Can President Trump Save Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration a week long. The Puritans thanked God and their neighbors the nearby American Indians especially Squanto.


It gets earlier and earlier every year the first mention of Christmas Shopping. This year there were Christmas colors popping up in stores as soon as Halloween was over. Christmas music was in stores before Election Day.

As much as I, Publius Jr, love Christmas and the real meaning of the season, I like Christmas to observe it’s calendar boundaries. When Advent starts is a good time to start “Decking the halls…” I don’t go out shopping on “In the Black Friday” (I still think there’s some places on the globe that refer to Good Friday as Black Friday).

One very pleasant aspect of Donald Trump’s Presidency which FNNs (Fake News Networks) have downplayed is his new found Faith in Jesus Christ. The last President O-what’s-his-name spoke like a Black Preacher but was the biggest commie/ muslim in regards to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Resurrection Day (Easter) and all other Christian inspired holidays (he made sure Christian symbols were covered up from view).

One wonders if in the process of making the the USA great again President Trump can put the God back into Thanksgiving. O-Whats-his-name and other socialists-communists in this country successfully made Thanksgiving into a food holiday which is a springboard into godless Winter Solstice Holiday season with Winter Holiday trees and making St Nicholas into Father O-what’s-his-name giving treasury gifts to all illegal aliens especially DACA kids.

Ignoring Thanksgiving as what it is, ignores what this country was conceived in–faith.

There has been two Americas from the forging of this nation. One America was all about making money in Jamestown. The other America was in Plymouth Rock and it was all about worshipping the Holy Trinity without Government interference. One might say the pursuit of material wealth is more important than worshipping in ones faith. The evidence of how blessed each settlement was can be shown by the financial output of each area and the developed lands.

Jamestown the settlement which was financial gain first is a ghost town. There is a replica settlement for tourists but there is no developed land and hasn’t been in hundreds of years.

Jamestown VA became abandoned after the capitol of the colony moved to Williamsburg.

Plymouth Rock or Plantation is teeming with financial gain, the Separtists founded Boston in 1640, 20 years after they established their settlement in Plymouth. Financially the “Pilgrims” were blessed because they were Christian First. They had God’s providence of being taught how to live in the Plymouth Rock area by an American Indian, Squanto, who could speak English!  The Pilgrims had a lasting peace with the local tribes for a couple of generations. The Puritans’ America is a glaring example that God wants his people to florish not to live like paupers as some people have been led to believe.

Plymouth, Massachusetts Landsat photo.

Plymouth, Massachusetts’ population according to the last census in 2010 is about 56,000 people. See the Map.

Our United States were founded upon the Puritans’ America. While the Jamestown America has went where the getting is good it usually fails where ever it is left on it’s own. Mining Towns in the Western United States are great examples. When the lode/ore disappeared or was depleted the town dried up.

Making America all about financial gain is usually a recipe for disaster. The Republican Party was not founded upon financial gain but upon Christian values by Christians. They were about civil rights, owning property, self defense, and ending slavery. They wanted to correct what was originally flawed in the Constitution. Sure there were people who were Material Wealth First in the movement but they were quite small in comparison.

Socialism is more popular in areas where there are more spiritually poor people than not.  These people will point at the capitalist system and point out there were no safeguards to the welfare or financial health of those less fortunate.  Look at how prosperous North Korea is.  A Capitalist system with spiritually poor people will exploit people with less means. How was the west won? Through spiritually wealthy people who refrained from exploiting others for personal gain.

North Korea is a socialist-communist dictatorship. At night it looks like this.

Businessman Donald Trump could tell you that material wealth and financial gain does not make one happy. It is usually an empty hollow existence. Trump’s 3 wives, girlfriends and children can attest to how wealth doesn’t buy happiness.

President Trump initially spent some time with a big voting block that helped him Beat Hillary–Christian or Evangelical Voters. Their message seems to continue to transform Trump daily into more of a Christian First kind of leader.  Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were Christian First leaders.

If President Trump embraces the Christian Faith more than he has, he will become a great President like other Christian First Presidents.

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2017 Veterans Day: VA Ordeal, Bureaucratic Labyrinth, and Denial of Ambulance Payment

The Ordeal

Just past midnight on March 6, 2017, I, Publius Jr, had risen from my plastic green patio chair to close the vertical blinds of my studio apartment. The floor where I stood had my Toastmaster Breadmachine, paper shredder and a box with multiple plastic bags of assorted skeins of yarn (I’m a knitter). The chained loop to louver the blinds closed were just slightly out of my reach so I leaned my 6 foot 3 inch frame to catch the bottom of it. I pulled the blinds shut. I turned to return to go to my plastic green patio chair when I slightly twisted my torso. Something was not quite right. I had felt my muscles of my lower left back pop, er rather that’s not the right word, but I knew instantly something was wrong in the lower left of my back. I have had this same unpleasant feeling around the first of the year, also one other time on the right side of my back in late November 2013–back then I went into shock and I fainted at a housechurch in Lindstrom.

This time I thought I’d sleep it off on a hard surface like the floor with a few cushions here or there and an icepack. It was hard to sleep without sending pain shooting through my back. I couldn’t sleep on my side which is my normal sleeping position and I lay awake for the next several hours.

I catnapped off and on, waking suddenly with a reflex reaction of clenching my back/stomach upon waking up and a wave of pain rolling through me. Six to Seven hours of not being able to sleep properly switched over to my waking morning routine at about 7:30 am.

I tried to get up and my body had no strength. Instead it took me a 2-5 minutes to turn over onto my stomach then I rose up to all fours, turned my body around (my makeshift bed pointed away from the center of the room) and ambled on all fours to the bathroom.  I stood to urinate but it was so painful to be upright I knew the rest of my day would not be anywhere close to standing. I grabbed some ibuprofen–the bottle was almost empty.

On all fours I made it to my fridge to get something to eat. I could only eat what I could reach. So my meals consisted of baby carrots, Dannon Light & Fit regular yogurt, and water.

I went back to lay down hoping for decent sleep. At about 9 am I knew I wasn’t going anywhere that day so I called Keith Hardy and another member of Wordsmiths Toastmasters and left messages that I would not be attending the meeting that night. They’d have to find a replacement for the speaking role I was to do. I usually go to Wordsmiths every Monday, which is why I pass on political meetings scheduled on Mondays (it is an oasis from political posturing & chaos).

An hour later I called the VA Nurse line. It is a medical advice line that also helps to schedule appointments. I told the VA Nurse the situation and where the pain was at. She asked me a bunch of questions to include if it had happened before and I said it had in severity in late November 2013. She suggested to ice down the area, take Tylenol or another pain reliever and try to rest, and if it didn’t get better in 2-3 days go to an Emergency Room.

The VA Hospital in Minneapolis has an Emergency Room except I’ve never seen ambulances stopping there to drop off patients. It’s like what most ERs have become an Outpatient-no-appointment-necessary-intake wing of the hospital. I don’t think the VA Emergency Wing knows what the term “Emergency” means, I’ve been there before and they make you wait despite a lack patients.

I would have to wait through two to three days of misery? I couldn’t wait that long.  I had trouble standing to urinate. That problem was resolved by the empty plastic Powerade bottles I had. Using them to “eliminate” liquid waste. I couldn’t sit so “eliminating” solid waste was not possible.

To get around my apartment otherwise crawling on all fours was less painful than standing but still painful so I had to do the low crawl where my stomach was on the floor and I propelled myself  by pushing forward with only my right leg. Drill Sgts Ricky Mobley and Donnie Thornhill my Drill Sgts would applaud my form I thought.

So I made up my mind to get to the ER at Regions Hospital which is the closest hospital to my studio apartment.

I called a friend, Greg Copeland, to discuss it. I asked him if he thought the VA would pick up the cost of the ambulance. He said that since I have no other way to pay it they would have to. I’ve used the VA Hospital/Clinic System as my healthcare provider since I do not have health insurance even when I had a seasonal job to grade state standardized essay tests.

“I asked him if he thought the VA would pick up the cost of the ambulance.  He said that since I have no other way to pay it they would have to.”

I told Greg my Veterans ID Card (VIC) and another VA card said non-VA medical could be paid by the VA. So it was decided I was going to call 911 to get some relief at Regions ER.  Luckily my phone is on the floor.  I called at around 5 or 6 pm.

I didn’t want the EMTs to see my cluttered studio apartment so I put some clothes on and a sweater, wallet, iPod Touch & Charger, and waited upright next to my door in the hallway of my apartment waiting to lock it when they came. I was in terrible pain waiting for them.

The EMTs started to question me right away what my pain was. I said I threw my back out and the VA told me to go if it hadn’t gotten better. One of them put an arm under my arm to aid me out of the building. My body felt heavier for some reason. They got me into the ambulance through the side door. They took my blood pressure and they wanted to strap me onto the side on the bench seat. I pleaded with them to let me lie down on the gurney. So they let me lie down and the pain was less.

When we arrived they got me into Regions ER and transferred me to an upright chair with wheels. It didn’t look like a typical wheel chair. The EMTs disappeared and I checked in with the nurse’s station.  I was trying to be in good spirits throughout my stay.

Staying in good spirits in the waiting room of the ER is tough to do. In the 5 hours I waited a variety of different patients and their families complained about their illness the wait time and the weather. The outside air temperature was unseasonably warm in the upper 40s to mid 50s or so. I hadn’t dressed for later when I wished the sweatshirt I had on was a little thicker.

At around 11 pm I finally saw the doctor after a nurse took my vitals and asked a few questions. The lady doctor asked me the extent of the pain and where it was located. She touched areas on the lower back asked if it hurt. There were no x-rays taken. She said it wasn’t sciatica nor a spinal injury. She prescribed Aleve and some Valium and a shot of Tramadol and referred me to Physicians Neck & Back in Roseville MN for Physical Therapy.  I got the shot and paid for my prescription.  I called Greg and left a message to pick me up.  I called another friend but there was no answer. So I called a Taxi. I waited 45 minutes and no taxi. I called them again and they said it would be a 30 minute wait. No wonder why people like Uber or Lyft.

The police officer in the lobby alerted me when the taxi arrived. It was chilly out. The cabby had to smoke so he kept the window open the entire ride back. I paid him and went into my apartment. I fixed my “bed” area on the floor and took the Valium, Aleve, an ice pack and fully slept for the first time in a 24 hours.

March 7, 2017

When I woke I took my meds, the Valium seemed to make everything go in slow motion. Then I ate a real breakfast and took a needed shower and called up Greg and told him about it.

I called the VA Nurse line to tell them what happened the previous day. A different nurse asked me if I had numbness in my left leg. I said from below the left hip area around it was numb up to my upper part of the leg. The area occasionally “itched” inside the upper part of the leg.

The Nurse told me to go back to the ER. I said I was on Valium and I couldn’t drive there. She said to call 911 to get there. So like a good soldier I followed orders. I called 911.

This time the EMTs were reluctant to take me and treated me less than friendly like the day before. They strapped me to the side. My back still hurt but I was kind of fuzzy on the Valium.

When I arrived at Regions ER the same check-in nurse was still on duty from the day before.  She was surprised to see me but I told her the reason and that there was numbness in the area of my upper left leg.  I suspected that I would be waiting forever like the night before so I told her I was going to the cafeteria to get lunch.

Upon my return from the cafeteria, I asked a male nurse at the desk if they had called my name and they had but I wasn’t there.  So he told me to wait.  A half hour later I was ushered back into the exam room.  A Physician’s Assistant did the same sort of exam as the Woman Doctor the night before but her diagnosis was different–Sciatica.  Who to believe? I believe the Doctor over the PA.  She recommended the same course of action as the doctor did the previous night and told me to get plenty of rest and ice down the area.  If the numbness travelled below my knee then I should come back in.

I called up a friend, Bob Murray and he came to pick me up.  He took me to Burger King on Rice & Larpenteur to get a bite to eat while I told him the story.

Bureaucratic Labyrinth

A few days after I returned from the second ER visit I got a call from HealthPartners call center in Sartell MN.  The person on the line, “Betty” called to schedule my appointment for physical therapy at one of their Physicians Neck & Back (PNB) locations.  I indicated the Roseville location off of Center Pointe Drive would be the best one.  So I scheduled a March 22nd visit, figuring the VA bureaucrats would clear up the way for me to pay it through the VA by then.

I went online I found where it was and I planned how to get there.  I was all set to go except I had to work it out with the VA.

When I called up the VA line (there are no direct lines to doctors you have to go through phone buttons to get another list of buttons to select) to talk to my GP Doctor Gloria (leaving out her last name because she is a good doctor).  I wanted to tell her what had happened.  I talked to her then to a nurse at the VA Clinic in Maplewood who asked me to get x-rays and the other paperwork from Regions Hospital, in order to authorize physical therapy, I also needed to come in for a brief check up on my back.

By the following Friday, March 17th I was off the Valium and so I could drive to Regions to run down the paperwork.  The day before I had called the Records Department of Regions to see if I could have them transfer the information directly to the VA Maplewood & Dr Gloria.  They said it would cost a certain amount of money so I thought it would be cheaper to arrive in person and hand walk them to the VA Clinic–oddly I learned this is the most secure form of transmitting data, to hand walk it from A to B.

At Regions after I parked I got in the elevator off the parking ramp and proceeded to get lost.  With no outside windows it was hard to figure out where I was so I asked a volunteer outside their gift shop.  The “Sainted” volunteer guided me through the hallways and 3 floors on the elevator before she left me outside the Records Department.  I talked with the woman who had talked with me on the phone, her voice was familiar.  She had me fill out some paperwork and what records to send to the VA Clinic.  If it went regular mail there was no cost.  I got back to my car after remembering the route I took to get there.

I called the VA Clinic and told a PA, “Sharon,” the news the files were on their way to them but there were no x-rays or other scans because they didn’t perform them.  The PA told me to come in the following Monday, March 20.  On March 20th I talked to “Sharon,” who I had talked to the previous Friday.  She said that I wouldn’t be able to go outside the VA to get treatment but there was a program that might allow me to (kind of confusing, I know).

The VA Hospital system used to just drug up people who had back problems and they were finding this treatment not working in the long run so they decided to do physical therapy in-house at the Hospital.  Fortunately for me to catch up on their backlog of patients needing therapy I could go outside the system to get treatment under the Veteran’s Choice Program.  She provided a number to call.

Before I called the Veteran’s Choice Program number it was looking like the Physicians Neck & Back appointment for March 22nd was not going to happen being I didn’t have normal insurance but I had the VA footing the bill for my treatment.  So I called the HealthPartners Sartell MN Call Center to talk to “Betty.”  I told her the appointment I had made almost 2 weeks before I would have to cancel.  She commiserated with me about all the VA snafus she has had to deal with.  She thanked me for canceling because often on hold with people at the VA she never gets straight forward information from anyone there.

According to one of my notes I called the Veterans Choice Program on March 29th.  I had been told by the VA Clinic PA “Sharon” when I had visited her in lieu of seeing Dr Gloria who could not see me til after she returned from a vacation in April.  “Sharon,” had explained many things about the treatment.  She said when I talk to the Veteran’s Choice Program person they’ll issue a card that I’ll get before I go to my first physical therapy session.  I’ll be able to as the program is called to decide which physical therapy place I could go.  I thanked “Sharon.”

On the March 29th I got a call from “Susan,” of the Veteran’s Choice Program (VCP).  She said she was calling from South Carolina where the VCP is located.  She helped me schedule a physical therapy schedule.  Susan said that I could go anywhere, being I don’t know much about physical therapy companies I decided to go with the original referral of Physicians Neck & Back in Roseville MN.  Susan said 36 therapy sessions were authorized by VCP, if more were needed I would have to be seen by my GP Dr Gloria.  My first therapy session was scheduled for April 6, 2017.  A full month after I had thrown out my back and 2 weeks after my first cancelled appointment on March 22.

Physicians Neck & Back

My first visit was with Dr Gloria Peterson.  I told her my GP at the VA Clinic had the same first name.  She examined my back then talked with me.  I told her that I couldn’t sit for very long on a chair without having issues with my back–pain and discomfort.  This was a problem as I admin this site and do articles for it.  Also it was a problem when I got out of my car.

When I first started I was put on a sensor-rigged back press Nautilus machine.  They could measure the weight I could push and the angle I could do it at.  I weighed then about 240 and I could barely push 100 lbs on the machine.  The goal was 180 lbs through a variety of back angles.

It was tough, but the physical therapists I was assigned were fun, informative about what was going on and they really encouraged me when it got tough.  They also showed the proper way of lifting things, how to sit on a chair properly (if your knees are above your waist you’ll slouch).  When I finished in August 2017 I was sad to go.

They have a room to maintain and strengthen ones back, stomach, and neck muscles called Core, it is the same as I did with the therapists except without them.  I wanted to continue but I don’t have the money to.  The VA didn’t authorize it.  So at a future time if I don’t keep my back & stomach muscles strong I might have another back injury.

Denial of Ambulance Payment

The first sign that something was not right was on July 27, 2017.  I got a bill from the St Paul Fire Department (SPFD).  I called up the VA and after some time I got the non-VA medical billing office.  I talked to Daniel (that’s his name I didn’t get a last name).  He said the SPFD had not submitted a bill to the VA inside of 90 days.  They would have to submit some paper work to explain why they had not submitted a bill for the 2 days I had used a SPFD Ambulance.  I asked him for his number and I said I would let SPFD Billing know how to contact him.

So I called up SPFD minutes after I had talked to Daniel.  The Billing Clerk took down the information that Daniel had provided.  I asked if Daniel was correct when he said they hadn’t submitted a bill to the VA.  The clerk said they had submitted both bills on March 14th and a second time as well on July 18, 2017.  He said this happens all the time with the Veterans Administration (VA).  He said they would figure it out and I should worry about paying for the bill.

I got another bill from SPFD in September and also in October.

On November 4, 2017, I received in the mail an official notice the VA would not pay for the Ambulance Bill from the St Paul Fire Department.

I scanned the two letters in the envelope, the recent bills from St Paul Fire Department (SPFD), and also the envelope in which the VA letters came in.  Then I called the SPFD on November 6, 2017.  I talked to Ines (pronounced eye-nez) of the Billing Department.  I told her about the Official Denial of Payment Letter from the VA.

Ines sets Daniel Straight

She looked up my Ambulance Charge date.  She asked me if I had called in late July 2017, I said I had called then.  Ines said she had called up Daniel at the VA the non-VA Billing Department.  She talked to him and told me the conversation went like the following.  Daniel had told her that he has to send requests for payment of bills to Denver, Colorado.  He claimed the patient (me) that I didn’t have a zip code and therefore they couldn’t determine how to pay the bill.  Ines stopped him and said that the VA Patient (me) had an address.  Daniel asked her to send him this information by mail so he could submit the information to Denver, Colorado.  He said he was sure the bill would be paid.

It wasn’t paid.  (This is why I’m writing this narrative).

I was curious so I asked Ines while she was still on the phone for documentation, she confirmed when the Ambulance dates were, when the bills were submitted, why it takes 6-8 days for the actual bills to be produced.  I asked her how often the non-payment of ambulance bills by the VA happens.  She said it happens all the time with VA Patients.  I asked if she could give me a figure on how often it happens.  She replied, “You mean for the whole year or just one week?”  I said just one week.  Ines replied that on average there are 10-15 VA Patients’ bills are denied payment by the VA non-VA Billing Department.  That’s about 520 to 780 per year if that is multiplied for 52 weeks.  This is St Paul alone.  Imagine what it must be like in a larger city.

on average there are 10-15 VA Patients’ bills are denied payment by the VA non-VA Billing Department. –Ines SPFD Billing Clerk

Call to Action

Today on Veterans Day 2017, it is my 28th anniversary of being honorably discharged from the US Army.  I served my country well, not during a shooting war, but the tail end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.  I had a Secret Security Clearance for the job I did for two years starting on November 12, 1987, 30 years ago tomorrow.

If I had known the kind of treatment I might receive, the Mickey Mouse Labyrinth of bureaucracy I would wander around in to receive treatment through the Veterans Administration, I might have went to college directly.

I went into the all volunteer US Army.  I served under some great Officers and NCOs, and some not so great.  My Army Buddies are friends for life.  My Montgomery GI Bill paid for most of my college expenses and I graduated with no student loans to pay off.

I see flag wavers out there now who have never served, nor can they relate to what it is like to serve in the military.  They go to their Veterans Day sales, and think it is just another holiday, it isn’t.  They think wearing Red, White, and Blue makes you a patriot, it doesn’t.  Civilians in my opinion waste their Liberties and Freedoms. The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, National Guardsmen, and Coastguardsmen which most Americans praise on days like today; they do not know our military personnel do not have the same liberties and freedoms as civilians do day in and day out.

I think I would enjoy Veterans Day more if Veterans were treated properly at VA Hospitals, to have their ambulance bills paid on time.  There is no excuse for some of the institutional neglect many Vets run into at the VA.

We Vets don’t complain too loud.  I think I know why. I was outside an appointment gathering my things and thinking about the appointment I just had.  I felt worse than when I went in.  I got to talking with an older woman named Judith.  She was waiting for her husband Jim, who was in with the doctor, Jim was showing early signs of dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s.  I said to her the reason why many old Vets and returning Vets have problems in civilian life is because in Basic Training we are stripped of our individuality and replaced with a concern for the team or buddies.  When there is an obstacle to overcome we do it together.  When we get out of the military and an obstacle is encountered there is no team to deal with it so We Vets tend to internalize it and downplay it.

I’m asking you, the reader, to join with me to make sure Vets across this country currently serving or served decades ago to not be alone and demand better treatment by the Veterans Administration to get Ambulance Bills paid.  Call up your Representatives and Senators in Congress and demand better Treatment for our Vets.

Together We Can Overcome Obstacles Together

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St Paul Public Schools Board Candidate Greg Copeland Endorses Pat Harris for Mayor

A note to the reader: website endorsed Greg Copeland for St Paul Public Schools Board of Education.  He posted this article on his site yesterday evening.  Since we endorsed him we are posting it here as a courtesy.  It is not an endorsement of Pat Harris for Mayor from this site.  We will post articles about what I, Publius Jr, the admin of this site thinks about the St Paul Mayor Candidates.

Republican Voters of St Paul you are free to make up your mind when you vote today for Mayor.  We ask that you only vote for Greg Copeland and no other School Board Candidate as there are no other qualified candidates running, and only 1 Mayor Candidate to informally say no to Ranked Choice Voting, which we believe to be unconstitutional.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Fiscally Conservative Saint Paul Republicans, Independents and Democrats Need Pat Harris As Mayor

Dear Editor:
There is one candidate for Mayor of Saint Paul who is Opposed to Mayor Chris Coleman’s outrageous 23.9% City Property Tax Hike, and he has stated his Opposition on the public record without equivocation or qualification on his campaign website.

I voted for him to be our next Mayor on the first day of early voting, and I hope you too will you cast your vote for Pat Harris!  Pat Harris knows seniors, single workers starting out in life or young families with their first home,  and small business owners can’t afford the irresponsible $27.3 Million property tax hike the city council and Mayor Coleman have proposed.

The extreme Property Tax  Increases do not stop there. The Saint Paul Public Schools want $9.2 Million more in taxes from homeowners in 2018, than the $7 Million more it collected last year; this net  $2,177,729 Million increase is an unsustainable  23.6 %  increase over last year’s actual tax hike! Oh and by the way, despite asking for these higher taxes, the School Board voted to cut Direct School Allocations in the 2018 Education General Fund to only 47 cents on the dollar going directly to the classroom!

Ramsey County wants $12.7 Million in higher taxes for each of the next two years, and it’s Regional Rail Road Taxing Authority is seeking the legal maximum in new taxes for an increase of $1.3 Million to it’s $22.5 Million budget!

All told the City of Saint Paul, the School Board, Ramsey County and the Regional Rail Road are asking for $50,797,041 in Higher, NEW  PROPERTY TAXES!

Enough is Enough! Saint Paul Property Taxpayers need elected allies at City Hall, and that is why as a Republican, who is seeking election to the Saint Paul School Board, I am asking you to vote for Pat Harris for Mayor too!

Candidate For Saint Paul School Board

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Republican Seniors of MN with AFP-MN’s Jason Flohrs November 7, 2017 9:45 am

What: Republicans Seniors of MN’s November meeting on Tuesday morning, November 7 when our featured speaker will be Jason Flohrs, state director of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group. The goal of AFP, funded largely by the Koch brothers, is to promote sound fiscal policy and limited government. Jason will discuss how Minnesota can do better in the areas of education, tax and regulatory reform and labor law. Get a preview at

Two candidates for governor, State Representative Matt Dean and State Senator David Osmek, will also speak briefly.

When: Tuesday, November 7, 9:45 a.m. sign in
10:00 a.m. convene
Where:  Minneapolis-Richfield American Legion Post 435
6501 Portland Avenue, Richfield
(just north of the intersection of Portland and 66th Street)
Cost: $5/person*

NOTE: We have implemented a less complicated and less cumbersome way to process our annual membership dues. Effective January 1, 2018, all members will be charged a $20 membership fee for individuals and $30 for couples, good for the entire 2018 year. (New members who join later in the year will pay a pro-rated fee).

You may pay your 2018 membership fee any time beginning now through our first meeting on January 2nd.  Mail a check made payable to “Republican Seniors of MN” to Don Teigen, Treasurer, 7250 Lewis Ridge Pkwy, #217, Edina, MN 55439. Or bring your payment to one of our upcoming monthly meetings. If your address isn’t on your check, please include it. When you pay your dues, we will send you a membership card. When you show your card at a meeting, you will pay just $5 to attend. Non-members will be charged $10 to attend effective January 2018.

*The $5 fee per person includes a selection of beverages and small bagged snacks. If you are interested in a meal, you are most welcome in the dining room of the American Legion following our meeting.

We are posting this as a courtesy to Republican Seniors of MN.  If you have voted early you can come out to watch 3 excellent speakers:  Jason Flohrs, Sen Dave Osmek, and Rep Matt Dean, the latter who are running the Governor’s Office of Minnesota.  If you haven’t voted on November 7th for Greg Copeland in St Paul or Joe Kovacs in Mpls’ Ward 7 then make that your second mission to do that day.  ~~ Publius Jr.

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#ProLifeSunday Happy Friends & Colleagues Day Oct 15, 2017

Call up your friends and thank them for being there when no one else was there for you.


Why Celebrate a day for Friends & Colleagues?

On an average day you spend a third of your day with your colleagues at work; and friends give you advice and give you some breathing space in forms of athletic outings or fun activities.  Let’s face it not everyone is married and friends are the life line for many single people.  Paul had Barnabas, and Jesus had 12 main disciples who were friends and also his colleagues.

Life would be so bland without your friends.  So why not say thank you to them for enriching your life?

Remember Peanuts’ creator Charles Schultz was from St Paul MN


Nationally there are only 3 recognized holidays that bolster the love and admiration of the family:  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day.  We are the party of Judeo-Christian Family Values.  We want to bring attention to the parts of the family that are often forgotten.  In July we celebrated Aunts & Uncles, in August we celebrated Brothers Sisters & Cousins, and now we are celebrating our Friends and Colleagues–that other family we spend a third of our day with.

Why on the 3rd Sunday of October?  Well because we can, but to have at least a full month since Grandparents Day to get ready, also because the 2nd Sunday is closest to Columbus Day.

Colleagues are at work who share the load of a project.  They know you almost as well as your family knows you.  They challenge you to do your very best in the work you do.  They chip in your contribution for pizza on occasion when they see you are coming up short.  Work would be more stressful without good colleagues.

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Thomas Sowell: Global Warming is a Manufactured Truth by Intellectuals

Some time ago I, Publius Jr, did a speech at the Toastmasters Club I belong to.  The title of the speech was, “Global Warming: A Manufactured Truth.”  In the first few minutes of the speech to establish myself as someone who has studied all the subjects that determine the weather and thus climate, I proved one thing that most in the room did not ever think Global Warming was:  It’s a Religion that none of the believers can explain but believe by faith.  If the State & Federal Government establish laws based upon an established religion they are in direct violation of the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibiting an official state religion.

Thomas Sowell points out something about the carbon dioxide emissions happening after the rise in temperatures.  It doesn’t follow real science because the cause & effect are disconnected.

I also trotted out what I learned in the book, “Culture of Fear,” by Barry Glassner Beware of Prophets of Fear because they tend to profit from your fear.  I mention this because of the Industry, the American Prophet of Global Warming Fear, Al Gore created.

By Barry Glassner. We’ll put the link to buy this book (we want Amazon to build it’s 2nd HQ in St Paul MN). We sadly do not get any $ from posting the link below.

Amazon Link to Purchase Barry Glassner’s “Culture of Fear”


Beware of Prophets of Fear because they tend to profit from your fear.



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President Trump on Governor Huckabee’s 1st TBN Show

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has a new show on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) in Nashville Tennessee.  To kick off his first show on October 7, 2017, he invited the best guest he could find:  President Donald J Trump.  The President sat down in the White House with Governor Huckabee after Donald Trump had returned from comforting the survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting, and also from his trip to Puerto Rico.

Here is the full 28 minute video of the interview.  Only 12 minutes of it are shown during Huckabee’s first show, as he has other guests to shoehorn into the 57 minutes.

The Trinity Broadcast Network is known for Christian programming.  It has all sorts of channels that broadcast around the globe in English, Spanish, Farsi (Iranian official language), Arabic, and other language stations.

Unlike PBS which has US Taxpayer funds, TBN is supported completely by viewers.

If you would like to watch Huckabee’s first show on TBN click this link Huckabee On TBN, it has other guests to include the Father of the 401(k) & Health Savings Accounts John Goodman; Chuck Negron, and Joel Osteen.  At the close of the show Gov Huckabee jams out with Chuck Negron on his bass guitar.

If you are ever in the Nashville Tennessee area and you would like to watch the Huckabee on TBN show live, tickets are free but you need to reserve them by calling 1-833-Huckabee (1-833-482-5223) or go to

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Republican Seniors of MN with Chuck Slocum October 3, 9:45 AM

What:  Republican Seniors of MN meeting on Tuesday morning, October 3 when Chuck Slocum, former chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, will present “What is Conservatism?” to help us better understand how the world of politics has changed and the reasons for the apparent rise of the conservative movement in America.

Republican Seniors of MN will also hear from two candidates for governor: Keith Downey, former House member from Edina and Republican Party chairman; and Jeff Johnson, former House member from Plymouth and current Hennepin County Commissioner.

When: Tuesday, October 3, 2017,  9:45 a.m. sign in; 10:00 a.m. convene
Where: Minneapolis-Richfield American Legion Post #435, 6501 Portland Avenue, Richfield  (just north of the intersection of Portland and 66th Street)
Cost: $5/person

NOTE: As explained in last month’s meeting notice, we are now charging a flat $5 fee per person, which includes a selection of beverages and small bagged snacks. If you are interested in a meal, you are most welcome in the dining room of the American Legion following our meeting.

Chuck Slocum was chair of Minnesota’s Republican Party during Watergate when the Party changed its name to Independent Republicans. Slocum remains a respected voice among Republicans, and his opinion pieces have appeared regularly in the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press and other local publications. He was interviewed for this MinnPost story that presents various views on today’s Republican Party. He is currently president of a management consulting firm.



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Alabama Showdown Between Senate Conservatives & Trump-McConnell

The Results of the Tuesday Runoff in Alabama between Senate Conservative Candidate Judge Roy Moore and Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s Candidate Luther Strange will have shockwaves through 2018.

It hasn’t been covered much by the Mainstream Leftwing Media because it doesn’t involve their people.  They will come out in droves to zing President Donald Trump if Judge Roy Moore wins, as he is the current favorite.

For some unknown reason President Donald Trump has backed US Senator Mitch McConnell pick for special election in the US Senate.  Going into Tuesday’s Runoff Trump’s candidate is down by 9%.

We’re told by some that President Trump’s backing of the Appointed Senator Luther Strange was arranged long ago.  The problem is that he isn’t the conservative pick as he isn’t back by the Senate Conservatives.

If you’re confused we’ll take a look at both and determine what’s going on, and why we are rooting for Judge Roy Moore.

Luther Strange, the appointed Senator to replace Sen Jeff Sessions. Known as “Big Luther” for his 6’9″ frame.

Luther Strange

Senator Luther Strange was the Attorney General for the state of Alabama from 2011 to 2017 when he was appointed by Governor Robert Bentley to replace US Senator Jeff Sessions who was appointed by President Donald Trump to be the US Attorney General (Head of the Department of Justice).

Strange comes into questions of conflict of interest when he stopped the investigation into Governor Bentley in November 2016.  There are allegations that Governor Bentley appointed Strange to take former Senator Jeff Sessions seat in the US Senate just to get rid of him as Governor Bentley was under investigation at the time of the appointment in February of this year.

The Washington Examiner on Friday September 22, 2017 says “By accepting the Senate seat, Strange allowed the governor to appoint a new state attorney general to investigate him. Notes written by Bentley and released this week show he found the “trickle-down effect” appealing.” The new Attorney General recused themselves from the investigation and appointed a special prosecutor.

Other than the appearances of these untoward allegations and possible unethical actions, Senator Strange has taken Conservative stances to include the anti-Transgender Bathroom legislation that North Carolina had taken.

President Trump says that Luther Strange is a Washington Outsider like him.  Yet when you do a quick look at “Big Luther’s” ties to Washington DC you’ll see that he is a Lobbyist and has been for 8 years for a gas utility company from Alabama.

Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore is running for the US Senate.

Judge Roy Moore

The Senate Conservatives Fund has picked Judge Roy Moore to be their candidate in Alabama.  When you think SCF think Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz; it is a fund set up to put real Conservatives into office.  They don’t endorse candidates in every race only the ones they know they can make a difference.  The SCF is headed by Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General of Virginia and the 2013 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in Virginia.

Judge Roy Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001 but was removed from that position in 2003 after he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the Alabama Judicial Building by a Federal Court.  You would think President Trump who is against Federal Overreach by a Federal Courts would support Judge Roy Moore.

In 2006 Roy Moore decide to run for the Governorship of Alabama.  He lost in a primary fight.  In 2013 he was re-elected to be the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.  He was suspended in May 2016 for directing probate judges to enforce Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages despite a Federal overturn of that State Law.  Justice Moore resigned in April 2017, which is when he decided to run for the Alabama Special Election for US Senate. Moore believed that federal judges who ruled against his actions as Chief Justice of Alabama violated his suppression of belief in the sovereignty of God

Judge Roy Moore is a strong supporter of Judicial Rights, States Rights, and a Strong Christian.

A number of Nationally known Conservatives are lining up to support Judge Moore: Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, Rep Mo Brooks (Alabama-CD5), Chair of the US House Freedom Caucus Rep Mark Meadows (NC), Rep Louie Gohmert (TX), Sean Hannity, Alabama Patriots (TEA Party), Laura Ingraham, Governor Mike Huckabee, and former Presidential Candidate & Current HUD Secretary Ben Carson, others.

Just for the record supports the openly Christian Judge Roy Moore.

Mystery of President Trump’s Support of Mitch McConnell’s Picks

All the bravado of Trump’s “Drain the Swamp,” mantra makes his support for Luther Strange a mystery, as he is a buddy of the chief swamp creature of the US Senate, Mitch “Mr Roadblock” McConnell.  Obamacare (ACA) Repeal & Replace has been delayed time and time again by Mr Roadblock.

We would like to see a simple Repeal of ACA and let the free market decide the road forward without roadblocks set up by special interests and lobbyists in Congress.

Mr Trump doesn’t do his homework on who he supports.  We’re often told to read Trump’s book, “Art of the Deal,” well we’re seeing how artful Trump is here.  Trump is ignoring obvious flaws in Luther Strange’s appointment to the Senate and his insider lobbyist background.

At the end of the day the Alabama GOP will still have to get the winner of the primary elected on December 12th, 2017.


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Greg Copeland, former City Manager of Maplewood created 1st Responder Jobs without raising taxes.

To make it official we at the Endorse Greg Copeland for the St Paul Public Schools Board of Education (ISD 625).

Since this website is not affiliated with the MNGOP the endorsement does not grant Candidate Copeland special privileges to party lists or treatment. It is our way of saying our future articles about him will promote his campaign.  It is a statement that the only Republican running in St Paul this year is Greg Copeland. We do strongly urge the bpous of St Paul to officially endorse Copeland to allow him access to the party database. It is also an appeal to all Delegates and Alternates elected in 2016 precinct caucuses to endorse Greg Copeland for School Board.

It is true Greg has run before for School Board, State House & Senate but his credentials at being an effective public servant are unparalleled by any current Career DFL politician serving in municipal and state offices.

To see more about Greg Copeland’s ideas that would help poor students achieve go to his website at

Early Voting Starts September 22, 2017

Vote for Greg Copeland for St Paul Public Schools Board of Education (SPPS ISD 625)


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