MNGOP Chair needs to Lead on Republican Core Beliefs, Like Pro-Life

So often we hear the Republican Party of Minnesota State Party Officers bemoan about the Party’s financial dire straits, and yet we hear nothing about the Core Issues that makes us Republicans.  The financial situation which has been a 6 year soap-opera could easily be solved in two ways:  File for Bankruptcy (so they can break their crazy rent payments 12 miles from the Capitol, and start fresh by buying a building in nearby North End of St Paul), or tell the lawyers who charged the party that they should have volunteered their services like the thousands of volunteers that do the grunt work each campaign season.

Where are the 3 Stooges (Rice, Fields, & Hann) on Core Republican Beliefs?

We know what Jennifer Carnahan feels about Pro-Life Issues.  This is from her note to State Central Delegates from one of several messages she sent them.

Dear State Central Delegates & Alternates,

As we approach the date of the Republican Party Chair election, the intensity of the campaign has naturally increased, including a focus on what distinguishes one candidate from another.  As a political outsider, I am still getting used to the “whisper campaigns,” particularly when they distort or outright lie about my positions on issues important to party activists.

For the past four months, I have spoken to many of you about my pro-life beliefs, but I wanted to very clearly communicate with you — in writing — where I stand on this important issue.

I was born in a time (1976) when Asian countries routinely killed baby girls that were born, particularly in rural areas where boys were highly desired because of their ability to farm and perform heavy labor.

After birth, I was abandoned on the back step of a make-shift hospital in the rural South Korean countryside. When I was 15-years-old, I found the letter detailing my birth and plight, the South Korean equivalent of a birth certificate in the United States.  The letter in part read: “this baby was abandoned and found on a door step with no clothing next to a garbage bin.”   After reading this letter, I sat in my bedroom and cried. The fact that my life was saved by hospital workers whom I’ve never met, and that two loving American parents found it within themselves to adopt three children from South Korea, has formed the strong pro-life convictions I have to this day.

Let me be crystal clear on this issue. I fully support the pro-life movement, and will strongly defend both the pro-life statement of principles and defense of the right to life found in Section 2 of our Party Platform from any weakening or modification. Period.   

I am proud to be a candidate for chair of the political party that stands up for life. May it be ever so.

Jennifer Carnahan


We often hear that candidates or state party leaders are Christians and how often they go to church.  Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to a movie theater to watch a movie will make you into an actor or actress.

So we are pleased that Jennifer Carnahan believes strongly in this issue as she has had a life experience the other candidates have not.  The other candidates care more about finances than Moral Issues.  Where was Keith Downey & Chris Fields when the Same-Sex Marriage was made law?  Where were Keith Downey, Chris Fields, David Hann & Rick Rice when the St Paul Public Schools Board of Education started up a Transgender Policy or the Racial Equity program?  Silence.  The 4 Stooges would rather complain about it than DO SOMETHING about it.

Did multiple term Senator David Hann put up a fuss when Same-Sex Marriage was made into a law?  Yes, but he did not make it into a Constitutional Fight as the measure violates the MN State Constitution’s Preamble.

“We, the people of the state of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and secure the same to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution”–MN State Constitution Preamble.

Does God embrace same-sex marriage.  No.  He created marriage on the 6th day of Creation between Adam & Eve…no man can tear this apart.  So why do legislators & former legislators, and state party leaders forget this?  That’s a good question to ask on Saturday April 29th of the State Party Officer Candidates.

We need someone to go on TPT’s Almanac and make clear messages of where the State Party is on these important issues.

We need Jennifer Carnahan to lead on Republican Core Beliefs.

Vote Jennifer Carnahan as your Next Republican Party of Minnesota Chair

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