Tammy & Terry’s Letter Read at Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

We believe the Civil Rights of the people of the #March4Trump Rally who assembled peaceably have been violated.  The horror of being attacked by the #Fascist6 ANTIFA thugs which included Senator Tim Kaine’s son Woody Kaine can’t be imagined by people who weren’t there.  We are sickened that Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, St Paul Attorney Samuel J Clark, the Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson have not charged the 6 ANTIFA Thugs.  There is plenty of evidence that these thugs committed an assault in the MN Capitol Rotunda when State Legislators were present.  If these attackers go unpunished it will encourage more attacks in the future.

Below is a letter that was read at the Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference on March 25, 2o17 at the Minnesota Capitol Building Rotunda area 3 weeks after the attack on the #March4Trump Rally.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Statement from Tammy Varholdt and Terry Petrick 3/15/17

Tammy Varholdt was a volunteer organizer and prayer speaker at the M4T rally.  Unfortunately, Tammy has been battling walking pneumonia so is unable to attend the rally.  Terry also had previously scheduled unbreakable commitments and is unable to be present.  Tammy was at the M4T rally to pray UNITY over our leaders, citizens, state and nation.  She did the closing prayer of UNITY at the rally.  Her boyfriend Terry, a Vietnam Vet, had previous security experience along with Conrad Jackson an Iraq & Kosovo Veteran offered to help with security at the rally.

Shortly after the event started it was apparent a group of violent Anti-Trump agitators (criminals) came to infiltrate and disrupt our peaceful rally to exercise our first amendment right on topics of importance.  This group clearly had a premeditated plan including violence as they chose to hide their faces with bandanas, scarves, masks, and even goggles!  They came equipped with industrial grade mace & pepper spray.  These criminals started their disruption carefully trying to flood the rotunda with noise so the important speakers could not be heard.  They then grouped together and attempted to move down to the first level where violence broke out on the stairs.  Terry was caught in the middle of it because these violent criminals had a rally goer who looked like a hired security guard already on the floor and hitting him.

Thankfully Terry was able to pull this victim away from the violent criminals and also one of the agitators so the police could restrain him.  During this time Terry was a victim of being tazed multiple times along with being maced by these violent criminals.  The can of mace used was so close to Terry’s eye and its pressure so strong it took days for his eye to heal; we are lucky his eye did not have permanent damage.  Conrad injured his knee trying to contain the violent agitators; as of today he still has difficulty walking stairs.

Terry also tried to notify the few policemen who were on-site to come over to this group of criminals before the violence broke out; even the police told Terry they were clearly outnumbered and proceeded to instructed Terry to continue trying to deal with directly.

After the rally ended we were thrilled to learn 6 arrests had been made and felony charges were pending for 5 of the 6 of these criminals.  Were in absolute shock and disgusted to learn they were all released without being charged.  This violence was clearly premeditated; at a minimum felony assault charges are in order, not to mention the illegality of setting off a military grade smoke bomb in a government building.  Also of the 6 arrested there is still an individual responsible for tazing, who hasn’t been arrested even though many videos have been provided to investigators that clearly shows who it is.

If this violent unlawful behavior is allowed to continue without repercussion and the media continues to glorify it through coverage, because it gets “good ratings,” we are headed down a very dangerous slope of lawlessness.  Terry and I stand in agreement to demand these criminals are charge and prosecuted.  We demand justice and that our rights to exercise the 1st amendment peacefully are protected even if they do not align with the views of others.  May God guide us all to stop this madness, it is time to unite and restore accountability and enforce the laws.  God bless our leaders, military, police, first responders and all who desire a peaceful nation.



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