Endorses Dave Sina as the CD4 Republican Chair

It’s time to make a clean break from the past and elect a leader of integrity. That leader is Dave Sina.

Ones Conscience Matters when it comes to Voting.  A person’s Values Matter when leading others.  Knowing who a person associates with and what those other people do and think Matters to an organization.

The Current CD4 Republican Organization suffers from having too few people in charge of too many positions.  The Old Boy Network that was created when the former chair Bev Aplikowski (2009-11), and current Chair Jim Carson (2011-12, 13-17).  They have made it so that their closed Facebook Group is the only way one can follow their actions.  To get a seat at the table you have to look away and hold your nose of their transgressions of failing to file quarterly reports to the FEC from 2009 to 2012.

John Kysylycyzn or “John K” was elected in 2012 and he found out the mess that was left by neglect and gross mismanagement by Jim Carson and Bev Aplikowski (Andy’s mom).  He filed an FEC complaint about the lack of reporting the federal account funds.  He was rewarded with being removed from office by the Carson Cabal which included Mitch Berg (SD 65), John Krenik (SD 64), Steve Olson (SD 67), and Michelle Manke in late 2012 just before a presidential election.

With the revelation of the new FEC Complaint against the current CD4 Republican Chair Jim Carson, it is just business as usual.  Jim has the gall to run for the Deputy Chair or a Vice Chair position!  Conscience Matters

Michelle Manke is Out of Touch

The current Deputy Chair Michelle Manke has sent out some amazingly out-of-touch campaign letters to the CD4 Delegates & Alternates.  She talks about the messaging that she is doing for candidates and for CD4.  Have you seen or been turned off by the current website?  The most recent article aside from convention calls is dated from 2015.  The calendar was taken down recently because it showed only 3 bpous having meetings.

She said in her April 17, 2017 letter this:

“…CD4 cannot become a “super-BPOU”. CD4’s role should be to assist, not to take over.”  –Michelle Manke April 17, 2017

In April 2014, CD4 did exactly that to the St Paul Republican City Committee (SPRCC).  It had been a city-wide caucus elected grassroots organization.  When Jim Carson became Chair in 2011 and later in 2013 he made sure that the SPRCC never was able to access the State Party Database to do fundraising, do proper voter identification or do GOTV for municipal and school board elections.  In 2014 Pat Anderson, Jim Carson, John Krenik, Steve Olson, Mitch Berg, and Tor Sorenson (the CD4 Secretary) ended the grassroots nature of the SPRCC and they TOOK OVER.  Tor and Jim said candidates for the SPRCC Chair and Deputy Chair would be allowed to get access to lists.  This was an outright lie!  No one except Steve Olson, John Krenik and Mitch Berg were allowed access and guess what John Krenik and Mitch Berg were elected Chair & Deputy Chair.  Meanwhile the State Party Officers Keith Downey, Chris Fields and Kelly Fenton did nothing to stop it.

We’ve had enough of the mismanagement, the inside Establishment-Elitism that Michelle Manke did nothing to stop, instead she joined them.  To make matters worse she and her close friend Jim Carson are #NeverTrump people.

We Endorse Dave Sina for CD4 Republican Chair

The is endorsing Dave Sina to be the new CD4 Republican Chair because he is a man of conscience–Humble before God.  He is a long time Living Word Christian Center (LWCC) member.  We were told by a pastor at LWCC if Dave Sina is running for some office, that we should support him…and we are.

Here are some of his other qualities that we value too:

  • Strengthen our BPOUs (Advise and assist the BPOU Officers; get more young Republicans involved).
  • Lead the effort to elect Republican candidates, which includes congressional, state house and senate candidates and state constitutional office candidates (e.g. Governor for 2018)
  • Lead our messaging and communication efforts to educate voters on why they need to vote republican – promote our core values (We need a better CD4 Website)
  • Increase our fund-raising efforts
  • Do “The Work” to include all citizens of the CD4 Area especially in St Paul MN

Vote out the Snakes of the CD4 Republican Swamp

Vote for Dave Sina for the Fourth Congressional District Chair

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