Pothole Reporting in the Twin Cities Metro Area and on MN Highways

Potholes are a nuisance in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Potholes are everywhere in Minnesota where there is an asphalt surface.  They can form at any time of the year, but usually after Winter in the Springtime when a general thaw is in process.

We citizens complain about them, but if you don’t notify the proper city, county or state officials about a pothole you’re just as much the problem as the pothole is.  Just as in Ray’s Challenge our post about a St Paul citizen willing to return stray shopping carts back to the cart corral to proactively help other people, you need to think about other drivers who might be driving along and not see the pothole in time; they might get into an accident because of it. We admit from the numerous potholes out there the Public Works crews in St Paul and other parts of the state can’t know where all the potholes are at all times.  That is why your help is so vitally needed.

While we would love concrete roadways on priority streets everywhere in the State of Minnesota, concrete roads have issues too, just not always in the area of a pothole. They have cases where a slab of concrete will buckle upwards and ruin someone’s day.  That’s an article for another day.  For now Report those potholes and other road problems.

Here are some resources below to do that in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and along MN State Highways and Interstate freeways.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Potholes Reporting

  • MNDOT (Minnesota Department Of Transportation)


  • St Paul Public Works

Phone:  651-266-9700

Email:  Potholes@ci.stpaul.mn.us

The next link is very interesting as you can see others who have “voted” for a particular pothole.  It shows how many people have reported the same pothole to be fixed.  It has fixes for graffiti and also for excessive garbage to be picked up.

See Click Fix – Saint Paul (listed on the Pothole Reporting site as, “Report the Pothole Online using Saint Paul Connect.”)

  • Ramsey County


  • Minneapolis


  • Hennepin County


How Does a Pothole Form?

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