#ProLifeSunday Happy Aunts & Uncles Day July 9, 2017

Since 2004, I, Publius Jr, have celebrated Aunts & Uncles Day.  I first put it on the 2nd Sunday in July in 2005.  My late-dad passed away in July of 2003.  My aunts and uncles were so supportive of me and my family that they helped me through the bereavement process.  I wanted to thank them in a big way so I started up Aunts & Uncles Day.

Okay, I’m an uncle to 5 lovely nieces, and 2 handsome nephews, and I wanted a day to get some swag too.  You see some men and women like me are not yet parents, but being an aunt or uncle is important to ones family structure.  As an uncle I’ve taught things to my nieces and nephews that their parents forgot…like how to eat cold cereal.  One of them ate the dry cereal first then drank from a glass of milk.  I showed them that you pour milk into cereal then drink the left over milk up.

It is important to show your nephews and nieces that their parents were once in their shoes.  It’s a loving bridge between generations.

I also noticed that we only celebrate Moms, Dads, and Grandparents but not anyone else in the Family.  So we added Brothers, Sisters & Cousins day in August 2005, and recently we added Friends & Colleagues Day in October.

If we Americans want to have a rich fulfilling life we need to reclaim the extended family.  I admire immigrants who honor the extended family and 1st or 2nd generation families that still give homage and respect to their elders.

So go call your Aunts & Uncles up today and let them know how much they mean to you.

Happy Aunts & Uncles Day!

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