USO: Help Them Help our Troops

The photo from the 2017 USO Calendar for March.


I, Publius Jr, met the MN CD-2 Chair at a recent event at the Minnesota Capitol building.  He was a 20 year US Military member before he retired in 2006.  He had a service dog with him at this event.  I also served some time ago in the US Army towards the end of the Cold War.  I remember the uptick in excitement when the USO came to the base with a rock group, or a special event.  It is lonely being so far away from home.

The United Service Organization (USO) is not funded by the United States Government.  It is supported by donations from grateful citizens and like me, former military members who know the value of a phone card to call home, or an event that brightens an otherwise dull, drab, or frightening day.

Military life is not a 9 to 5 job, though at garrison (on base) it can feel that way, you are on-call 24/7/365.  The distractions are many.  Morale of a unit is a delicate subject.  Military leaders take great steps to ensure a positive morale amongst the troops despite added social changes the military did not ask that politicians have added to an otherwise stressful environment.

Please give to the USO to brighten the day of so many that make our country and our allies safe from harm.  I give what I can. You might get a Flag, a shirt, a hat, or a calendar like I requested above.  Below is how you can take action to support the USO in its mission

How to Support the USO

USO Centers   Programs for Service Members & Their Families  Entertainment  USO Gift Catalog WishBook


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