37th Annual Hmong International Freedom Celebration (J4) July 1-2, 2017

J4 as it is known to Hmong as a time to celebrate freedom with family, food, and sports.


It’s that time of year again, the first weekend in July, when the Hmong people celebrate freedom at McMurray Fields of St Paul, MN.  Hmong Freedom Celebration Map

The Hmong People who have settled here in the St Paul MN area really know what Freedom feels like.  General Vang Pao brought the Hmong people here from the refugee camps in Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam War.

There are many things to do, see, buy, and taste at the celebration.

COST: $5.00

It is with great anticipation that this year’s 37th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration Sport Tournament will be hosted by The United Hmong Family & Lao Family Foundation on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at the Como Park’s McMurray Field. The event will provide ample spaces for various vendors that are not just local community members, but all over the world. Booths will be set up for food, traditional and culture items, educational and informational and other general merchandises. Most of the festival goers are relatives and friends who travel a short distance of a couple of miles to across the ocean from former homeland in Asia. Others are spectators who come to cheer on one another as well as taking part in one of the competitive sporting venues in flag football (both men and women’s), Sepak Takraw (kato), Soccer (men/women’s), tuj lub (top spinning), volleyball (men/women’s) and other fun and games for all ages, gender and physical ability. We have a lot to accomplish within the short amount of time. With number as high as thirty thousand (30,000) people coming to the event each day we will need all of the support we can.

Flag Football as well as soccer are hotly contested sports during J4 Tournament

Deadline for Sports Team Registration:  June 25th

To register your team or to ask questions contact Dr Chai Lee at chailee2010@gmail.com, 612-432-2811.

Questions about the Festival

If you have any questions about the festival please call Peter Pha 651-219-2709 or Mee Vang at 651-226-0940.

Food & Vendor Booth Space Availability

Contact Richard Gardell at richard.gardell@unitedhmongfamily.org

Where to Park?

The Hmong Freedom Celebration will attract many people to attend.  The Lao Family Community want to let you know that there will be parking at the MN State Fairgrounds.  Here is the parking link to find out more information.


The above information was found at the unitedhmongfamily.org website, and photos were found online.  The posting is a courtesy to our Hmong friends & neighbors.  We will post the winners from each sports category. ~~ Publius Jr.


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Safe Summer Nights with the St Paul Police Department 2017 Schedule

Safe Summer Nights flyer

Safe Summer Night Schedule

Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Activities for kids. Opportunities to meet the officers who patrol your neighborhood.

It’s Safe Summer Nights season in Saint Paul!

The Saint Paul Police Department and Safe Summer Nights have once again partnered to host a series of neighborhood barbecues from 5 to 7 p.m. every Thursday evening starting May 18 through Aug. 31.

The free, public events will feature food, activities for children and ample opportunities for attendees to meet their Saint Paul police officers. The department will also bring its horse, K9 and motorcycle units to the cookout—and the BearCat vehicle, which is always popular with kids, will be there, too. Bouncy houses and climbing walls have also been known to appear, thanks to Saint Paul Parks & Recreation.

Food for the event is donated by the Safe Summer Nights organization, a group of businesses and volunteers who are dedicated to making Saint Paul a safe place to live, work and play. The Safe Summer Nights program started three years ago as a way to provide opportunities for police officers to become acquainted with residents of the neighborhoods they serve over a meal rather than during times of trouble.

A complete schedule of events follows:

May 18:              Wilder Recreation Center                               958 Jessie Street  Map

May 25:             Scheffer Recreation Center                             237 Thomas Ave West  Map

June 1:              North Dale Community Center                       1414 St Albans Ave, North  Map

June 8:              Eastview Recreation Center                            1675 5th Street East  Map

June 15:            Dayton’s Bluff Community Center                 800 Conway Street  Map

June 22:           West Minnehaha Recreation Center              685 Minnehaha Ave West  Map

June 29:            Conway Recreation Center                             2090 Conway Street  Map

July 6:               Rice Street Recreation Center                         1021 Marion Street  Map

July 13:             Hamline Park                                                      1564 Lafond Avenue  Map

July 20:             Arlington Hills Community Center               1200 Payne Avenue  Map

July 27:             McDonough Recreation Center                      1544 Timberlake Road  Map

Aug 3:               Mattocks Park                                                     451 Macalester Street  Map

Aug 10:             Battle Creek Recreation Center                       75 Winthrop Street S  Map

Aug 17:             Palace Recreation Community Center            791 Palace Avenue  Map

Aug 24:             Oxford Community Center                               270 Lexington Parkway N  Map

Aug 31:             Neighborhood House                                          179 E Robie Street  Map

The above article was copied from the City of St Paul www.stpaul.gov site.  We added the Maps, added some color and increased font sizes on some aspects of the article for emphasis, dropped some of the images, otherwise the content has not been altered.  We added the YouTube video from the Safe Summer Nights website (first posted on August 2014) ~~ Publius Jr.

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Experimental Traffic Jam on Maryland Ave Courtesy of DFL Ramsey County Commissioners

The DFL Controlled Ramsey County Commission will be social engineering the lives of anyone who lives or commutes to a business on the East Side of St Paul starting on May 18, 2017.  After the “Test” they will be resurfacing the street between Greenbriar and Johnson Parkway.

Here is their Plan to mess up the lives of Right-Siders of St Paul Maryland Avenue 4 to 3 Lane Conversion Plan.

Basically the high traffic running in 2 lanes East & West will be squeezed into 1 lane East & West, with a shared center lane for turning.  Oh and you won’t be able to turn just anywhere either.  At Duluth St there will be a median in the middle of the intersection to allow for pedestrian traffic.  So if you live on Duluth St and want to drive North or South across Maryland Avenue you won’t be able to.  You’ll have to turn right and go to the next intersection to turn left.

Test project: 4-to-3 lane conversion

Ramsey County will temporarily change the stripes on Maryland Avenue beginning in mid-May to test impacts of converting from a 4-to-3 lane road. Impacts evaluated will include traffic speed and volume, bus delays and pedestrian crossings. Maryland Avenue will remain open to traffic during the test project. –from the Ramsey County website for this project.

The Ramsey County Commissioners really don’t respect the people of the East Side of St Paul.  Please remember this when Election time rolls around.  In the meantime feel free to light up the Project Manager’s email, phone number, and comment form (but please keep it civil and respectful).

Project Manager’s Contact Information

Erin Laberee




Fill out the Comment Form at Feedback Form



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2017 #PROLIFESundays Celebrate the Whole Family, Friends & Colleagues Through the Year

Celebrating Life begins with your family, extended family, friends and colleagues.

We at SaintPaulRepublicans.us have been following a tradition started by Publius Jr before he became the administrator and main writer of the articles here.

In 2003 Publius Jr’s father passed away in July. The attention of his aunts and uncles to him and his siblings during the initial bereavement period needed some sort of recognition. So the next year in 2004 he let his aunts and uncles know that he appreciated them in his life. Publius Jr also created Aunts and Uncles day in July the 2nd Sunday to say thanks. It was actually very close to the birthday of one of his 4 uncles.

He noticed that siblings or cousins were not recognized so he started up Brothers, Sisters & Cousins day the 2nd Sunday of August. Some say there is a day in April for that but what can really one do in the month of April; no one picnics/BBQs in April. You can do more on a warm August Sunday.

So when Publius Jr started in late May 2012 as the administrator he wrote articles promoting the Family days of Fathers, Aunts & Uncles, Brothers-Sisters & Cousins, and Grandparents Days. He hoped the new holidays would catch on everywhere.

Last year Publius Jr started calling these holidays #PROLIFESundays. He wanted to  include Friends & Colleagues last October but his self-imposed deadline for that article came and went as he scrambled to post Candidate Election articles. This year we will include it.

Why celebrate a day for Friends & Colleagues?  On an average day you spend a third of your day with your colleagues at work; and friends give you advice and give you some breathing space in forms of athletic outings or fun activities. Let’s face it not everyone is married and friends are the life line for many single people. Paul had Barnabas, and Jesus had 12 main disciples who were friends and also his colleagues. Life would be so bland without your friends. So why not say thank you to them for enriching your life?

Why #ProlifeSundays?

We Christian Conservative Republicans see nurturing and supporting life as natural as breathing. Those that mislabel themselves as Pro-Choice are really Anti-Life. You see Anti-Life in many things they do:  making healthcare decisions for you; putting government concerns before you; stealing your salary in incremental bits called taxes and spending it on programs that take your “choices” away from you; and putting unelected judges as governors over the elected Representatives, Senators, State Governors, and our President.  We are actually Pro-Choice as in the idea of allowing you to decide on how to live your life without the government meddling in your affairs. As for reproductive rights as the Anti-Life people refer to, we believe you have a choice on whether to engage in risky behavior outside of your marriage or before it that possibly might result in a pregnancy.  You can refrain from letting your passion take over in those circumstances especially if you’re not married.

So celebrate Life with your family & friends in everything you do.

Dates of #PROLIFESundays:

May 14                 Mother’s Day 

June 18               Father’s Day

July 9                  Aunt’s & Uncle’s Day

August 13          Brothers, Sisters & Cousins Day

September 10  Grandparents Day

October 8          Friends & Colleagues Day  

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Chair Dave Sina: A New Dawn for Republicans in MN’s 4th Congressional District

The Sun rises on the Eastern side of St Paul, a view of the downtown from the Smith St bridge.

There is a new dawn for the Republicans of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District with the election of a new Chair Dave Sina and Deputy Chair Karen Bauman.

The old regime of Jim Carson and Michelle Manke is gone and many of the former Vice Chairs and CD4 Secretary Tor Sorenson have met their term limit (they can serve 2 consecutive terms; a term is 2 years long).  Throughout the troubled administration of Jim Carson’s they showed no sense of leadership, nor proactive planning, and not extending an invitation to Republicans in St Paul after CD4 shut down the grassroots citywide caucus elected organization in 2014 without cause.  In fact they closed out their old Federal Elections Commission (FEC) account because the previous term that Jim Carson and former Chair Bev Aplikowski simply did not file reports to the FEC.  This was brought to the attention of the FEC by John Kysylyczyn (John K), who was elected in 2012 but was removed from office prior to the November 2012 Presidential Election, partly for filing against the former two chairs for failure to file FEC account reports.

The CD4 Convention on April 22, 2017 felt like a coronation ceremony for Jim Carson’s handpicked successor Michelle Manke.  Rules were ignored on the nomination of Vice Chairs, when the nominations were supposedly closed at 11 am.  At that time there were very few people who had signed up to be a Vice Chair.

As rocky as these conventions go the results were very welcome indeed.  The Executive Officers and Vice Chairs are almost completely brand new.  We expect a lot from them because in order to achieve one needs to aim higher than the current standards.

Ben Franklin during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 remarked to James Madison that he saw a sun on the horizon of the back of George Washington’s chair, saying:

  “I have often looked at that behind the president [president of the Constitutional Convention] without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.” — Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

It is a Rising Sun for the Republicans of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District.

Here are the new Executive Officers of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District

Chair  Dave Sina

Deputy Chair Karen Bauman

State Executive Vice Chair Tim Johnson (2nd term)

CD4 Secretary Kathy McCarthy

Vice Chairs (in no specific order)

Mike Batty

Jon Heyer (2nd term)

Mikki Murray

Charity Hayden

John Rheinberger

John Krenik (2nd term)




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MNGOP Chair needs to Lead on Republican Core Beliefs, Like Pro-Life

So often we hear the Republican Party of Minnesota State Party Officers bemoan about the Party’s financial dire straits, and yet we hear nothing about the Core Issues that makes us Republicans.  The financial situation which has been a 6 year soap-opera could easily be solved in two ways:  File for Bankruptcy (so they can break their crazy rent payments 12 miles from the Capitol, and start fresh by buying a building in nearby North End of St Paul), or tell the lawyers who charged the party that they should have volunteered their services like the thousands of volunteers that do the grunt work each campaign season.

Where are the 3 Stooges (Rice, Fields, & Hann) on Core Republican Beliefs?

We know what Jennifer Carnahan feels about Pro-Life Issues.  This is from her note to State Central Delegates from one of several messages she sent them.

Dear State Central Delegates & Alternates,

As we approach the date of the Republican Party Chair election, the intensity of the campaign has naturally increased, including a focus on what distinguishes one candidate from another.  As a political outsider, I am still getting used to the “whisper campaigns,” particularly when they distort or outright lie about my positions on issues important to party activists.

For the past four months, I have spoken to many of you about my pro-life beliefs, but I wanted to very clearly communicate with you — in writing — where I stand on this important issue.

I was born in a time (1976) when Asian countries routinely killed baby girls that were born, particularly in rural areas where boys were highly desired because of their ability to farm and perform heavy labor.

After birth, I was abandoned on the back step of a make-shift hospital in the rural South Korean countryside. When I was 15-years-old, I found the letter detailing my birth and plight, the South Korean equivalent of a birth certificate in the United States.  The letter in part read: “this baby was abandoned and found on a door step with no clothing next to a garbage bin.”   After reading this letter, I sat in my bedroom and cried. The fact that my life was saved by hospital workers whom I’ve never met, and that two loving American parents found it within themselves to adopt three children from South Korea, has formed the strong pro-life convictions I have to this day.

Let me be crystal clear on this issue. I fully support the pro-life movement, and will strongly defend both the pro-life statement of principles and defense of the right to life found in Section 2 of our Party Platform from any weakening or modification. Period.   

I am proud to be a candidate for chair of the political party that stands up for life. May it be ever so.

Jennifer Carnahan


We often hear that candidates or state party leaders are Christians and how often they go to church.  Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to a movie theater to watch a movie will make you into an actor or actress.

So we are pleased that Jennifer Carnahan believes strongly in this issue as she has had a life experience the other candidates have not.  The other candidates care more about finances than Moral Issues.  Where was Keith Downey & Chris Fields when the Same-Sex Marriage was made law?  Where were Keith Downey, Chris Fields, David Hann & Rick Rice when the St Paul Public Schools Board of Education started up a Transgender Policy or the Racial Equity program?  Silence.  The 4 Stooges would rather complain about it than DO SOMETHING about it.

Did multiple term Senator David Hann put up a fuss when Same-Sex Marriage was made into a law?  Yes, but he did not make it into a Constitutional Fight as the measure violates the MN State Constitution’s Preamble.

“We, the people of the state of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and secure the same to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution”–MN State Constitution Preamble.

Does God embrace same-sex marriage.  No.  He created marriage on the 6th day of Creation between Adam & Eve…no man can tear this apart.  So why do legislators & former legislators, and state party leaders forget this?  That’s a good question to ask on Saturday April 29th of the State Party Officer Candidates.

We need someone to go on TPT’s Almanac and make clear messages of where the State Party is on these important issues.

We need Jennifer Carnahan to lead on Republican Core Beliefs.

Vote Jennifer Carnahan as your Next Republican Party of Minnesota Chair

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SaintPaulRepublicans.us Endorses Jennifer Carnahan For MNGOP Chair

The Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Central Committee Convention will convene on Saturday April 29th in St Cloud Minnesota.  A number of things will be discussed and there will be an election of the State Party Chair and Deputy Chair.

Thankfully we will have a brand new set of Chair and Deputy Chair being that Keith Downey intends to run for the Governorship of Minnesota in 2018, and the Deputy Chair Chris Fields is running for the Chair position at this convention.  We have listed the Candidates for both offices on our Candidates page as a courtesy to State Central Delegates and Alternates.

With that said, we would like to formally endorse Jennifer Carnahan as the new Republican Party of Minnesota Chair.

We cannot decide between Jennifer DeJournett and David Pascoe as who to endorse, but we can’t in our right mind select Andy Aplikowski–we will write a separate article about our decision not to endorse for Deputy Chair.

Our Reasons to Endorse Jennifer Carnahan for the RPM State Party Chair are simple:

  1. All of Minnesota elected offices will be in play between now and the end of the term (Municipal & School Boards, State and Federal)
  2. Carnahan is not tied to the Establishment Legacy of the Party.
  3. Business, Marketing, & Messaging Approach that is absent from the RPM today.
  4. Winning Elected Office will not be a one size fits all
  5. Economically Depressed BPOUs will be not be overlooked.
  6. Platform Outreach to all Minnesotans.

The one common denominator between the 3 Stooges (we apologize to Stooge fans) is that CD4 & CD5 will not be in play if they were to take office.  No matter what sort of high profile candidate is found to run for office in Minneapolis or St Paul city council, mayor, school board, or county commissions; the Republican Party of Minnesota will not support those candidates…nor will they endorse or back a conservative judge for a district court, or for the Minnesota Supreme Court.

In the past the RPM aka MNGOP used to print out a sample ballot for Republicans living in St Paul or Minneapolis to suggest who to vote for.  They don’t do that anymore, so last fall we posted a “pseudo sample ballot,” for Republicans in St Paul to use when going to the polls.

Rick Rice, Chris Fields, and David Hann have deemed CD4 & CD5 as “Flyover country.”  A great example of this was the recent CD4 Convention.  There was a choice between CD7 or CD4 on April 22nd, and all of the candidates decided to go to chilly Thief River Falls to appear at the CD7 convention there.  We were told that there was a Candidates forum and that does make sense.

The poor involvement in CD4 & CD5 by the State Party has made the St Paul-Mpls area a place to politically avoid.  It is unfortunate because many of the economic, and social problems that the Minnesota State Budget addresses is the result of St Paul & Minneapolis being under one party institutional rule with no force that will hold the career DFLers accountable to their neglect.  Both cities waste untold amounts of Minnesota taxpayer money and make it harder for families to raise their children, educate them in a safe cost efficient school, and for businesses to create jobs.

This Cycle of the State Party Officers not caring about what goes on St Paul & Minneapolis, but complaining about it in their “This Week in Pictures,” newsletter needs to end.

Winning The Urban Core for Republicans with City GOP

So why do St Paul Urban Republicans (SPUR) take advice and direction from SUrban Republicans (SUR)? It’s because the State party concentrates on party units with money rather than party units that don’t.  In fact they take SPUR money and spend it in SUR areas like Edina, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and other places where they “know they can win.”–quote from a MNGOP staffer at 2014 CD4 Convention.  This seems kind of a waste of capital to spend it on a sure winner.

Isn’t Rick Rice from the Minnetonka “Safe Win” Area?  David Hann is from Eden Prairie which is a “Good Win Chance,” Area?

A great illustration of this is when the former CD4 Republican Chair Jim Carson showed up at the HD 66B Republican Convention on February 7, 2015. He announced that he was running for re-election. He pointed out that the recent “St Paul Republican City Committee meeting,” only had 25 people show up and the DFL had 2500 show up. Now he fudged the numbers by 5 people it was really 20. A month earlier he had bragged to DFLer Kevin Driscoll, a Villager writer, a close friend of his and John Krenik’s that they were having a “Caucus & Rally.” That wasn’t quite true. There was no St Paul Republican City Committee Caucus and can you really have a rally with 20 people?

Jim Carson mentioned that St Paul is a one party town and that to get elected you have to go to the DFL caucus. Jim has no problem running stealth candidates. He did that in 2011 with Liz Paulson who embraced every ism and identity group in order to run for school board. She even had her yard signs where DFLers Bostrom and Helgen had theirs and sported “Re-elect Keith Hardy” Yard Signs on her own yard. Keith is the only African American endorsed DFLer on the St Paul Public Schools Board of Education (SPPS BOE). Carson also says you don’t have to believe in the platform either. Perhaps Carson is a Nelson Rockefeller Republican or a DFLer himself.

St Paul and other Urban Core cities across the nation have a high concentration of financially poor people living in them and the problems that exist can’t be fixed with money. The welfare system in these cities has shown that financial and political saviors will always fail in the Urban Core. Only the Savior can save Cities.

The Urban Core has a number of financial vultures that prey on the poor’s desires. Usury institutions and pawn shops are everywhere. Crime has a revolving door especially with youth. The drug culture flourishes. Fake churches like the Lutheran ELCA, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and false doctrine social churches like the Methodists, Presbyterians, and Liberal Catholic Churches support the whims of corrupt city policies and office holders. So the Urban Core cities essentially are financial and spiritual poverty collection Centers.

So the Urban Core cities essentially are financial and spiritual Poverty Collection Centers.

In the suburbs the biggest problem might be odd city regulations. In Woodbury they don’t allow car lots outside a building, nor residents to work on their cars outside their garage. No place in that city one can find an auto parts store.  They might have areas for low income housing where they can contain non-white and immigrants in their city. Suburban life reminds one of European life where it is of one culture and one income class, and one kind of faith. Usually Mega-Churches exist in the suburbs.

Whereas Urban Core life is closer to the melting pot of the USA which sports diverse backgrounds of people, multiple cultures, multiple faiths, and all income levels especially the poor who live on government and private charitable handouts.

Of course there should be a different approach to politics and yet the SPUR is often neglected and maligned by SUR like Jim Carson. He has never lived in St Paul nor Minneapolis and therefore out of touch with the needs of those cities. The current State Party Executive Officers with the exception of Deputy Chair Chris Fields are all SURs. Though Chris does not support SPURs nor MplsURs he sees no growth in the Urban Core and longs to be a SUR. That’s why he is an ineffective leader. Too bad because Major Chris Fields was trained to work with all levels of people to work together on one mission in the Marine Corps (leaving men behind on the battlefield is a no no).

So what should Urban Republicans do to win in cities like St Paul and Minneapolis? Stop listening to SURs like Keith Downey, Jim Carson, Rick Rice, David Hann, and Chris Fields is a good start. Work on the problems that exist in the Urban Core. To do that they need to seek out groups that already exist that are working to help everyone. In St Paul there are 17 District Planning Councils that have simple ways to get someone elected–send a massive amount of your group there and elect from your group. That requires access to a database like GOP Data Center that MNGOP has. Another way is to search for Christian Churches that follow true Christian doctrine–Bible Based and unite their efforts to save people. Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky, and author of several books says that communities thrive where the Savior Reigns. Avoid Republican groups run by SURs. Cross train SPUR & MplsUR with groups in Greater MN Republicans (GMRs) and some SURs like Maple Grove that have healthy habits when campaigning-bring them in to access what is possible in the Urban Core. You’ll know right away if they have SUR tendencies. Educate them if they show it, otherwise avoid SUR disciples or transplants. .

“Communities thrive where the Savior Reigns,”–Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky

SURs are basically a different party. They are xenophobic, and aren’t hard workers, they believe like Jim Carson stated at a CD4 Full Committee in December 2010, “I would rather have one person write a check for $100 than to have 10 people who will give $10 each.” That’s a real country club Republican mentality. The 10 people are more likely to volunteer than the $100 check writer. In 2011 and 2013, Jim Carson did everything he could to block a SPUR candidate Greg Copeland from getting elected.  In 2011 the special election for SD 66, and to SPPS BOE in 2013. In the former Jim blanketed Falcon Heights with lit, and he knew it to be a Democrat Stronghold. There may have been a few SURs with those $100 checks. In the latter case Jim blocked access to the RNC Data Center (Phoenix replacement) then piecemealed out lists to his SUR wannabe Steve Olson to areas in St Paul that he thought were SUR like–Ward 3 & southern Ward 4 (Highland Park). People in Highland Park usually write a check but you never see them door knock or do lit drops.

If SPURs stop following SURs like Downey and Carson and make their own unique way, it might take a bit of time, but eventually Urban Republicans will forge a way to sustainable success.

Our Focus in this article has been the lack of support from the Republican Party in Municipal Elections and City Involvement down to the block level.  The St Paul Republican City Committee (SPRCC) was reorganized against its will be the Establishment Tyrants in CD4 Republicans (Jim Carson, Patsy Anderson, Mitch Berg, John Krenik, Steve Olson, Liz Paulson, Tor Sorenson, Michelle Manke to name a few).  The State Party under the misguidance of Keith Downey, Chris Fields, and Kelly Fenton looked the other way and let it happen.

The City Committees (currently there are 2 but there should be at least one per CD) shouldn’t report or duckwalk to the tune of the CD leaders but report directly to the State Executive Committee and the Party Officers.  This will take a State Party Constitutional Change.

We saw a glimmer of light from a group formed by Jill Homan the Washington DC National Committeewoman, called City GOP.  It was formed to win the Cities of America for the Republican Party.  This is what the MNGOP should be doing…but it isn’t.

We need new leadership, with new proven ideas, we need Jennifer Carnahan.

All of Minnesota’s cities should be in play during an Election not just the affluent ones.

Vote for Jennifer Carnahan to be your next Republican Party of Minnesota Chair.


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Tammy & Terry’s Letter Read at Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

We believe the Civil Rights of the people of the #March4Trump Rally who assembled peaceably have been violated.  The horror of being attacked by the #Fascist6 ANTIFA thugs which included Senator Tim Kaine’s son Woody Kaine can’t be imagined by people who weren’t there.  We are sickened that Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, St Paul Attorney Samuel J Clark, the Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson have not charged the 6 ANTIFA Thugs.  There is plenty of evidence that these thugs committed an assault in the MN Capitol Rotunda when State Legislators were present.  If these attackers go unpunished it will encourage more attacks in the future.

Below is a letter that was read at the Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference on March 25, 2o17 at the Minnesota Capitol Building Rotunda area 3 weeks after the attack on the #March4Trump Rally.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Statement from Tammy Varholdt and Terry Petrick 3/15/17

Tammy Varholdt was a volunteer organizer and prayer speaker at the M4T rally.  Unfortunately, Tammy has been battling walking pneumonia so is unable to attend the rally.  Terry also had previously scheduled unbreakable commitments and is unable to be present.  Tammy was at the M4T rally to pray UNITY over our leaders, citizens, state and nation.  She did the closing prayer of UNITY at the rally.  Her boyfriend Terry, a Vietnam Vet, had previous security experience along with Conrad Jackson an Iraq & Kosovo Veteran offered to help with security at the rally.

Shortly after the event started it was apparent a group of violent Anti-Trump agitators (criminals) came to infiltrate and disrupt our peaceful rally to exercise our first amendment right on topics of importance.  This group clearly had a premeditated plan including violence as they chose to hide their faces with bandanas, scarves, masks, and even goggles!  They came equipped with industrial grade mace & pepper spray.  These criminals started their disruption carefully trying to flood the rotunda with noise so the important speakers could not be heard.  They then grouped together and attempted to move down to the first level where violence broke out on the stairs.  Terry was caught in the middle of it because these violent criminals had a rally goer who looked like a hired security guard already on the floor and hitting him.

Thankfully Terry was able to pull this victim away from the violent criminals and also one of the agitators so the police could restrain him.  During this time Terry was a victim of being tazed multiple times along with being maced by these violent criminals.  The can of mace used was so close to Terry’s eye and its pressure so strong it took days for his eye to heal; we are lucky his eye did not have permanent damage.  Conrad injured his knee trying to contain the violent agitators; as of today he still has difficulty walking stairs.

Terry also tried to notify the few policemen who were on-site to come over to this group of criminals before the violence broke out; even the police told Terry they were clearly outnumbered and proceeded to instructed Terry to continue trying to deal with directly.

After the rally ended we were thrilled to learn 6 arrests had been made and felony charges were pending for 5 of the 6 of these criminals.  Were in absolute shock and disgusted to learn they were all released without being charged.  This violence was clearly premeditated; at a minimum felony assault charges are in order, not to mention the illegality of setting off a military grade smoke bomb in a government building.  Also of the 6 arrested there is still an individual responsible for tazing, who hasn’t been arrested even though many videos have been provided to investigators that clearly shows who it is.

If this violent unlawful behavior is allowed to continue without repercussion and the media continues to glorify it through coverage, because it gets “good ratings,” we are headed down a very dangerous slope of lawlessness.  Terry and I stand in agreement to demand these criminals are charge and prosecuted.  We demand justice and that our rights to exercise the 1st amendment peacefully are protected even if they do not align with the views of others.  May God guide us all to stop this madness, it is time to unite and restore accountability and enforce the laws.  God bless our leaders, military, police, first responders and all who desire a peaceful nation.



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SaintPaulRepublicans.us Endorses Dave Sina as the CD4 Republican Chair

It’s time to make a clean break from the past and elect a leader of integrity. That leader is Dave Sina.

Ones Conscience Matters when it comes to Voting.  A person’s Values Matter when leading others.  Knowing who a person associates with and what those other people do and think Matters to an organization.

The Current CD4 Republican Organization suffers from having too few people in charge of too many positions.  The Old Boy Network that was created when the former chair Bev Aplikowski (2009-11), and current Chair Jim Carson (2011-12, 13-17).  They have made it so that their closed Facebook Group is the only way one can follow their actions.  To get a seat at the table you have to look away and hold your nose of their transgressions of failing to file quarterly reports to the FEC from 2009 to 2012.

John Kysylycyzn or “John K” was elected in 2012 and he found out the mess that was left by neglect and gross mismanagement by Jim Carson and Bev Aplikowski (Andy’s mom).  He filed an FEC complaint about the lack of reporting the federal account funds.  He was rewarded with being removed from office by the Carson Cabal which included Mitch Berg (SD 65), John Krenik (SD 64), Steve Olson (SD 67), and Michelle Manke in late 2012 just before a presidential election.

With the revelation of the new FEC Complaint against the current CD4 Republican Chair Jim Carson, it is just business as usual.  Jim has the gall to run for the Deputy Chair or a Vice Chair position!  Conscience Matters

Michelle Manke is Out of Touch

The current Deputy Chair Michelle Manke has sent out some amazingly out-of-touch campaign letters to the CD4 Delegates & Alternates.  She talks about the messaging that she is doing for candidates and for CD4.  Have you seen or been turned off by the current cd4-mngop.com website?  The most recent article aside from convention calls is dated from 2015.  The calendar was taken down recently because it showed only 3 bpous having meetings.

She said in her April 17, 2017 letter this:

“…CD4 cannot become a “super-BPOU”. CD4’s role should be to assist, not to take over.”  –Michelle Manke April 17, 2017

In April 2014, CD4 did exactly that to the St Paul Republican City Committee (SPRCC).  It had been a city-wide caucus elected grassroots organization.  When Jim Carson became Chair in 2011 and later in 2013 he made sure that the SPRCC never was able to access the State Party Database to do fundraising, do proper voter identification or do GOTV for municipal and school board elections.  In 2014 Pat Anderson, Jim Carson, John Krenik, Steve Olson, Mitch Berg, and Tor Sorenson (the CD4 Secretary) ended the grassroots nature of the SPRCC and they TOOK OVER.  Tor and Jim said candidates for the SPRCC Chair and Deputy Chair would be allowed to get access to lists.  This was an outright lie!  No one except Steve Olson, John Krenik and Mitch Berg were allowed access and guess what John Krenik and Mitch Berg were elected Chair & Deputy Chair.  Meanwhile the State Party Officers Keith Downey, Chris Fields and Kelly Fenton did nothing to stop it.

We’ve had enough of the mismanagement, the inside Establishment-Elitism that Michelle Manke did nothing to stop, instead she joined them.  To make matters worse she and her close friend Jim Carson are #NeverTrump people.

We Endorse Dave Sina for CD4 Republican Chair

The SaintPaulRepublicans.us is endorsing Dave Sina to be the new CD4 Republican Chair because he is a man of conscience–Humble before God.  He is a long time Living Word Christian Center (LWCC) member.  We were told by a pastor at LWCC if Dave Sina is running for some office, that we should support him…and we are.

Here are some of his other qualities that we value too:

  • Strengthen our BPOUs (Advise and assist the BPOU Officers; get more young Republicans involved).
  • Lead the effort to elect Republican candidates, which includes congressional, state house and senate candidates and state constitutional office candidates (e.g. Governor for 2018)
  • Lead our messaging and communication efforts to educate voters on why they need to vote republican – promote our core values (We need a better CD4 Website)
  • Increase our fund-raising efforts
  • Do “The Work” to include all citizens of the CD4 Area especially in St Paul MN

Vote out the Snakes of the CD4 Republican Swamp

Vote for Dave Sina for the Fourth Congressional District Chair

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Another FEC Problem for CD4 Republican Chair Jim Carson

One of our subscribers sent us a draft of what they are intending to send to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) about the Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District (CD4) Republicans.  They cite some disturbing things about the FEC account opened more than a month after a campaign contribution was given to the endorsed Candidate Greg Ryan for Congress Campaign.  We contacted the Greg Ryan Campaign and a spokesperson said that they assumed the CD4 Republicans had a FEC account when they took the contribution.

The name of the person who is filing the complaint has been withheld by request.

Office of the General Counsel:

I believe the filing for CD4-RPM has deliberate errors and there are a few disturbing things about the filings in the account C00621185.

The first problem is that James Carson is the Chair of this group he is not the Treasurer nor the acting treasurer. He lists himself as the Treasurer on the FEC acct opening file.  His filings seem to suggest he acted alone on this FEC account.  The actual Treasurer of this group is Mr John Rheinberger as the MN Campaign Finance Disclosures & Compliance Board lists.

The second problem is the opening of the account is dated 7/5/16. The PDF shows that Mr Carson sent it on 6/30/16 and due to the federal holiday it was opened on 7/5/16.

Mr Carson’s filings show CD4-RPM gave $4000 to Greg Ryan’s campaign (according to the Greg Ryan FEC account) on 5/14/16 and $1000 on 5/18/16. I’m puzzled why Mr Carson annotated it in his files as 5/24/16 and 6/1/16. Then he waits almost a month before he opens a FEC account.

To give money as a CD party unit one has to have a FEC account first.  This $5000 was given to the Greg Ryan Campaign prior to the CD4-RPM FEC account was set up.

Another problem is the itemized contributions are not itemized. I looked at other accounts to see how things are itemized and on the Greg Ryan account ALL the contributors are listed thus the definition of “itemized”.  It is odd that in a Presidential year they wouldn’t have more contributions to this organization.

Another problem is the lack of filings, he missed two periods. Before the CD4-RPM account was closed in April of 2013 Mr Carson had a problem filing FEC reports and thus CD4 fell into some sort of punishment by the FEC.  I don’t know what the punishment was, but it seems they closed out the CD4 closed the account.

During the 39 months that CD4-RPM didn’t have a FEC acct people would talk about the account as if it still existed.  We had an endorsed Candidate Sharna Wahlgren in 2014 and somehow people thought there was an account.  I didn’t go to their meetings as I was no longer an officer in my house district.

I have to wonder if the appointed Treasurer Mr Rheinberger knew of this FEC account that was set up.  The CD4 Republican Constitution says that the Treasurer’s job is to manage both the state account and the federal account.  It seems that this didn’t happen.


******** (name withheld by request)

The FEC account mentioned is C00621185.  It was filed by the Fourth Congressional District Republican, CD4-RPM Chair James “Jim” Carson on June 30, 2016 using Priority Mail. It was processed after the July 4th Independence Day Holiday.  You can see the FEC Account Opening here. 

CD4-RPM Contribution Made Prior to the FEC account Opening

This shows that CD4-RPM Chair Jim Carson allegedly made a contribution to the Greg Ryan Campaign almost a month before he opened the FEC account!

However if you go to Greg Ryan For Congress FEC account filing period from April 2016 to July 2016 (July Quarterly Report) you’ll see that the CD4-RPM Contributions came in on 5/14/16 ($4000) and 5/18/16 ($1000).  Why did Mr Carson wait a few weeks to file them on 5/24/16 ($4000) and 6/1/16 ($1000)?  By his own filing it allegedly shows that CD4-RPM gave money to their endorsed candidate Greg Ryan PRIOR TO the opening of the CD4-RPM FEC account.

Nowhere does it show Mr John Rheinberger on the FEC account.  At some point the Treasurer should have found out about the federal account, but in the 2016 End of Year Report there is no amendment in C00621185, in fact Mr. Carson has made himself to be the Treasurer, not the acting Treasurer as the opening of the account states.

Where was the Oversight by Deputy Chair Michelle Manke?

Deputy Chairs are not listed as required to make filings to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Disclosures & Compliance Board (MNCFB) nor for FEC accounts, unless there is a need to as in a vacancy at Treasurer or Chair.  The CD4 Constitution does mention the Treasurer and the Deputy Treasurer manage their funds, whether it be state or federal.

Where was the oversight by the Deputy Chair Michelle Manke?

She recently visited a number of Republican BPOU Conventions in CD4 talking about the positive messaging, and the number of parades they’ve taken their “float” adorned with numerous US Military Branch Flags, US Flags, and yet there is no mention of it being from CD4 Republicans!

Newsflash:  Parades Don’t Win Elections!

A Deputy Chair’s job is to help out the chair, and the other officers on the Executive Committee.  The Deputy Chair should be providing oversight on making sure the Chair and other officers are properly doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and to make sure there is no reason for the public to suspect any shenanigans going on.  In some Republican BPOU Constitutions the Deputy Chair is also the Deputy Treasurer, unless there is a specific person elected into that position.

So why didn’t Michelle Manke provide proper oversight of the state account and the federal account?  That’s a good question to ask her at the CD4 Convention on April 22, 2017 at the Roseville Oval.

A Conflict of Interest?

While it isn’t something that perhaps the FEC would look into, the selection of the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) Food Shelf for catering at the CD4 Convention in 2016 and for some event in December 2016 might raise some concern about a conflict of interest.  The Food Shelf at HCMC is a good thing, but Jim Carson’s wife helps out with the organization and the Deputy Chair Michelle Manke is the Project Manager for the HCMC Food Shelf from January 2014 to the present as her personal Facebook Page lists.

One would have to look into whether the CD4 Full Committee approved of this selection of the HCMC Food Shelf for catering.  In 2014 Mrs Jim Carson was taking at-will donations from CD4 Convention Delegates and Alternates.  One would have to question if the HCMC Food Shelf took at-will donations for the bag lunches they provided and also was paid what is listed.  The first donation was prior to the creation of the FEC account on 5/11/16.

Payments Made Prior to the Creation of the FEC account

You can see in the Itemized Disbursements there is not only the payment to HCMC Food Shelf that Michelle Manke is the Project Manager for, but one to Century College for the rental of the auditorium for the 2016 CD4 Convention, on April 28, 2016 (almost a year ago).  Maybe these payments should have went to the State Account.


Analyzing the draft of the letter to be sent to the Office of the General Counsel at the Federal Elections Commission and searching through the files; it is evident that the Chair the Deputy Chair and those on the Executive Committee for the Fourth Congressional District have not done their fiduciary duties to ensure the contributions are properly managed.  Jim Carson and Michelle Manke are not to be trusted with leading anyone in the Fourth Congressional District of Minnesota (it isn’t too surprising that these two are both #NEVERTRUMPers).  The people on the Executive Committee who knew about it and failed to alert the proper authorities ought to be ashamed of themselves…and they too should not be re-elected to any office ever again, nor be endorsed to run for an office.

How can we browbeat the DFL Party leaders, candidates, or sitting office holders with a standard we aren’t willing to follow ourselves?

It pains us to report this, but if Republicans can’t win elections on principles, and stay within the laws that govern elections, then they don’t deserve the trust of the voters.  We hate it when we are told to, “Let it slide,” or, “Let it go, you’re not helping out the party.”  Isn’t integrity a good thing?  How can we browbeat the DFL Party leaders, candidates, or sitting office holders with a standard we aren’t following ourselves?

We need to elect leaders in our organization who lead with conscience, and speak loudly with proper action instead of just words.


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