#ProLifeSunday Happy Friends & Colleagues Day Oct 15, 2017

Call up your friends and thank them for being there when no one else was there for you.


Why Celebrate a day for Friends & Colleagues?

On an average day you spend a third of your day with your colleagues at work; and friends give you advice and give you some breathing space in forms of athletic outings or fun activities.  Let’s face it not everyone is married and friends are the life line for many single people.  Paul had Barnabas, and Jesus had 12 main disciples who were friends and also his colleagues.

Life would be so bland without your friends.  So why not say thank you to them for enriching your life?

Remember Peanuts’ creator Charles Schultz was from St Paul MN


Nationally there are only 3 recognized holidays that bolster the love and admiration of the family:  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day.  We are the party of Judeo-Christian Family Values.  We want to bring attention to the parts of the family that are often forgotten.  In July we celebrated Aunts & Uncles, in August we celebrated Brothers Sisters & Cousins, and now we are celebrating our Friends and Colleagues–that other family we spend a third of our day with.

Why on the 3rd Sunday of October?  Well because we can, but to have at least a full month since Grandparents Day to get ready, also because the 2nd Sunday is closest to Columbus Day.

Colleagues are at work who share the load of a project.  They know you almost as well as your family knows you.  They challenge you to do your very best in the work you do.  They chip in your contribution for pizza on occasion when they see you are coming up short.  Work would be more stressful without good colleagues.

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