Experimental Traffic Jam on Maryland Ave Courtesy of DFL Ramsey County Commissioners

The DFL Controlled Ramsey County Commission will be social engineering the lives of anyone who lives or commutes to a business on the East Side of St Paul starting on May 18, 2017.  After the “Test” they will be resurfacing the street between Greenbriar and Johnson Parkway.

Here is their Plan to mess up the lives of Right-Siders of St Paul Maryland Avenue 4 to 3 Lane Conversion Plan.

Basically the high traffic running in 2 lanes East & West will be squeezed into 1 lane East & West, with a shared center lane for turning.  Oh and you won’t be able to turn just anywhere either.  At Duluth St there will be a median in the middle of the intersection to allow for pedestrian traffic.  So if you live on Duluth St and want to drive North or South across Maryland Avenue you won’t be able to.  You’ll have to turn right and go to the next intersection to turn left.

Test project: 4-to-3 lane conversion

Ramsey County will temporarily change the stripes on Maryland Avenue beginning in mid-May to test impacts of converting from a 4-to-3 lane road. Impacts evaluated will include traffic speed and volume, bus delays and pedestrian crossings. Maryland Avenue will remain open to traffic during the test project. –from the Ramsey County website for this project.

The Ramsey County Commissioners really don’t respect the people of the East Side of St Paul.  Please remember this when Election time rolls around.  In the meantime feel free to light up the Project Manager’s email, phone number, and comment form (but please keep it civil and respectful).

Project Manager’s Contact Information

Erin Laberee




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