SD 64 & SD 65 Republican Conventions on March 24, 2018

Local Party Units (BPOUs) have been having their conventions across the state of Minnesota in all parties during the month of March.  At these conventions they elect State and sometimes Congressional District Delegates and Alternates, pass platform resolutions, local party constitutional amendments, and they can endorse candidates for office in their district.

Another aspect of the Local Party Unit’s Convention is Statewide Candidates for Constitutional Offices, candidates for Congressional District offices, or candidates for County Commissioner Districts, or elected legislators, may speak at these conventions.

We went to the websites of the Local Party Units of SD 64 & SD 65 Republicans some weeks ago looking for information about their conventions to post an article of where and when all of the St Paul Republican Local Party Units were having theirs.  Political websites as they are rarely updated told us there wasn’t any information except at, a site we helped set up.  SD 67 Republicans’ website is hard to find and SD 64 GOP & SD 65 didn’t have any information available until recently.  SD 65 Republicans’ site run by the radio talk show host Mitch Berg hasn’t had an update since March 1, 2016.  So we contacted the former candidate for HD 65B Republicans Margaret Stokely, she said where the convention will take place–it’s at where she lives.  Perhaps Margaret should be running that Local Party Unit instead.

On the SD 64 Republicans site, which is copied and pasted below, what disturbed us is the requirement that people pay a FEE of $15 to attend.  Shouldn’t it be a free-will donation?  Oh that’s right to have a nice location for a convention some local party units will actually spend money to rent out a place, when there are a number of libraries in St Paul that one can reserve a room for FREE.  Conventions shouldn’t be a combined fundraiser and popularity contest for delegates & alternates.  It turns off people who can barely keep ahead of their bills.  This is a tactic by the well-connected and wealthy elements of all parties to keep “certain people” out of leadership positions and it really needs to end.  Perhaps the chair of SD 64 Republicans Ted Nelson should rethink this idea of a mandatory “Fee.” Isn’t it a “Convention tax,” instead?  The MNGOP State Party Constitution prohibits charging dues but then says one needs to pay for conventions and such.  It’s odd that the party that complains about taxes being too high have hidden hurdles inside their own apparatus to raise the bar of participation to allow only the people who can afford “fees,” at every rising level of the party leadership structure.

Here are the locations and times of SD 64 & SD 65 Republican Convention.  House District 66A Republicans Convention will be on April 7, 2018 at the Fairview Community Center in Roseville MN, we will post more information next week.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Senate District 64 Republican Convention

When:   Saturday, March 24, 2018  Registration opens 9:00 AM.  Convention Begins 9:30 AM

Where:  Charles Schultz Ice Arena – 800 Snelling Ave S  –  St Paul, MN  55116   (Corner of Snelling Ave and Ford Parkway) SD 64 Republican Convention Map

Cost: There is a $15.00 (Cash or Check – NO CREDIT CARD) convention fee for each attendee – payable at registration to Senate District 64 Republican Committee

Show a State ID or current utility bill to confirm residency

[This last bit about a State ID is unnecessary in our opinion. It’s as if they don’t know who showed up at their own precinct caucuses].

Senate District 65 Republican Convention

When:   Saturday, March 24, 2018  9:00 to 11:00 am

Where:  Shaller Sholom Campus, Weinberg apt community room

SD 65 Republican Convention Map

Cost: ? It might be an at-will donation.  (The website doesn’t say anything).  Though from their 2016 Convention Call they list $20 as being the cost.

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