Rep Nick Zerwas’ Letter Read at Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

Representative Nick Zerwas (R-30A Elk River) could not be at the Press Conference.  Here is the letter read at the Press Conference.  He says that violence isn’t the answer when it comes to expressing one’s free speech.  Woody Kaine and the other #Fascist6 ANTIFA thugs disrupted a peaceful assembly of Pro-Trump supporters exercising their 1st Amendment rights at the MN State Capitol Rotunda.  See the other letters posted below this one.  Rep Nick Zerwas is a member of the Public Safety & Security Committee and he is the author of the Interstate Blocking Bill, he sent his best wishes to those that attended the press conference.

Hello everyone and thank you for attending today.  My apologies to you that I’m attending a wedding out of state this weekend, and I am unable to attend today’s rally.  I want to thank all of you for showing up to the Capitol and demanding accountability.

For over a year I have been trying to demand accountability too.  I have worked on legislation to hold people that violate the law by blockading our airports and closing down our freeways accountable.  I am convinced the vast majority of Minnesotans believe these actions should be prosecuted and the perpetrators should go to jail.

We cannot allow lawlessness to take over.  We cannot allow blockades or violence to be tolerated under the guise of free speech.  It is time for us to stand firm and demand justice.

Rep Nick Zerwas (R-30A Elk River)

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