President Trump on Governor Huckabee’s 1st TBN Show

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has a new show on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) in Nashville Tennessee.  To kick off his first show on October 7, 2017, he invited the best guest he could find:  President Donald J Trump.  The President sat down in the White House with Governor Huckabee after Donald Trump had returned from comforting the survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting, and also from his trip to Puerto Rico.

Here is the full 28 minute video of the interview.  Only 12 minutes of it are shown during Huckabee’s first show, as he has other guests to shoehorn into the 57 minutes.

The Trinity Broadcast Network is known for Christian programming.  It has all sorts of channels that broadcast around the globe in English, Spanish, Farsi (Iranian official language), Arabic, and other language stations.

Unlike PBS which has US Taxpayer funds, TBN is supported completely by viewers.

If you would like to watch Huckabee’s first show on TBN click this link Huckabee On TBN, it has other guests to include the Father of the 401(k) & Health Savings Accounts John Goodman; Chuck Negron, and Joel Osteen.  At the close of the show Gov Huckabee jams out with Chuck Negron on his bass guitar.

If you are ever in the Nashville Tennessee area and you would like to watch the Huckabee on TBN show live, tickets are free but you need to reserve them by calling 1-833-Huckabee (1-833-482-5223) or go to

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