Kelly’s Letter From the Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

Thanks to the organizers of the Press Conference on March 25, 2017, they made it all about the events, attack, aftermath, and lack of prosecution of what we call the #Fascist6.  There were some speakers who were at the Press Conference who made it all about their campaigns for State Party Office and their future political careers.  We thank those that refrained from this practice.

We at have decided to publish the letters that were read from the press conference.  We think they speak louder than the lack of local press coverage.  We pray that Ramsey Count Attorney John Choi, St Paul Attorney Samuel J Clark, and certainly the Minnesota State Attorney General and Governor hopeful Lori Swanson read these letters and move to the prosecution of the #Fascist6.

We will copy the way the letters were written complete with the Capitalization of certain words.  No letter’s content will be altered.

The following letter is from Kelly, a US Military Vet.  Who could not be at the press conference due to uncertainty that this press conference would be over run by anti-free speech thugs.

Dear Friends, Dear Fellow PATRIOTS,

I was watching the speakers in the rotunda when I saw that a young lady and her friend run past me after she was hit in the face by one of the cowards who came to disrupt the (Planned) peaceful event.  I then handed off my sign to a friend and went into the hallway where those were trying to shut us down. For about a half hour, I stood next to the Capitol Security Officers at the bottom of the stairs, staying between the rally attendees and the protestors.  Suddenly they started pushing down the stairs and as I tried to hold my position, one of the cowards sprayed Pepper Spray into my right eye at point blank range, blinding me for over an hour and causing my eye to burn for the rest of the day.

It’s possible that the POS that sprayed me was the one arrested and held for Disorderly Conduct and eventually released the following Tuesday.  I’m told by the investigator that despite him and the others being released without charges, the ongoing investigation may lead to charges.  I’m hoping that those involved in this JUSTICE system understand the seriousness of these PREMEDITATED, DELIBERATE ATTACKS on us CITIZENS who were merely there to exercise our Constitutional Liberties.  I spent 22 years in the military to help ensure those liberties and I won’t stand for a bunch of cowards to use VIOLENCE or THREATS OF VIOLENCE TO TRY TO CAUSE POLITICAL CHANGE – !

I hope those that will be prosecuting this case can imagine what it’s like to be pepper sprayed, tazed, punched in the face by thugs who are wearing MASKS, HOODS, GOGGLES, etc in an effort to conceal their identity.

When we piece together the EVIDENCE, the hours of video showing threats via their chants, signs, actions.  The use of weapons, the websites encouraging violence, the actions of ANTIFA here and across the nation, our justice system has an amazing opportunity to make a statement, to set an example, lets hope this isn’t missed.


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