Yazdan Bakhsh’s Letter Read at Protecting Civil Discourse Press Conference March 25, 2017

Yazdan Bakhsh is a naturalized US Citizen who was born in Afghanistan, immigrated to Iran, then Syria, then to Lebanon, until their Civil War.  He eventually made his home in North Oaks MN.  He has his own business, and he has written a book called, “You’ll be my Son Joe: A story of Courage and Circumstance

Here is a video of his journey to America beginning in Afghanistan.  He is an immigrant success story.


Here is Yazdan Bakhsh’s letter from the Protection Civil Discourse Press Conference on March 25, 2017.  He had a 9 point statement that questioned Ramsey County Attorney John Choi’s decision to let the ANTIFA Thugs aka #Fascist6 be prosecuted by the St Paul City Attorney Samuel J Clark.  Mr Bakhsh talked about how he came to this country as well.


  1. In Afghanistan:  If we worked we ate, if we didn’t work we died.
  2. I went through many struggles to come to America where people are free.
  3. I was so proud when I got my citizenship; I ran down the streets of St. Paul with an American Flag.
  4. But now I see America being changed.  People who do not understand true freedom & want to change it.
  5. Today our freedoms are taken from us — little by little.
  6. When our peaceful support of Donald Trump was disrupted by the six rioters, it brought back memories to me of Lebanese Civil War, which I was in.
  7. Dragging their feet, John Choi’s office sent the decision to charge the six rioters, to the city attorney’s office.
  8. It was criminal that the six felons came to disrupt the March 4th peaceful rally in support of President Trump.  Wearing masks, they sprayed people with mace, smoke bombs, and were loud and disruptive.  At the very least they should be charged with a felony.
  9. Fellow Americans, we need to defend our rights and freedoms; John Choi and the city attorney need to do the same.  They need to realize that we have rights too.

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