Grassroots involvement relies upon the easiest to use tools and being able to communicate what is needed in the field or inside during a planning session.  This is why we will provide you with maps of each Ward, Precinct, House District, Senate District, Congressional District, and other maps that may be of use in St Paul and CD 4.

Adminstrator’s note: It is unfortunate that the new updated maps do not have the street level detail the 2012 redistricted maps had, we think this is deliberate on the part of City of St Paul, Ramsey County and the Secretary of State Steve Simon to spew chaos and confusion.

Ward 1 (A new Precinct 17 was created, it is now the smallest precinct in the city. To create it a part of Precinct 15 was needed. So there are new maps in Precinct 15, the new Precinct 17, and a new overall Ward 1 map.)

W1P1     W1P2     W1P3     W1P4     W1P5     W1P6     W1P7     W1P8

W1P9    W1P10    W1P11    W1P12   W1P13  W1P14    W1P15    W1P16     W1P17

Ward 2

W2P1     W2P2     W2P3     W2P4     W2P5     W2P6     W2P7     W2P8

W2P9    W2P10    W2P11    W2P12    W2P13    W2P14   W2P15 

Ward 3

W3P1     W3P2     W3P3     W3P4     W3P5     W3P6     W3P7     W3P8

W3P9    W3P10    W3P11    W3P12    W3P13    W3P14

Ward 4

W4P1     W4P2     W4P3     W4P4     W4P5    W4P6     W4P7     W4P8

W4P9    W4P10    W4P11    W4P12    W4P13    W4P14    W4P15

Ward 5

W5P1     W5P2     W5P3     W5P4     W5P5     W5P6     W5P7     W5P8

W5P9    W5P10

Ward 6  (Due to dropping Precinct 14 and now Precinct 13, Precinct 9 now has what had been Precinct 13, and Precinct 5 has a border change, some precincts have been renumbered except W6P1, yours might be one of them, please check the MN-Secretary of State’s to make sure you are in the right precinct for caucus, or to vote in the future)

W6P1    W6P2     W6P3     W6P4     W6P5     W6P6     W6P7     W6P8

W6P9   W6P10    W6P11    W6P12

Ward 7

W7P1     W7P2     W7P3     W7P4     W7P5     W7P6     W7P7     W7P8

W7P9    W7P10    W7P11    W7P12    W7P13

In St Paul there are 3 State Senate Districts, and 6 State House Districts. We will list these below.

*One note:  There has been a new precinct created in Ward 1 (W1-P17) and 3 precincts in Ward 6 have had their borders changed (W6-P5, W6-P9 and W6-P13 has been swallowed up by P9 and other precincts have been renumbered Ward 6 precincts.  HD 65A, SD 65, HD67A and SD 67 have new maps.

MN Senate District 64

MN House District 64A     MN House District 64B

MN Senate District 65

MN House District 65A    MN House District 65B

MN Senate District 66 (includes Roseville, Lauderdale, Falcon Hgts)

MN House District 66A     MN House District 66B

*Ramsey County Elections Maps has changed the HD 66B Map, the only difference is that old W6 P3 is now W6 P7. We like the old map detail, so we thought to keep it, instead of posting the sterile new map.

MN Senate District 67

MN House District 67A    MN House District 67B

*Since the change in the precinct borders of W6P5, W6P9 and the elimation of W6P13 House District 67A and thus Senate District 67 maps have been updated. This is the second change within the last 18 months and this is unacceptable in a Presidential Election year.

Saint Paul has a rich history of active and distinct neighborhoods. To support neighborhood participation in governance, the district council planning process was created in 1975. There are 17 district councils. Responsibilities of the councils include: planning and advising on the physical, economic, and social development of their areas; identifying needs; initiating community programs; recruiting volunteers; and sponsoring community events

St Paul District Councils & Wards

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) are in Independent School District (ISD) 625. There has been a change in the last ISD 625 map, being the changes noted in Ward 6, and Ward 1 (why W1 P17 the tiniest precinct in St Paul is needed is a big question mark).

St Paul Public Schools ISD 625

Ramsey County has ISD 625 and the following School Districts within its borders:

ISD 282 St Anthony-New Brighton     ISD 621 Moundsview Area

ISD 622 N St Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale     ISD 623 Roseville Area

ISD 624 White Bear Lake Area

Ramsey County School Districts Map

St Paul Fire Stations Map