Maj Toure Seeks Solutionaries in 13 City Black Guns Matter Tour

It seems almost every kind of thing matters these days.  Except proper information about Responsible 2nd Amendment Gun Ownership, especially among Blacks in this country.  The stereotype of a Black person with a gun is that they must be a criminal.  Yet when I, Publius Jr, served in the US Army I thought nothing of my buddies who just happened to have a darker skin color than I do carrying weapons in the service of our job.


In our interview with Maj Toure in the summer of 2016, we liked the ideas–the SOLUTIONS he had to offer.  He underscores education of firearm safety whether one purchases a firearm or not.

This movement of Maj’s is not just a Solutionary standing up and leading but it is based on truths that are in the Bible, which were also used at the founding of this country.

Believe it or not, God gives you the inalienable right to defend yourself.  In the 23rd Psalm,

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

“…Your rod and Your staff comfort me…,” refers to the right to self defense.  He doesn’t want you to be victimized by others.  Reverend Jonas Clark at the Battle of Lexington Green told his Minutemen (his parishioners) to not fire on the British Soldiers first because God supports one’s self defense and God supports just wars.  He also instructed to not fire until you see the whites of their eyes.  So the shot heard around the world most likely was fired by the British.

Maj Toure set up a GoFundMe Account: Black Guns Matter to pay for a 13 City Black Guns Matter Tour around America.  He felt that he needed to get the message out that education on firearm safety needs to be out there.

He adamantly says he is not supported by the NRA, and doesn’t seek their endorsement of what he is doing.

One of the things that impresses us about Maj Toure is that he does, “The Work” that most organizers don’t do.  “The Work” is personal engagement with people around him.  He doesn’t outsource his message to others.  Other people might want to speak his message after being inspired by him.

In our interview he said he looks for people to stop complaining and wants Solutionaries–people who help, health and wealth.

This is not the last article we will do on Maj Toure.

If you would like to know more about him go to his Facebook page, or go to the Black Guns Matter product store to pick up a hoodie, shirt, or a coffee mug

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