Endorses Greg Copeland for St Paul Public School Board

Greg Copeland, former City Manager of Maplewood created 1st Responder Jobs without raising taxes.

To make it official we at the Endorse Greg Copeland for the St Paul Public Schools Board of Education (ISD 625).

Since this website is not affiliated with the MNGOP the endorsement does not grant Candidate Copeland special privileges to party lists or treatment. It is our way of saying our future articles about him will promote his campaign.  It is a statement that the only Republican running in St Paul this year is Greg Copeland. We do strongly urge the bpous of St Paul to officially endorse Copeland to allow him access to the party database. It is also an appeal to all Delegates and Alternates elected in 2016 precinct caucuses to endorse Greg Copeland for School Board.

It is true Greg has run before for School Board, State House & Senate but his credentials at being an effective public servant are unparalleled by any current Career DFL politician serving in municipal and state offices.

To see more about Greg Copeland’s ideas that would help poor students achieve go to his website at

Early Voting Starts September 22, 2017

Vote for Greg Copeland for St Paul Public Schools Board of Education (SPPS ISD 625)


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