Rep Franson’s Letter Read at Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

Representative Mary Franson, (R-8B, Alexandria) could not be at the Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference on March 25, 2o17.  So Dave Sina, a Candidate for CD4 Republican Chair, read Representative Franson’s letter.  Her letter addressed the lack of accountability that Woody Kaine and the other 5 from the #Fascist6 of ANTIFA thugs did to people exercising their First Amendment Rights to peacefully assemble and to free speech.

We are posting the letters read at the Press Conference at the Rotunda of the MN State Capitol Building.

Happy Saturday, thank you for attending the event today.  Please forgive me for not being able to attend the event.

The First Amendment gives us the right to peaceably to assemble, something that went missing on March 4th.  Individuals should feel safe coming to the Minnesota State Capitol and expressing their First Amendment Right.  Sadly, lawlessness and chaos took over that day.  The young, elderly, and those in between were assaulted simply because they did not think the way the Left thinks.  The Left wants to continue their assault on the First Amendment and are pushing the boundaries to where we are today.  We are asking for accountability and justice.

Being the son of a US Senator does not mean one can bring his friends into a peaceful rally, cause chaos, hurt people, and get off scot-free.  Today we ask prosecutors to do their jobs and set an example that we will not tolerate the infringement of the right of the people to assemble peacefully.

Rep Mary Franson 8B-Alexandria

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