St Paul Public Schools Board Candidate Greg Copeland Endorses Pat Harris for Mayor

A note to the reader: website endorsed Greg Copeland for St Paul Public Schools Board of Education.  He posted this article on his site yesterday evening.  Since we endorsed him we are posting it here as a courtesy.  It is not an endorsement of Pat Harris for Mayor from this site.  We will post articles about what I, Publius Jr, the admin of this site thinks about the St Paul Mayor Candidates.

Republican Voters of St Paul you are free to make up your mind when you vote today for Mayor.  We ask that you only vote for Greg Copeland and no other School Board Candidate as there are no other qualified candidates running, and only 1 Mayor Candidate to informally say no to Ranked Choice Voting, which we believe to be unconstitutional.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Fiscally Conservative Saint Paul Republicans, Independents and Democrats Need Pat Harris As Mayor

Dear Editor:
There is one candidate for Mayor of Saint Paul who is Opposed to Mayor Chris Coleman’s outrageous 23.9% City Property Tax Hike, and he has stated his Opposition on the public record without equivocation or qualification on his campaign website.

I voted for him to be our next Mayor on the first day of early voting, and I hope you too will you cast your vote for Pat Harris!  Pat Harris knows seniors, single workers starting out in life or young families with their first home,  and small business owners can’t afford the irresponsible $27.3 Million property tax hike the city council and Mayor Coleman have proposed.

The extreme Property Tax  Increases do not stop there. The Saint Paul Public Schools want $9.2 Million more in taxes from homeowners in 2018, than the $7 Million more it collected last year; this net  $2,177,729 Million increase is an unsustainable  23.6 %  increase over last year’s actual tax hike! Oh and by the way, despite asking for these higher taxes, the School Board voted to cut Direct School Allocations in the 2018 Education General Fund to only 47 cents on the dollar going directly to the classroom!

Ramsey County wants $12.7 Million in higher taxes for each of the next two years, and it’s Regional Rail Road Taxing Authority is seeking the legal maximum in new taxes for an increase of $1.3 Million to it’s $22.5 Million budget!

All told the City of Saint Paul, the School Board, Ramsey County and the Regional Rail Road are asking for $50,797,041 in Higher, NEW  PROPERTY TAXES!

Enough is Enough! Saint Paul Property Taxpayers need elected allies at City Hall, and that is why as a Republican, who is seeking election to the Saint Paul School Board, I am asking you to vote for Pat Harris for Mayor too!

Candidate For Saint Paul School Board

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