Can President Trump Save Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration a week long. The Puritans thanked God and their neighbors the nearby American Indians especially Squanto.


It gets earlier and earlier every year the first mention of Christmas Shopping. This year there were Christmas colors popping up in stores as soon as Halloween was over. Christmas music was in stores before Election Day.

As much as I, Publius Jr, love Christmas and the real meaning of the season, I like Christmas to observe it’s calendar boundaries. When Advent starts is a good time to start “Decking the halls…” I don’t go out shopping on “In the Black Friday” (I still think there’s some places on the globe that refer to Good Friday as Black Friday).

One very pleasant aspect of Donald Trump’s Presidency which FNNs (Fake News Networks) have downplayed is his new found Faith in Jesus Christ. The last President O-what’s-his-name spoke like a Black Preacher but was the biggest commie/ muslim in regards to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Resurrection Day (Easter) and all other Christian inspired holidays (he made sure Christian symbols were covered up from view).

One wonders if in the process of making the the USA great again President Trump can put the God back into Thanksgiving. O-Whats-his-name and other socialists-communists in this country successfully made Thanksgiving into a food holiday which is a springboard into godless Winter Solstice Holiday season with Winter Holiday trees and making St Nicholas into Father O-what’s-his-name giving treasury gifts to all illegal aliens especially DACA kids.

Ignoring Thanksgiving as what it is, ignores what this country was conceived in–faith.

There has been two Americas from the forging of this nation. One America was all about making money in Jamestown. The other America was in Plymouth Rock and it was all about worshipping the Holy Trinity without Government interference. One might say the pursuit of material wealth is more important than worshipping in ones faith. The evidence of how blessed each settlement was can be shown by the financial output of each area and the developed lands.

Jamestown the settlement which was financial gain first is a ghost town. There is a replica settlement for tourists but there is no developed land and hasn’t been in hundreds of years.

Jamestown VA became abandoned after the capitol of the colony moved to Williamsburg.

Plymouth Rock or Plantation is teeming with financial gain, the Separtists founded Boston in 1640, 20 years after they established their settlement in Plymouth. Financially the “Pilgrims” were blessed because they were Christian First. They had God’s providence of being taught how to live in the Plymouth Rock area by an American Indian, Squanto, who could speak English!  The Pilgrims had a lasting peace with the local tribes for a couple of generations. The Puritans’ America is a glaring example that God wants his people to florish not to live like paupers as some people have been led to believe.

Plymouth, Massachusetts Landsat photo.

Plymouth, Massachusetts’ population according to the last census in 2010 is about 56,000 people. See the Map.

Our United States were founded upon the Puritans’ America. While the Jamestown America has went where the getting is good it usually fails where ever it is left on it’s own. Mining Towns in the Western United States are great examples. When the lode/ore disappeared or was depleted the town dried up.

Making America all about financial gain is usually a recipe for disaster. The Republican Party was not founded upon financial gain but upon Christian values by Christians. They were about civil rights, owning property, self defense, and ending slavery. They wanted to correct what was originally flawed in the Constitution. Sure there were people who were Material Wealth First in the movement but they were quite small in comparison.

Socialism is more popular in areas where there are more spiritually poor people than not.  These people will point at the capitalist system and point out there were no safeguards to the welfare or financial health of those less fortunate.  Look at how prosperous North Korea is.  A Capitalist system with spiritually poor people will exploit people with less means. How was the west won? Through spiritually wealthy people who refrained from exploiting others for personal gain.

North Korea is a socialist-communist dictatorship. At night it looks like this.

Businessman Donald Trump could tell you that material wealth and financial gain does not make one happy. It is usually an empty hollow existence. Trump’s 3 wives, girlfriends and children can attest to how wealth doesn’t buy happiness.

President Trump initially spent some time with a big voting block that helped him Beat Hillary–Christian or Evangelical Voters. Their message seems to continue to transform Trump daily into more of a Christian First kind of leader.  Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were Christian First leaders.

If President Trump embraces the Christian Faith more than he has, he will become a great President like other Christian First Presidents.

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