Thomas Sowell: Global Warming is a Manufactured Truth by Intellectuals

Some time ago I, Publius Jr, did a speech at the Toastmasters Club I belong to.  The title of the speech was, “Global Warming: A Manufactured Truth.”  In the first few minutes of the speech to establish myself as someone who has studied all the subjects that determine the weather and thus climate, I proved one thing that most in the room did not ever think Global Warming was:  It’s a Religion that none of the believers can explain but believe by faith.  If the State & Federal Government establish laws based upon an established religion they are in direct violation of the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibiting an official state religion.

Thomas Sowell points out something about the carbon dioxide emissions happening after the rise in temperatures.  It doesn’t follow real science because the cause & effect are disconnected.

I also trotted out what I learned in the book, “Culture of Fear,” by Barry Glassner Beware of Prophets of Fear because they tend to profit from your fear.  I mention this because of the Industry, the American Prophet of Global Warming Fear, Al Gore created.

By Barry Glassner. We’ll put the link to buy this book (we want Amazon to build it’s 2nd HQ in St Paul MN). We sadly do not get any $ from posting the link below.

Amazon Link to Purchase Barry Glassner’s “Culture of Fear”


Beware of Prophets of Fear because they tend to profit from your fear.



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