 65:  Jason Delmont

Our Suggestion for Conservation Supervisor District 4: Lena Buggs(she is a Green Party person but we advise not to vote for Carrie Wasley)

House District 65A:

House District 65A Ballot 

Our Suggestion for HD 65A:  Monique Giordana

House District 65B:

House District 65B Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 65B:  Margaret Mary Stokely

Legislative District 66

Our Suggestion for SD 66: Carolyn Jass

House District 66A:

House District 66A Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 66A:  Jon Heyer 

Our Suggestion for County Commissioner District 2: Sue Jeffers

Our Suggestion for Roseville City Council: Lisa Laliberte aka Belak

House District 66B:

House District 66B Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 66B:  William Brownell

Our Suggestion for Conservation Supervisor District 4: Lena Buggs(she is a Green Party person but we advise not to vote for Carrie Wasley)

Legislative District 67

Our Suggestion for SD 67Krysia Weidell

Suggestion for Conservation District 3: Ianni Houmas (Green Party), Mara Humphrey is endorsed by the DFLers Tim Mahoney & Dan Bostrom

House District 67A:

House District 67A Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 67A: Andrew Livingston

House District 67B:

House District 67B Ballot

Our Suggestion for HD 67B:  Lisa Thompson


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MN 67B Republican Lisa Thompson “Running” to be Part of the Solution

Lisa Thompson is an ultra-runner and endurance mountain bike racer, she spends countless hours on the trails, bike paths and roads in the area.

Lisa Thompson spends countless hours on the trails, bike paths and roads in the area. Perhaps you have seen her run by.

Lisa Thompson is an Ultra-Runner, and an Endurance Mountain Bike Racer and she finds solace when she runs or bikes around her Battle Creek neighborhood. When you run you concentrate on your breathing, how your body feels during the run, the course, the waypoints along your run course and current events.

Current events in HD 67B that Lisa is concentrating on are the Failing Local Economy, Failing Schools, Rising Healthcare Costs, and Crime.

Economic Depression

Many people who were alive at the time of the Great Depression (1929-1940) talk about how tough it was.  During those days people would do just about any sort of job to make money even sell pencils or apples using a tin cup. Ironically there is a similarity to today’s Great Recession of President Barack Obama and the Great Depression of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: there was one President for much of the time and they both came from the Democratic Party.  The closest we have come to a Depression is the Great Recession of the last 8 years where the country’s economic output is at or below 1%.  Instead of letting market forces correct the housing bubble burst in 2008, the government had to meddle in the solution.  They increasingly keep constituents out of the solution to their big messes.

“Support legislation that will increase full-time job opportunities, reduce expensive regulations on businesses and provide tax relief to hard-working Minnesotans” from Lisa on the Issues (

Statistics of failing schools in St Paul show many are on the East Side of St Paul. John A Johnson Elementary School has the worst scores for Elementary School reading in the state. It’s odd because we know someone who brags about the progress of students in their tutoring for reading.

Yet the high cost of educating students seems to go up. Perhaps it is the amount of money going into the classrooms in St Paul Public Schools is at 48% of your tax dollars. That means more than half is going somewhere else.

What’s more important than the students’ education? Fired Superintendent Valeria Silva & the DFL Controlled School Board thought that Racial Equity Training was the key to closing the achievement gap.  Really about 75% of the students in the St Paul School District qualify for reduced or free school meals.  That suggests that most live in poverty.  This speaks to economic decline on the East Side of St Paul.

To bring back jobs and perhaps manufacturing jobs to St Paul, we need to have industrial arts education in schools. Not all school kids will grow up to be Rocket Scientists, or Marine Biologists.  Many will be plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and a tech job that requires vocational training.

Lisa Thompson engaging with parade goers.

Lisa Thompson engaging with parade goers.

Transparency in Health Care Costs

Lisa Thompson says she would like to fight for more transparency in health care costs; so health care facilities will have to compete to provide better service at a better price for the many Minnesotans. These Minnesotans now pay out-of-pocket for their health care due to high deductible plans forced upon them as a result of rapidly rising premiums.

MNSure or as we call it YahSure was a health insurance solution that didn’t allow the people of Minnesota to weigh in on what works and what doesn’t.  It was a ramrod solution that Barack Obama and the DFL gave us, and now the Governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton, who signed MNSure into law, says that the Affordable Care Act is unaffordable.

The way to fix it is to include all Minnesotans to be part of the solution.

Violent Crime

House District 67B’s northern border is notorious, or infamous for rampant run-away violent crime.

The problem we are told might be that gangs and violent criminals just are not afraid of the cops on the East Side of St Paul.  There is some anecdotal evidence that St Paul Police are slow to respond to 911 calls on the East Side because calls are prioritized through Ramsey County. Shouldn’t St Paul and larger cities in MN have their own 911 center instead of placing them on some county prioritizing group?  The police needs in Shoreview are much different than the area Case and Forrest.

The thugs that beat up Ray Widstrand and left him for dead happened within sight of the East Side Police Station–1.5 blocks away in Ward 7 Precinct 1.

Crime Solution

Lisa Thompson thinks that the St Paul Police Department does a good job with the manpower, resources, and equipment that it has, but it can not do it alone.  Neighbors on the East Side of St Paul need to get involved and be part of the solution like Lisa Thompson has been doing.

Lisa has been going on ride-alongs, where a citizen rides in a squad car for a shift with a Police Officer.  She has seen first hand how strained the St Paul Police Department can be and some of their successes.  She has built bridges with the East Side Police Commanders and she thinks many of the 911 calls are due to things that are truly not criminal in nature.

Some domestic calls are due to economic issues between people.  Some calls deal with mental health problems.

Saint Paul Republicans see a possible solution in the crime problem on the East Side along with Community involvement; what House District 64A Candidate Riley Horan mentioned in the Legislative District 64 Forum.

“Faith is a unifying power that can help fix broken communities or groups that seemingly have no good will towards each other like Democrats & Republicans, and some African-Americans and police officers.” — HD64A Republican Riley Horan Stands on: Faith, Family, and Freedom, 11/3/16

This is why Lisa Thompson is “Running” against Crime in House District 67B.  She wants everyone to be part of the solution.  To know more about Lisa Thompson click  About Lisa Thompson.

It is all about Solutions…

To fix what many Minnesotans are facing today, instead of letting the career politicians fix it for you.


Vote Lisa Thompson in 67B.

This article was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee, the Republican Party of Minnesota, SD 67 Republicans, CD4 Republicans. We used excerpts from other articles and other articles written by Publius Jr.

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We Endorse Greg Copeland: Champion of All in His Neighborhood for 24 years

At all the legislative debates that were videotaped by the League of Women Voters, none of the debates for the Special Election for St Paul Public School Board were taped.  That is a lack of interest in this election by the local press and the League of Women Voters of St Paul. The local papers have done their endorsements for the DFL endorsed candidate, so why not let the coronation begin? Well because we vote people into office.  At these forums the description of the next superintendent sounds a lot like former City of Maplewood City Manager Greg Copeland who froze taxes, cut administration and hired more police officers and first responders without raising taxes.  Mr Copeland most likely would command a much lower salary than Valeria Silva, until being rewarded for his results.

This article is from Greg Copeland’s website.

We endorse Greg Copeland for St Paul Public School Board.

~~ Publius Jr.

Many people who run for office are prodded by a sitting office holder to run to make sure they hold onto a majority in that organization.  These candidates are what one might call a placeholder.  NASCAR uses placeholders to make sure that some racers can’t get closer to the front–their real goal is to hold back others so that their team members can win the race.

Greg Copeland has lived in the Cook/Payne Avenue neighborhood since 1992 and even without running for office he still is a champion and fighter for his neighbors to live in a safe and secure neighborhood.

The following is from neighborhood of Payne-Phalen, written by Greg Copeland in response to an increase in criminal activity in his neighborhood.

“I have lived at my Cook Ave/Payne Ave home since 1992 my neighbor Mark and I are the only two homeowners from that time left on this short block between Edgerton St. & Payne Ave. My alley was blocked by crime tape for many hours over the weekend behind my place and my neighbors duplex and the homeowner across the alley who is next to 615 Lawson where multiple police units were present for hours blocking access from the Salvation Army Buildings on Payne through to Edgerton St. The SPPD Crime Data Base reported an “Aggravated Assault/ Firearm”. The owner boarded up three windows Monday.

Police Reports made two weeks before about possible criminal activity at this address were not responded to; subsequent contact made to the SPPD investigating officer regarding another crime in our neighborhood did not yield a return call; contact with the landlord at 615 Lawson just days before the throng of police arrived yielded only a “Thank you.” and “Would you like to buy it ?”

It is 1992 again. It is frustrating now for new homeowners and law abiding renters. When Norm Coleman was elected Mayor in 1993 there was a New, Close Partnership on the blocks where people organized to help the Police to aggressively work to shut down drug houses and street corner drug vendors, end prostitution, clean-up graffiti, enforce excessive noise laws against ghetto blasters and a host of other quality of life crimes. We then got the Mayor to help to convert multi-family rental buildings to single family rental homes, or bring them into homeownership.

In 1996 and 1997 I worked to get the first Ramsey County/Federal Community Development Block Grant funds invested in the City of Saint Paul spent to close a 24 unit alcohol rehab facility on Cook, and a new Habitat Home was built in its place; finally winning a battle the neighbors had fought unsuccessfully for the previous 20 years.

My point is WE, homeowners and renters, can beat the criminals, and the landlords that house them; but WE need more than hollow words and press releases from the Mayor’s Office to take back our neighborhoods again. City Hall has been chasing ribbon cuttings, rather than fighting criminals in our economically challenged neighborhoods where the crime tape appears with great regularity. Beating the criminals should become job one; but the current Mayor and his cronies, have other priorities, like getting Chris elected Governor. Citizens here know this current crop of City Hall politicians, who all come from a single political party, have to be true to their altar of political correctness that allows crime to spread unchecked and intimidates good citizens from calling 911 because they are scared the politicians won’t back the cops on the beat to do their jobs, or protect the citizens calling 911 for help to enforce the law.

In 2016 Saint Paul City Hall is delivering more crime, higher property taxes, while hiking city fees for roads as well as raising basic water rates 20% to residents on the East Side, Thomas-Dale, Summit-University, the North End and West Seventh neighborhoods where incomes are lower, and seniors and families are trying to just keep the bills paid.

Of course, City Hall will tell you crime is down; really!
If you want lower tax increases and less crime you should move to Summit Avenue; it is the price of admission that is the problem for working families and retirees modest means. The $356K median value home in Summit Hill is up 5.1% in market value will pay $105 in higher taxes or 1.9% more. Dayton’s Bluff homeowners with $109K median value homes will pay $144 more in taxes, a 12% tax hike!

In Saint Paul it’s true, the Poor get poorer while the Rich pay less; so much for all that liberal talk of “equity” and “lifting all boats” in a rising tide of government spending that does not deliver either safe streets or academically excellent public schools for our Saint Paul kids.

WE are not the problem! WE do pay the property taxes, and the water bills. WAKE UP SAINT PAUL! Property owners, and renters (Apartment Values up 21.4% city wide…higher rents will follow) you are being sold a fairy tale, that higher costs, higher taxes and less public services produce: America’s Most Livable City.”

A reply to Greg Copeland on the street after one of his neighbors read the post.  We are withholding the name of the person.

Greg Fighting for his Neighborhood for 20 years;  Battling Criminals Successfully, Despite Complacent  Politicians at City Hall. 

Greg is the Champion for Seniors and Families who deserve Peace of Mind, as well as  Protection and Security for their Families, and the Investment in their Homes.

Safe Neighborhoods and Secure Schools Require Safe Streets!

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