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#ProLifeSunday Happy Friends & Colleagues Day Oct 15, 2017

  Why Celebrate a day for Friends & Colleagues? On an average day you spend a third of your day with your colleagues at work; and friends give you advice and give you some breathing space in forms of athletic … Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell: Global Warming is a Manufactured Truth by Intellectuals

Some time ago I, Publius Jr, did a speech at the Toastmasters Club I belong to.  The title of the speech was, “Global Warming: A Manufactured Truth.”  In the first few minutes of the speech to establish myself as someone … Continue reading

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President Trump on Governor Huckabee’s 1st TBN Show

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has a new show on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) in Nashville Tennessee.  To kick off his first show on October 7, 2017, he invited the best guest he could find:  President Donald J Trump.  … Continue reading

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