Meet Joe Kovacs for Minneapolis Ward 7

Joe Kovacs the endorsed Republican Ward 7 Minneapolis Candidate.

Joe Kovacs was endorsed by the Minneapolis City Republican Committee to be the Minneapolis Ward 7 Republican Candidate.  Joe is up against an entrenched status quo, do-nothing, 5 term incumbent Lisa Goodman.  Goodman has been on the city council since 1997, that’s 20 years of malaise allowing violent crime to go unchecked, and businesses to leave the area.

Who is Joe Kovacs?

Joe Kovacs was born and raised in Minnesota with Minnesotan Values.  He grew up in White Bear Lake where he was a three sport athlete and very active in theater and choir.  Emily Kovacs, his wife, also went to White Bear Lake Area High School.

Joe went to Bethel University his freshman year of college and then transferred to Minnesota State University Moorhead earning Bachelor’s degree in education.  He spent his college career tutoring and working with low-income students and children in Fargo.  In addition, he was the Vice President of Circle K International, a volunteer based organization at MSUM.

Joe and Emily got married in the winter of 2012.  One of the first adventures they embarked on was becoming Resident Managers at the Ronald McDonald House of  the Red River Valley.  They lived at the house and connected with and positively impacted  the families staying there. During this time, Joe started an additional role as a teacher.

After a short teaching career, Joe found himself working as a training specialist for an educational software company called Infinite Campus.  Still involved with education, he now teaches educators and other school staff how to successfully utilize their student information system and provide the best education possible.

Joe and Emily live in downtown west and love being apart of such an electric neighborhood.  They have always loved and felt drawn to the city. Minneapolis has provided many positive experiences and opportunities to Joe and he now feels it is time to give back.  He wants to help make Minneapolis the influential and thriving city he knows it can be.

Minneapolis Ward 7

Joe Kovacs is running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7.  The City Council has been exclusively DFL and Green party for the last 20 years.  It is time for a new voice with fresh opinions and ideas.  It is going to take a joint effort to uproot the old ways of Minneapolis to make room for a new generation of leaders and doers.  Help make Minneapolis the great city we know it can be by donating and volunteering to help spread the word of hope and change.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to fill out a contact form or reach out on any of the social media platforms.

Ward 7 with Neighborhoods Map

You might say that Joe isn’t in your area and why does his candidacy matter?

Ward 7 of Minneapolis has many tourist areas in it to include the Walker Art Museum, Loring Park, Target Center, Target Field, Lake of the Isles, Bryn Mawr, Nicollet Mall, Guthrie Theater, US Bank Stadium (Where Super Bowl LII will be held next February), several theaters, Trade Schools, and other Ward 7 Highlights.

These areas might keep you away in the future due to the high cost of goods and services when the $15 an hour mandate is required of businesses.  Jobs will be lost and the quality of service will suffer from an overworked skeleton staff at these businesses.

Crime is a problem in Minneapolis, especially in Ward 7.  Shootings in the downtown, and even of Justine Damond a citizen who called 911 about a possible rape in her alley and was shot by an inexperienced Minneapolis Police Officer.

Lisa Goodman needs to go.

Help Joe Kovacs get elected.

How to Help Joe

Volunteering is the next best thing to donating Money, and you can do that too.  Volunteers are priceless. If you would like to volunteer your time here is the link

Volunteer for Joe Kovacs

Donating money to a candidate is welcome no matter the size of the donation.  Here is the link to donate to Joe

Contribute Money to Joe Kovacs

Early Voting Starts!

You can start voting 46 days prior to election night which starts on September 22, 2017.  You can register to vote. You can find where you vote, to request an absentee ballot and track it coming to your house, or vote in person from the MN Secretary of State’s office:

Contact Joe Kovacs

If you would like to ask Joe a question or contact him, use his contact form.

Contact Joe Kovacs

Follow on Social Media

Joe Kovacs on LinkedIn

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2017 Booya Season is Here at Last!

Booya is a hearty stew cooked up in large cauldrons for fundraisers

When the Minnesota State Fair ends the Booya Season starts.  Perhaps this is why we never see Booya sold at the State Fair; there’s an unwritten agreement to keep Booya out.

What is Booya?  There are a variety of different origins stories of where the recipes come from so we’ll say that Booya is a delicious way to raise money for non-profits, church groups, and veterans groups like the American Legion & the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).  Booya is a hearty stew. Most groups will have one big batch of it in a 55 gallon drum and sell it for $4 or $5 a bowl and go until it is gone.

We’re posting the schedule posted by the Pioneer Press Reporter, Jess Fleming on Sept 7, 2017.  There have been a few Booya events already, so we’re starting it on Saturday Sept 9th.  We’ll add the maps.

If you have a Booya Event send it to so they can add it.

Sept. 9: Bethesda Lutheran Church, 2855 E. 47th St., Inver Grove Heights; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Map

Sept. 9: American Legion Post 98, 328 Broadway Ave., St. Paul Park; 11 a.m. until gone.  Map

Sept. 10: Vulcan Booya Extravaganza, Mancini’s, 531 W. Seventh St., St. Paul; 11 a.m. until gone. Map

Sept. 10: Hastings Fire Department Relief Association at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 3075 Vermillion St., Hastings; 11 a.m. until gone. Map

Sept. 16: St. Mary of the Lake, Parish Life Center, 4690 Bald Eagle Ave., White Bear Lake; 6 to 7:30 p.m. Map

Sept. 16: Knights of Columbus Booya at Transfiguration Church, 6133 N. 15th St., Oakdale; 9 a.m. until noon. Map

Sept. 17: Gethsemane United Methodist Church, 7330 Lake Drive, Lino Lakes; 11:30 a.m. until gone.  Map

Sept. 17: Silver Fox Club Booya at Highland Park Pavilion, 1200 Montreal Ave., St. Paul; noon to 4 p.m.  Map

Sept. 17: St. Jerome Church Fall Festival, Booya and Car show, St. Jerome Church, 380 E. Roselawn Ave., Maplewood; take-out booya beginning at 6 a.m. (bring your own non-glass container), by the bowl starts at 11:30 a.m.  Map

Sept. 23: Moose Lodge 1088, 5927 E. Concord Boulevard, Inver Grove Heights; noon until gone, takeout begins at 1:30 p.m.  Map

Sept. 23: Bean Bag Tournament, Booya and Meat Raffle, Dunham’s Bar, 173 Lothenbach Ave., West St. Paul; 11 a.m. until gone.  Map

Sept. 24: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Booya, 835 Second Ave. N.W. , New Brighton; 11 a.m. until gone.  Map

Sept. 24: B-Dale Club, 2100 N. Dale St., Roseville; 10 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 1: Church of St. Francis de Sales at Highland Park Pavilion, 1200 Montreal Ave., St. Paul; 11:30 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 1: Roseville Firefighters Auxiliary Booya at Roseville Central Park Jaycee’s Shelter, 2540 N. Lexington Ave., Roseville; 11 a.m. until gone. Map

Oct. 7: South St. Paul Booya Challenge at On the Road Again Festival, along Southview Boulevard, near Eighth Avenue, South St. Paul; booya served from 11 a.m. until gone

Oct. 7: St. Bernard’s Men’s Club Annual Booya, 1160 N. Woodbridge St., St. Paul; 9 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 8: North St. Paul Fire Department Booya at Casey Lake Park, 2107 N. 17th Ave., North St. Paul; 11 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 8: Booya and Fall Festival at Church of St. Mary, 261 E. 8th St., St. Paul; 11:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., takeout available starting at 8 a.m.  Map

Oct. 14: House of Coates, 16300 E. Clayton Ave., Rosemount; 11 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 14: Forest Lake American Legion Post 225, 355 W. Broadway, Forest Lake; noon until gone.  Map

Oct. 15: Knights of Columbus Council 4967 at the Church of St. Peter, 2600 N. Margaret St., North St. Paul; 8 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 15: Emanuel Lutheran Church, 2075 E. 70th St., Inver Grove Heights; 8:30 a.m. until gone.  Map

Oct. 22: Saint Agnes Booya, 530 Lafond Ave., St. Paul; 11 a.m. until gone, takeout 10:30 a.m. until gone.  Map

Nov. 4: North St. Paul VFW Post 1350, 2483 E. 7th Ave., North St. Paul; noon until gone.  Map

Dec. 3: Nativity of Our Lord, 1900 Stanford Ave., St. Paul, in the Nativity tree lot; 10 a.m. until gone.  Map

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The DFL Mini-Donut Stand Location

10th Ward Rural Ramsey DFL Donut Booth is located to the Left of the Ramp into the Grandstand.

Be Wary of the DFL Mini-Donut Stand at the MN State Fair

The DFL Mini-Donut Stand is at Coordinates 44°58’51.5″N 93°10’25.0″W

DFL Mini-Donut Stand Satellite Map

If you buy products from this mini-donut stand you will be unknowingly (or knowingly if you are a DFLer) funding DFL Candidates through the 10th Ward Rural Ramsey County Political Committee.  Rep John Lesch 66B, who figuratively got caught with his hand in his campaign funds cookie jar for personal reasons, so it seems; has received funds from this group indirectly in the past.  So it is up to you to be wary of this location.  With every purchase there you are helping DFLers defeat Republicans in Minnesota.


Retired Career Politician, Phyllis Kahn, DFL stands in front of the “Grandstand” Mini-Donuts.

Now these folks make a lot of money at the state fair from mini-donuts that would make the health conscious zealots cringe.  The booth is not marked as the DFL Mini Donut Stand,  there is no disclaimer on the booth as to where the money of this group goes to.

There ought to be a law that requires them to reveal who they are and where the money goes.

Rep Randy Jessup & Sen Roger Chamberlain tried to Make a Law

Almost every session of the MN State Legislature, there is a bill that Republicans put together that requires groups that raise money at the State Fair or other public events to show on a visible sign where the money goes to.  It isn’t making their operation illegal, but they want the customers to have all the information about the vendor before they make a purchase.

This last session Rep Randy Jessup of 42A & Sen Roger Chamberlain SD 38 made similar bills that were added to the Omnibus bill.  They were not signed into law by DFL Governor Mark Dayton.

Rep Jessup did say there is a limit on the number of bags of donuts one can purchase–4 bags.  Any more than 4 you purchase they will have to make a record of it being a contribution.

This article is just to identify where the DFL Mini-Donut Stand is.  If you don’t want to give money to the DFL to defeat Republican candidates then you can find another Donut Stand, or to Sweet Martha’s Cookies which is nearby.  If you are a DFLer and you want to fundraise then that is up to you to.  It is just unethical of a party sympathizer to not be open about where their excess money goes.  ~~ Publius Jr.

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Thomas Sowell: Hopelessness is the Product of the Race Industry

Thomas Sowell is a Rose & Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

This first video is from an interview on Thomas Sowell’s book, “Economic Facts & Fallacies,” on Wall Street Journal Live, with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution.

Here are questions about his book, Basic Economics, and on the Welfare State.  It starts out with a quote from Sowell’s article from November 18, 2014.  The Full Article “A Legacy of Liberalism, can be read here.

New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof asserts that there is “overwhelming evidence that centuries of racial subjugation still shape inequity in the 21st century” and he mentions “the lingering effects of slavery.” If we wanted to be serious about evidence, we might compare where blacks stood a hundred years after the end of slavery with where they stood after 30 years of the liberal welfare state. –Thomas Sowell

Liberals like President Lyndon Johnson have been self-serving to think that government can solve the problems that they feel white people were responsible for.  Democrats in the 1960’s had to be dragged into approving Congressional acts that supported 2 Constitutional Amendments: 14th & 15th–Civil Rights & Voting Rights that were passed nearly 80-90 years before!

“Hopelessness is the product of the Race Industry”–Thomas Sowell

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MN CD4 Republicans at the MN State Fair August 31st & Other Events

MNGOP Booth’s official address is 1702 Carnes Ave. Next to WCCO Radio Booth, and Ye Old Mill.

Thursday August 31, 2017 is Congressional District 4 Republicans Day at the Fair.  If you would like to pull a shift at the Republican Party of Minnesota Booth (next to the WCCO News Booth and the Ye Old Mill) you can be reimbursed your State Fair Ticket.

This is the sign up link, some shifts are full, others are not yet.  You can also see who you might be doing a shift with.  MNGOP Booth Sign Up Link

The Republican Party of Minnesota (MNGOP) location is just west of  Ye Old Mill Ride that is located on Carnes Avenue (Underwood St).

MN State Fair Interactive Map

Be Wary of the DFL Mini-Donut Stand

The DFL Mini-Donut Stand is at Coordinates 44°58’51.5″N 93°10’25.0″W

DFL Mini-Donut Stand Map

If you buy products from this mini-donut stand you will be unknowingly funding DFL Candidates through the 10th Ward Rural Ramsey County Political Committee.  Rep John Lesch 66B, who figuratively got caught with his hand in his campaign funds cookie jar for personal reasons, so it seems.  So it is up to you to be wary of this location.  With every purchase there you are helping DFLers defeat Republicans in Minnesota.

Retired Career Politician, Phyllis Kahn, DFL stands in front of the “Grandstand” Mini-Donuts.

Friday August 25-27:  Woodbury Days

Sunday August 27th Woodbury Days Parade

Thursday August 31st CD4 Republicans Day at the MN State Fair

Sunday September 11, 2017 MNGOP Governor Candidates Forum 7-9 pm

  • Concordia Academy, 2400 N Dale St, Roseville MN, 55113 Map
  • Governor Candidates: Chris Chamberlin, Matt Dean, Keith Downey, Blake Huffman, Jeff
    Johnson, Phillip Parrish
  • Cost:  Free, At will Donation (they suggest a $10 “contribution,” but to belong to the MNGOP it is free as their Constitution says, we should hold them to that)  The bottom of the registration form indicates you don’t have to pay.
  • Register for the Forum

Saturday September 16, CD4 Republicans Cook Out Fundraiser 1-5 pm

  • Keller Regional Park Shelter 3, Maplewood, MN Map
  • Shelter 3 is to the west of Hwy 61, and the right of the two (think Right).  Satellite Map
  • Brats, Hamburgers, Water, Soft Drinks, and Fixin’s will be provided.
  • Cost:  $15 per person, Free to Children under 10



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AFP Minnesota’s “Un-Rig the Economy” Tax Summit with Rep Tom Emmer

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Mission is to educate, inform, and train grassroots people to be able to help people interact outside of political parties on issues.

AFP-MN hosted “Un-Rig the Economy” Tax Summit with Congressman Tom Emmer (CD-6) at Ramsey, MN on August 22, 2017.  There was a dinner and dessert at Fountains of Ramsey to those that signed up.  Many in the audience had just graduated the night before from the Grassroots Leadership Academy (GLA), the sister organization to AFP.  I, Publius Jr, along with other CD4 Republicans such as Mr & Mrs Salmon, SPPS Candidate Greg Copeland, Race Night Show host John Wykoff, and a few others took the 6 week course.

The Video starts after a very delicious meal and dessert at Fountains in Ramsey, Minnesota.  If you would like to skip to when each speaker starts we have roughly pinned down the times Jason Flohrs, Mac Zimmerman, and Rep Tom Emmer speak.  The video is by “Nascar” Kelly Gunderson the AFP-MN Grassroots Director.

MN State Director for AFP Jason Flohrs speaks at 30 seconds into the video.

VP of Policy AFP Mac Zimmerman is introduced at 8:00 minutes

Rep Tom Emmer is introduced at 14:00 minutes

State Director Jason Flohrs takes the stage at 1:00:49 hours to announce an AFP Petition for Tax Reform, and to check out information at their website.  He announced a Day of Action on August 24th, and other opportunities to help make your voice heard better.

Tax Reform Petition

There is a volunteer check off box you can click, to sign it you need to fill out the form and push submit.

Insight to Action

These are events that inform and educate those that attend.

September 13th at 7 pm: “Countering the False Narratives of the Left”

More information can be found at AFP-MN’s Facebook Page is not associated or affiliated with Americans For Prosperity-Minnesota.  We are posting this to help train grassroots people in Minnesota.  We have not seen adequate training coming from the state party. AFP-MN is a non-partisan issues based group that helps one understand the issues and how to get those potential voters in the middle to agree on the right side of an issue.  It’s a relief to discuss issues without the party meddling an issue.

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CRW: Beihoffer Explains Difference of Democrats & Republicans August 21, 2017

Janet Beihoffer is the National Committeewoman for the Republican Party of Minnesota. Many times you’ll see her wearing a sequined red, white, and blue hat.

The Republican Party of Minnesota’s National Committeewoman Janet Beihoffer will be the guest speaker at the August meeting of the Capitol Republican Women on August 21st at Yarusso’s in St Paul, MN.

You may think you know the difference between the two main parties in the United States of America but Janet Beihoffer will make sure you know before you leave the CRW meeting.

What:  The Capitol Republican Women will host a discussion on the differences between Republicans and Democrats led by Janet Beihoffer!

When:  August 21 2017, 6:00pm  

Where:  Yarusso’s Restaurant 635 Payne Ave, St. Paul Map

Cost:  Usually $5.00, arrive before the start time and order off the Yarusso’s Menu.

Note:  Please R.S.V.P so the restaurant can be informed of how many people to expect

Contact Info:  President Janan Sharpe,, 651-270-0670

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Patent Scam Documentary Pulls Back the Curtain on Patent Trolls

Patent Trolls add cost to the products you purchase like an iPhone or Android.

A key to innovation and moving forward into the future is protection of the fruits of ones labor and ideas. This is what a patent does. They are certain criteria for the awarding of a US Patent. Unfortunately “Patent Trolls” earn money by settling out of court with industrious & innovative individuals and successful companies. It is less of a cost to settle than to fight in long dragged out court cases.

Austin Meyer, the creator of X-Plane Flight Simulator is fighting back with Information and asking the government to overturn the Patent Trolls.

Here is his message

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I, and many other developers, have been sued for using the Google Play store to distribute our apps on Android. The lawsuits come from a company called Uniloc, which had nothing to do with the creation of the Google Store, but still claims to own the PATENT on how it works.

Uniloc creates no goods or services, and makes its money only from suing those that do, claiming to own the patents that describe the work that others do.

In my case, Uniloc offered to drop its lawsuit against me for distributing my own App if I just gave them $50,000.00, and promised to never tell anybody what they did.

Instead, I fought them in court, and made a documentary about patent trolling.

It’s called “The Patent Scam,” and will be coming out on iTunes, Amazon, Dish Network, and many other outlets on August 15!

See the trailer:

See the movie:
Amazon Video:
Google Play:
Microsoft XBOX:


Catch the EXTRAS:


Hit the Web:


See it on pay-TV:
Comcast, Dish Network, Cox, Charter, Verizon, and more.

Buy it on physical DVDs and Blu-Ray:
Amazon DVD:
Amazon BD: is posting this as a courtesy to communicate to you how patent trolls siphon off profits from big corporations and make sure small starts ups don’t get anywhere, and most importantly add more cost to what could be a cheaper product you want to buy.  There is a fee to watch it, but you can do it from your computer or some other viewing device, and you can pop your own popcorn. Austin Meyer was Publius Jr’s college roommate at Iowa State University who remembers the countless hours Austin spent working on X-Plane Flight Simulator. does not get any financial benefit at all from relaying this information.

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Learn How to Speak Hmong on Transparent Language Online at the Library

In January 2017 we posted an article about Transparent Language and being offered at MELSA Libraries for Free.  I, Publius Jr, started to learn Hebrew because it offered a challenge to me and I’d like to visit Israel in the near future.

Transparent Language will not teach you everything about the language you pick but it will help you get around in a location that speaks the language you select.

I inquired at the time if they had the Hmong language available.  The people I contacted from Transparent Language Online said they did not but if I knew someone who could speak and write the language that I should get them in contact with them.

In June I ran across an ESL class being offered to Hmong people in Saint Paul by the Lao Family Organization on University Avenue.  I sent a note to them about the possibility of their teaching of the Hmong Language and writing on Transparent Language Online.  They did not respond to me.  In fact I am unsure of how the Hmong language came to be offered on Transparent Language Online, perhaps it is a coincidence, but it is a great thing that it is now being offered to those that are interested in learning how to speak, read and write Hmong.

If you have a Library Card you too can be learning another language if you happen to be a one or multiple language speaking person, for FREE.

Here is what the Transparent Language Blog says about this new offering.

What language do the Hmong speak?

Hmong has many varieties, most of which are mutually intelligible to its 2.7 million speakers. In Transparent Language Online, we chose to focus on the Hmong Daw (White Miao) dialect, as it is more common amongst Hmong Americans.

Linguists have created more than 2 dozen Hmong writing systems, including using Chinese characters and the Lao, Russian, Thai alphabet, and Vietnamese alphabets. For Hmong Daw, the most common writing system is the Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA), a Latin-based script developed by missionaries in the 1950s.

Hmong is a tonal language, with seven distinct tones used in the Hmong Daw variety. This makes learning pronunciation particularly important—and particularly difficult—for Hmong learners. Depending on whether you speak with a rising tone or falling tone, for example, can vastly change the meaning of words.

As a silver lining, Hmong learners won’t have to battle through complicated tenses. These are indicated lexically, not through conjugations. For example, to indicate the past tense, you use time marking words like “yesterday” or “last week” rather than conjugating “I go” to “I went”.

Hmong for English Speakers

learn hmong online

English speakers interested in picking up Hmong will enjoy the Essentials course and supplemental vocabulary, along with native speaker audio, pronunciation practice, and typing activities to engage all four key language skills. All content is the Mong Njua (Green Miao) variety, written in Latin script.

English for Hmong Speakers

english for hmong speakers

Hmong speakers interested in learning English will have access to a 10-unit Essentials course covering topics like getting around a city, dealing with money, and meeting new people. The course is supplemented by more than 80 topical vocabulary lists, introducing everything from numbers and colors to common verbs and prepositions. While these materials pair English and Hmong, learners also have access to all of our English learning materials, including more advanced immersion-style courses.

Transparent Language Online posted their blog on this subject on July 12, 2017

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Socialist Betty McCollum Town Hall Meeting at Marxist Library August 9, 2017 at 2:30-3:30 pm

From left to right, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin.

Representative Betty McCollum, a Socialist Democrat, will be holding a town hall meeting at the Freedom Library at 1105 Greenbrier St (Jessamine St).  Freedom Library Map

The former Carnegie Public Library has been converted into a privately operated East Side “Freedom” Library run by a Marxist named Peter Rachleff, a labor historian.  Retired Macalester Professor Rachleff and his wife opened the “Freedom Library” and they love to talk about their admiration of Vladimir Lenin & Karl Marx.  Here’s an excerpt from “Q & A Peter Rachleff,” posted on November 28, 2016 on

“We have three sets of Lenin’s collected works. Marx’s collected works.

Qn: What are you incubating?

I mean, at the most academic-sounding level, Marx’s idea of class consciousness.The east side is a working-class area. How do we get people to see themselves as Hmong and working class, Karen and working class, Somali and working class? They don’t have to stop being Hmong, Karen and Somali. I can be Hmong and recognize myself as part of the working class, and be embraced by others, and then hopefully develop political strategies to organize unions, run candidates for city council. There are many directions the activism could go.” —

Lenin, Stalin, and Marx did not advocate for Freedom but instead to oppress their people and terrorize the world with their socialist communist beliefs.  From now on we will refer to this library as the Marxist Library.

This is fitting that Representative Betty McCollum, a Socialist Democrat will be the honored speaker at the Marxist Library.  She will be welcomed by her fellow Comrades.

What:  Rep Betty McCollum Town Hall Meeting

Where:  East Side “Freedom” Library, 1105 Greenbrier St (Jessamine), St Paul, MN 55106

When:  August 9, 2017       2:30 to 3:30 pm

NO RSVP required.

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