Alabama Showdown Between Senate Conservatives & Trump-McConnell

The Results of the Tuesday Runoff in Alabama between Senate Conservative Candidate Judge Roy Moore and Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s Candidate Luther Strange will have shockwaves through 2018.

It hasn’t been covered much by the Mainstream Leftwing Media because it doesn’t involve their people.  They will come out in droves to zing President Donald Trump if Judge Roy Moore wins, as he is the current favorite.

For some unknown reason President Donald Trump has backed US Senator Mitch McConnell pick for special election in the US Senate.  Going into Tuesday’s Runoff Trump’s candidate is down by 9%.

We’re told by some that President Trump’s backing of the Appointed Senator Luther Strange was arranged long ago.  The problem is that he isn’t the conservative pick as he isn’t back by the Senate Conservatives.

If you’re confused we’ll take a look at both and determine what’s going on, and why we are rooting for Judge Roy Moore.

Luther Strange, the appointed Senator to replace Sen Jeff Sessions. Known as “Big Luther” for his 6’9″ frame.

Luther Strange

Senator Luther Strange was the Attorney General for the state of Alabama from 2011 to 2017 when he was appointed by Governor Robert Bentley to replace US Senator Jeff Sessions who was appointed by President Donald Trump to be the US Attorney General (Head of the Department of Justice).

Strange comes into questions of conflict of interest when he stopped the investigation into Governor Bentley in November 2016.  There are allegations that Governor Bentley appointed Strange to take former Senator Jeff Sessions seat in the US Senate just to get rid of him as Governor Bentley was under investigation at the time of the appointment in February of this year.

The Washington Examiner on Friday September 22, 2017 says “By accepting the Senate seat, Strange allowed the governor to appoint a new state attorney general to investigate him. Notes written by Bentley and released this week show he found the “trickle-down effect” appealing.” The new Attorney General recused themselves from the investigation and appointed a special prosecutor.

Other than the appearances of these untoward allegations and possible unethical actions, Senator Strange has taken Conservative stances to include the anti-Transgender Bathroom legislation that North Carolina had taken.

President Trump says that Luther Strange is a Washington Outsider like him.  Yet when you do a quick look at “Big Luther’s” ties to Washington DC you’ll see that he is a Lobbyist and has been for 8 years for a gas utility company from Alabama.

Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore is running for the US Senate.

Judge Roy Moore

The Senate Conservatives Fund has picked Judge Roy Moore to be their candidate in Alabama.  When you think SCF think Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz; it is a fund set up to put real Conservatives into office.  They don’t endorse candidates in every race only the ones they know they can make a difference.  The SCF is headed by Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General of Virginia and the 2013 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in Virginia.

Judge Roy Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001 but was removed from that position in 2003 after he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the Alabama Judicial Building by a Federal Court.  You would think President Trump who is against Federal Overreach by a Federal Courts would support Judge Roy Moore.

In 2006 Roy Moore decide to run for the Governorship of Alabama.  He lost in a primary fight.  In 2013 he was re-elected to be the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  He was suspended in May 2016 for directing probate judges to enforce Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages despite a Federal overturn of that State Law.  Justice Moore resigned in April 2017, which is when he decided to run for the Alabama Special Election for US Senate. Moore believed that federal judges who ruled against his actions as Chief Justice of Alabama violated his suppression of belief in the sovereignty of God

Judge Roy Moore is a strong supporter of Judicial Rights, States Rights, and a Strong Christian.

A number of Nationally known Conservatives are lining up to support Judge Moore: Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, Rep Mo Brooks (Alabama-CD5), Chair of the US House Freedom Caucus Rep Mark Meadows (NC), Rep Louie Gohmert (TX), Sean Hannity, Alabama Patriots (TEA Party), Laura Ingraham, Governor Mike Huckabee, and former Presidential Candidate & Current HUD Secretary Ben Carson, others.

Just for the record supports the openly Christian Judge Roy Moore.

Mystery of President Trump’s Support of Mitch McConnell’s Picks

All the bravado of Trump’s “Drain the Swamp,” mantra makes his support for Luther Strange a mystery, as he is a buddy of the chief swamp creature of the US Senate, Mitch “Mr Roadblock” McConnell.  Obamacare (ACA) Repeal & Replace has been delayed time and time again by Mr Roadblock.

We would like to see a simple Repeal of ACA and let the free market decide the road forward without roadblocks set up by special interests and lobbyists in Congress.

Mr Trump doesn’t do his homework on who he supports.  We’re often told to read Trump’s book, “Art of the Deal,” well we’re seeing how artful Trump is here.  Trump is ignoring obvious flaws in Luther Strange’s appointment to the Senate and his insider lobbyist background.

At the end of the day the Alabama GOP will still have to get the winner of the primary elected on December 12th, 2017.


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